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A. Portugal, Vanessa (2023) Review. Darío Velandia Onofre, Destrucción y culto: políticas de la imagen sagrada en América y España (1563-1700). Journal of Early American History, 13 (1-4). ISSN 1877-0223

Abdal Hafeth, Deema, Kollias, Stefanos and Ghafoor, Mubeen (2023) Semantic Representations with Attention Networks for Boosting Image Captioning. IEEE Access, 11 . pp. 40230-40239. ISSN 2169-3536

Ahmadian, Ehsan, Elnokaly, Amira, Sodagar, Behzad and Verhaert, Ivan (2023) Impact of Climate on Building Energy Performance, Urban Built Form and Urban Geometry. In: Sustainability in Energy and Buildings 2022 . SEB 2022. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 336 . Springer, Singapore, pp. 1-11. ISBN 9789811987687, 9789811987694

Akanuwe, Joseph, Siriwardena, Niro, Bidaut, Luc, Mitchell, Pauline, Bird, Paul, Lasserson, Daniel, Apenteng, Patricia and Lilford, Richard (2023) Practitioners’ views on community implementation of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the UK: a qualitative interview study. BMC Health Services Research, 23 . p. 84. ISSN 1472-6963

Akram, Umair and Stevenson, Jodie (2023) Altered perception of emotional faces in young adults experiencing loneliness after controlling for symptoms of insomnia, anxiety and depression. Journal of Affective Disorders Reports, 12 . p. 100581. ISSN 2666-9153

Akter, Shahriar, Hossain, Md Afnan, Sajib, Shahriar, Sultana, Saida, Rahman, Mahfuzur, Vrontis, Demetris and McCarthy, Grace (2023) A Framework for AI-Powered Service Innovation Capability: Review and Agenda for Future Research. Technovation, 125 . p. 102768. ISSN 0166-4972

Aliyu, Aliyu M., Choudhury, Raihan, Sohani, Behnaz, Atanbori, John, Ribeiro, Joseph X. F., Ahmed, Salem K. Brini and Mishra, Rakesh (2023) An artificial neural network model for the prediction of entrained droplet fraction in annular gas-liquid two-phase flow in vertical pipes. International Journal of Multiphase Flow . p. 104452. ISSN 1879-3533

Aljabali, Alaa A., Obeid, Mohammad A., Bashatwah, Rasha M., Serrano-Aroca, Ángel, Mishra, Vijay, Mishra, Yachana, El-Tanani, Mohamed, Hromić-Jahjefendić, Altijana, Kapoor, Deepak N., Goyal, Rohit, Naikoo, Gowhar A. and Tambuwala, Murtaza M. (2023) Nanomaterials and Their Impact on the Immune System. International journal of molecular sciences, 24 (3). ISSN 1422-0067

Alkaraan, Fadi (2023) Editorial: Corporate governance and sustainability issues. Corporate Governance and Sustainability Review, 7 (1). pp. 4-6. ISSN 2519-898X

Alkaraan, Fadi, Albahloul, Mohammad and Hussainey, Khaled (2023) Carillion’s strategic choices and boardroom’s strategies of persuasive appeals: ethos, logos, pathos. Journal of Applied Accounting Research . ISSN .

Alkaraan, Fadi, Elmarzouky, Mahmoud, Hussainey, Khaled and Venkatesh, V.G (2023) Sustainable Strategic Investment Decision-Making Practices in UK Companies: The Influence of Governance Mechanisms on Synergy between Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 187 (122187). pp. 1-17. ISSN 0040-1625

Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn (2023) Breathing battles and sensory embodiment in sports and physical cultures. Corps, 20 (1). 269 -278. ISSN 1954-1228

Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn, Hall, Dona and Jackman, Patricia (2023) Intercorporeality in visually-impaired running-together: Auditory attunement and somatic empathy. The Sociological Review . ISSN 0038-0261

Almutary, Abdulmajeed G., Alnuqaydan, Abdullah M., Almatroodi, Saleh A., Bakshi, Hamid A., Chellappan, Dinesh Kumar and Tambuwala, Murtaza M. (2023) Development of 3D-Bioprinted Colitis-Mimicking Model to Assess Epithelial Barrier Function Using Albumin Nano-Encapsulated Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Biomimetics (Basel, Switzerland), 8 (1). ISSN 2313-7673

Almutary, Abdulmajeed G., Alnuqaydan, Abdullah M., Almatroodi, Saleh A., Bakshi, Hamid A., Chellappan, Dinesh Kumar and Tambuwala, Murtaza M. (2023) Development of 3D-Bioprinted Colitis-Mimicking Model to Assess Epithelial Barrier Function Using Albumin Nano-Encapsulated Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Biomimetics (Basel, Switzerland), 8 (1). ISSN 2313-7673

Andrews, Hannah (2023) Small Axe and/as Cinematic Television. In: Steve McQueen: I Want the Burden. Edinburgh University Press. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Andrews, Hannah and Weston, Leanne (2023) A Voice Too Much: performance, authenticity and nostalgia in biographical television drama. In: Singing Out: The Musical Voice in Audiovisual Media. Edinburgh University Press. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Aslanoğlu, Rengin, Kazak, Jan K., Yekanialibeiglou, Sepideh, Pracki, Piotr and Ulusoy, Begum (2023) An international survey on residential lighting: Analysis of summer-term results. Building and Environment, 232 . p. 109972. ISSN 0360-1323

Atas, Fetullah, Cielniak, Grzegorz and Grimstad, Lars (2023) Benchmark of Sampling-Based Optimizing Planners for Outdoor Robot Navigation. In: 17th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems, 13-16 June 2022, Zagreb, Croatia.


Babaloa, John Abiodun and Skoczylis, Joshua (2023) The Cambridge History of Terrorism. Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression . ISSN 1943-4472

Badesha, Kiran, Wilde, Sarah and Dawson, Dave (2023) Mental health mobile application self-help for adolescents exhibiting psychological distress: A single case experimental design. Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, 96 (1). pp. 223-248. ISSN 2044-8341

Baghdadi, Fadi, Evans, Bridie Angela, Goodacre, Steve, John, Paul Anthony, Hettiarachchi, Thanuja, John, Ann, Lyons, Ronan A, Porter, Alison, Safari, Solmaz, Siriwardena, Aloysius Niroshan, Snooks, Helen, Watkins, Alan, Williams, Julia and Khanom, Ashrafunnesa (2023) Building an understanding of Ethnic minority people’s Service Use Relating to Emergency care for injuries: the BE SURE study protocol. BMJ Open, 13 (4). e069596. ISSN 2044-6055

Bal, Matthijs, Brookes, Andy, Hack-Polay, Dieu, Kordowicz, Maria and Mendy, John (2023) The absurd workplace: How absurdity is hypernormalized in contemporary society and organizations. Ephemera - theory and politics in organizations . ISSN 1473-2866

Bal, Matthijs P., Degen, Johanna L., Hack-Polay, Dieu, Mendy, John, Orhan, Mehmet A., van Rossenberg, Yvonne G. T. and Tommasi, Francesco (2023) How Does Scientific Argumentation Differ from the Opinion of Scientists? A Response to Siegel (2022). Journal of Management Studies . ISSN 1467-6486

Balas, Benjamin, Sandford, Adam and Ritchie, Kay (2023) Not the norm: Face likeness is not the same as similarity to familiar face prototypes. i-Perception, 14 (3). p. 204166952311713. ISSN 2041-6695

Ballan, Ranin, Durrant, Simon J., Manoach, Dara S. and Gabay, Yafit (2023) Failure to consolidate statistical learning in developmental dyslexia. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review . ISSN 1069-9384

Balosso-Bardin, Cassandre (2023) Five illustrated bagpipes in “Musical instruments and their homes”: An insight into the 19th-century instrument collector’s world. Bibliolore .

Balosso-Bardin, Cassandre (2023) Hidden Bagpipes of The Met. Perspectives .

Bantman, Constance and Di Paola, Pietro (2023) Banal and everyday (inter)nationalism: French and Italian anarchist exiles in London, 1870s–1914. Nations and Nationalism, 29 (1). pp. 176-190. ISSN 1469-8129

Barnes, Richard (2023) Future advances in UK marine fisheries policy: Integrated nexus management, technological advance, and shifting public opinion. Marine Policy, 147 . ISSN 0308-597X

Barnes, Richard (2023) Reflections on the Waters: Law of the Sea Scholarship and Practice. International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 38 (1). pp. 1-10. ISSN 0927-3522

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Barnes, Richard, Kemp, Paul, Stewart, Bryce, Subbiah, Gowshika, Boerder, Kristina, O'Leary, Bethan and Williams, Chris (2023) The future of marine fisheries management and conservation in the United Kingdom: Lessons learnt from over 100 years of biased policy. Marine Policy, 147 . ISSN 0308-597X

Barnes, Richard, Kemp, Paul, Stewart, Bryce, Williams, Chris, O’Leary, Bethan, Subbiah, Gowshika and Boerder, Kristina (2023) The future of marine fisheries management and conservation in the United Kingdom: Lessons learnt from over 100 years of biased policy. Marine Policy, 147 . p. 105075. ISSN 0308-597X

Barrett, Graham (2023) Conservatism in Language: Framing Latin in Late Antique and Early Medieval Iberia. In: Languages and Communities in the Late Roman and Post-Imperial Western Provinces. Oxford Studies in Ancient Documents . Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Barrett, Graham (2023) Text and Textuality in Early Medieval Iberia: the Written and the World, 711-1031. Oxford Historical Monographs . Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780192895370

Baufeldt, Angela and Dawson, Dave (2023) Mental Health Recovery Using the Individual Recovery Outcomes Counter (I.ROC) in a Community Rehabilitation Team: A Service Evaluation. Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health . ISSN 2198-963X

Beck, Kristen, Fletcher, Michael-Shawn, Wolfe, Brent B. and Saunders, Krystyna M. (2023) Aquatic ecosystem response to climate, fire, and the demise of montane rainforest, Tasmania, Australia. Global and Planetary Change, 223 . p. 104077. ISSN 0921-8181

Bell, Erin (2023) History and archival work with, by and for disabled staff and students: a case study of the University of Lincoln. The Archaeologist, 118 . pp. 7-10. ISSN 0265-9921

Berraies, Sarra and Ben Rejeb, Wajdi (2023) Effect of social media fashion influencers’ authenticity on brand loyalty : mediating role of brand trust. In: International Marketing Trends Conference, 19-21 January 2023, Paris.

Billingsley, Berry and Heyes, Joshua M. (2023) Preparing students to engage with science‐ and technology‐related misinformation: The role of epistemic insight. The Curriculum Journal, 34 (2). pp. 335-351. ISSN 1469-3704

Bird, Matthew, Swann, Christian and Jackman, Patricia (2023) The what, why, and how of goal setting: A review of the goal-setting process in applied sport psychology practice. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology . ISSN 1041-3200

Bochel, Hugh (2023) House of Commons public bill committees and oral evidence: a half-step forward? Parliamentary Affairs . ISSN 0031-2290

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Boyd, Joseph (2023) Steeped in Place: Encountering Scotland in Paintings of the Sea. PhD thesis, University of Lincoln.

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Brown, Jessica, Grayson, Ben, Neill, Joanna C., Harte, Michael, Wall, Mark J. and Ngomba, Richard (2023) Oscillatory deficits in the sub-chronic PCP rat model for schizophrenia are reversed by mGlu5 receptor positive allosteric modulators VU0409551 and VU0360172. Cells, 12 (6). ISSN 2073-4409

Buchanan, Dominic, Martindale, Wayne, Romeih, Ehab and Hebishy, Essam (2023) Recent advances in whey processing and valorisation: Technological and environmental perspectives. International Journal of Dairy Technology . ISSN 1364-727X


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Carter, Kate and Zhao, Jing (2023) A brief review of the development of Passivhaus in the UK social housing sector. In: Sustainable Energy and Building (SEB) Conference 2022, Croatia.

Castri, Luca, Mghames, Sariah and Bellotto, Nicola (2023) From Continual Learning to Causal Discovery in Robotics. In: AAAI Bridge Program “Continual Causality”, 7-8 February 2023, Washington, DC, USA.

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Charbe, Nitin Bharat, Tambuwala, Murtaza, Palakurthi, Sushesh Srivatsa, Warokar, Amol, Hromić-Jahjefendić, Altijana, Bakshi, Hamid, Zacconi, Flavia, Mishra, Vijay, Khadse, Saurabh, Aljabali, Alaa A., El-Tanani, Mohamed, Serrano-Aroca, Ãngel and Palakurthi, Srinath (2023) Biomedical applications of three-dimensional bioprinted craniofacial tissue engineering. Bioengineering & translational medicine, 8 (1). e10333. ISSN 2380-6761

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Chen, Rebecca S., Soulsbury, Carl, Lebigre, Christophe, Ludwig, Gilbert, van Oers, Kees and Hoffman, Joseph I. (2023) Effects of hunting on genetic diversity, inbreeding and dispersal in Finnish black grouse ( Lyrurus tetrix ). Evolutionary Applications, 16 (3). pp. 625-637. ISSN 1752-4563

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Cruz-Manzo, Samuel, Panov, Vili and Bingham, Chris (2023) GAS turbine sensor fault diagnostic system in a real-time executable digital-twin. Journal of the Global Power and Propulsion Society, 7 . pp. 85-94. ISSN 2515-3080

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Goffin, Jeremy (2023) Hawaiian Palms. [Event, Show or Exhibition]

Goffin, Jeremy (2023) A Kind Message. [Project]

Goffin, Jeremy (2023) Low Pressure. [Artefact]

Goffin, Jeremy (2023) More Streams of Consciousness. [Project]

Goffin, Jeremy (2023) Palms Artist Book. [Artefact]

Goffin, Jeremy (2023) Swell - Artist Book. [Artefact]

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