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Abbas, Andrea and McLean, Monica (2010) Tackling inequality through quality: a comparative case study exploring university teachers' views. In: Global inequalities and higher education: whose interests are we serving? Universities in the 21st Century . Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 0230223516

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Akanuwe, J., Goyder, E., O'Hara, R. and Julious, S. (2010) Exploring the impact of the quality and outcomes framework on the quality of diabetes care and health care inequalities in England. In: Society for Social Medicine Conference, 6 - 8 September 2010, Belfast.

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Alkaraan, Fadi (2010) The Influence of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Border Trade: Comprehensive Review. In: First International Congress on Border Trade, 4th - 6th November 2010, Kilis 7 Aralik University, Turkey.

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Anitha, Sundari (2010) Hypervisibility of violence against minority ethnic women, disappearing specialist domestic violence services: a paradox? In: British Society of Criminology Conference, 13th July 2010, University of Leicester.

Anitha, Sundari (2010) South Asian women workers in the UK labour market: subverting stereotypes. In: Women's Day, 7th March 2010, East Anglia University.

Anitha, Sundari (2010) Striking women: South Asian women's activism and the trade union movement in the Grunwick and Gate Gourmet disputes. In: Work, Employment and Society Conference, 9th September 2010, University of Brighton.

Anitha, Sundari (2010) Suspect subjectivities and the problem of cultural difference: media and policy discourses on forced marriage in the UK. In: Social Policy Association Conference, 7th July 2010, University of Lincoln.

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Anwar, Mudassir, Syed Sulaiman, Syed Azhar, Ahmadi, Keivan and Kham, Tahir M. (2010) Awareness of school students on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their sexual behaviour: a cross-sectional study conducted in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. BMC Public Health, 10 (47). ISSN 1471-2458

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