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Adiseshiah, Sian (2006) Utopian gesture in the cold climate of Thatcherism: Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls and Fen. In: Utopia matters: theory, politics, literature, and the arts. Editora da Universidade do Porto, Porto, pp. 185-195. ISBN 9728025408

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Bartram, Angela (2006) Tonguing. [Event, Show or Exhibition]

Bartram, Angela (2006) Tonguings. [Event, Show or Exhibition]

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Bracey, Andrew (2006) Freianlage. [Event, Show or Exhibition]

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Brennan, Gordon, Brown, John, Docherty, Mike and Tullett, Barrie (2006) FlatPack / PlaskaPaczka. [Artefact]

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Burge, Catherine (2006) Untitled (Aegis). [Event, Show or Exhibition]

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