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Allinson, Lesley and Hammond, Nick (1990) Learning support environments: rationale and evaluation. Computers & Education, 15 (1-3). pp. 137-143. ISSN 0360-1315

Allinson, Nigel, Allsopp, Duncan W. E., Magorrian, Brian G. and Quayle, Alan (1990) Characterisation of soft X-ray damage in charge coupled devices. In: Charge-Coupled Devices and Solid State Optical Sensors, 12-14 February 1990, Santa Clara, CA, USA.

Allinson, Nigel M. (1990) Neurons, N-tuples and faces. Computing and Control Engineering, 1 (4). pp. 173-183. ISSN 0956-3385

Armitt, Lucie (1990) Where no man has gone before: women and science fiction. Routledge, pp. 123-138. ISBN 9780415044486

Armitt, Lucie (1990) Your word Is my command: the structures of language and power in women's science fiction. In: Where no man has gone before: women and science fiction. Routledge, pp. 123-138. ISBN 9780415044486

Baker, D., O'Neil, J. K., Gschmeissner, S. E., Wilcox, C. E., Butter, C. and Turk, J. L. (1990) Induction of chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in Biozzi mice. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 28 (3). pp. 261-270. ISSN 0165-5728

Bidaut, Luc (1990) 3-D registration of various medical imaging modalities: an application to PET and MRI for anatomical localization and kinetic modelling. In: 2nd EEC Workshop on PET Instrumentation - Advances in Quantitation and Imaging Methods, 8th-9th November 1990, Liege, Belgium.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) Anti-CEA immunoscintigraphy with BW 431/26-99mTc and 18F-Fluoro-Deoxy-Glucose PET: two complementary approaches to colon cancer recurrence. In: 3rd Conference on Radioimmunodetection and Radioimmunotherapy of Cancer, 15th-17th November 1990, Princeton, USA.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) Caudate nuclei glucose hypermetabolism in eating disorders. In: J Nucl Med.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) Caudate nuclei hypermetabolism in eating disorders detected by the 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose method and positron emission tomography. In: 17th Congress of Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum;, 10th-14th September 1990, Kyoto, Japan.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) Colorectal cancer recurrence as diagnosed by F18-FDG positron emission tomography (PET) and by immunoscintigraphy (IS) with monoclonal anti-CEA antibody labeled with Tc99m. In: Eur Workshop on FDG in Oncology, 15th-17th June 1990, Heidelburg, Germany.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) PET-MRI correlation - implementation at ULB. In: ECAT Technical Users Meeting, 23rd-25th September, Hannover, Germany.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) SPECT anti-CEA immunoscintigraphy (IS) and 18F-FDG PET in the evaluation of colorectal carcinoma. In: Eur J Nucl Med.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) An application of multi-modality display and processing to PET and MRI. In: Eur J Nucl Med.

Bidaut, Luc (1990) A multi-modality display and processing system: application to composite PET and MRI. In: Eur J Nucl Med.

Byrd, Hugh (1990) Drawing a projected view of a building as 'seen' by the sun. Lighting Research and Technology, 22 (1). pp. 53-54. ISSN 1477-1535

Chapman, Jane (1990) Women working it out [2nd ed.]. Careers & Occupational Information Centre, Sheffield, HMSO. ISBN 0861105524

Christie, M. R., Daneman, D., Champagne, P. and Delovitch, T. L. (1990) Persistence of serum antibodies to 64,000-Mr islet cell protein after onset of type I diabetes. Diabetes, 39 (6). pp. 653-656. ISSN 0012-1797

Christie, M. R., Pipeleers, D. G., Lernmark, A. and Baekkeskov, S. (1990) Cellular and subcellular localization of an Mr 64,000 protein autoantigen in insulin-dependent diabetes. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 265 (1). pp. 376-381. ISSN 0021-9258

Christie, M. R., Vohra, G., Champagne, P., Daneman, D. and Delovitch, T. L. (1990) Distinct antibody specificities to a 64-kD islet cell antigen in Type 1 diabetes as revealed by trypsin treatment. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 172 (3). pp. 789-794. ISSN 0022-1007

Deeming, Charles and Ferguson, M. W. J. (1990) Morphometric analysis of embryonic development in Alligator mississippiensis, Crocodylus johnstoni and Crocodylus porosus. Journal of Zoology, 221 (3). pp. 419-439. ISSN 0952-8369

Figueira, Ana C., Taylor, Tony and Barlow, Philip J. (1990) ELISA determination of aflatoxin levels in whole nuts. Food and Agricultural Immunology, 2 (3). pp. 125-134. ISSN 0954-0105

Gillman, Michael P. and Crawley, M. J. (1990) A comparative evaluation of models of cinnabar moth dynamics. Oecologia, 82 (4). pp. 437-445. ISSN 0029-8549

Gillman, Michael P. and Crawley, M. J. (1990) The cost of sexual reproduction in ragwort (Senecio jacobaea L.). Functional Ecology, 4 (4). pp. 585-589. ISSN 0269-8463

Hall, Stephen (1990) Genetic conservation of domestic livestock. Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology, 12 . pp. 289-318. ISSN 0260-0854

Hunter, Andrew and Willis, P. J. (1990) A note on the optimal labelling of quadtree nodes. The Computer Journal, 33 (5). pp. 398-401. ISSN 0010-4620

Johnson, M., Brown, M. and Allinson, N. M. (1990) Multidimensional self organisation. In: Cellular Neural Networks and their Applications, 1990. CNNA-90, 16-19 December 1990, Budapest.

Mather, George (1990) Computational modelling of motion detectors: responses to two-frame displays. Spatial Vision, 5 (1). pp. 1-14. ISSN 0169-1015

Mills, Glen (1990) Botshabelo houses: notes on an emerging morphology of low-cost housing designs in South Africa. Architecture SA (3/4). pp. 13-15. ISSN 0250-054X

Mills, Glen (1990) An OFS portfolio [editorial]. Architecture SA (3/4). p. 9. ISSN 0250-054X

Reyers, Fred (1990) Canine pancreatitis: the diagnostic usefulness of serum amylase and lipase assay. Proceedings of the Ivth Congress of the International Society for Animal Clinical Biochemistry . pp. 204-216.

Saia, A., Juster, N. P. and de Pennington, A. (1990) A Geometry Modelling System: Beyond Solid Modelling. In: Geometric Modeling for Product Engineering.

Winston, Brian (1990) Brunelleschi icin bir ayna. Adam Sanat, 59 (Summer). pp. 43-55. ISSN 1300-154X

Winston, Brian (1990) How are media born and developed? In: Questioning the media: a critical introduction. Sage, Newbury Park, California. ISBN 0803936427

Winston, Brian (1990) On counting the wrong things. In: The media reader. BFI, London. ISBN 0851702589

Winston, Brian (1990) Rejecting the Jehovah's Witness gambit. Intermedia, Oct/No . ISSN 0309-118X

Winston, Brian (1990) The fault in ourselves. In: Communications research: the challenge of the information age. Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, New York. ISBN 0815624328

Winston, Brian (1990) "News in the Regions: Plymouth Sound to Moray Firth", Alistair Hetherington. Journalism Quarterly, 67 (3). p. 622. ISSN 0022-5533

Yan, Xinjian, Taylor, K. D. Anthony and Hanson, Steven W. (1990) Phenolase in Norway lobster (Nephrops norvegicus): activation and purification. Food Chemistry, 36 (1). pp. 19-30. ISSN 0308-8146

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