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Book Section

Afolami, A. James, Ogunsote, Olu Ola, Elnokaly, Amira and Okogbue, Emmanuel Chilekwu (2016) Assessment of carbon Monoxide levels in a commercial district of Akure, Nigeria. In: ional Conference JIC 2016 - 21st Century Habitat: Issues, Sustainability and Development. Published by the Joint International Conference Editorial Committee, Published by the Joint International Conference Editorial Committee © Joint International Conference JIC Email Address:, pp. 90-97. ISBN 9781898523000

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Paper or Report

Paranagamage, Primali (2012) People, energy and environment [Sand Pit, University of Lincoln 2012]. Working Paper. unpublished.

Conference or Workshop contribution

Alqadi, Shireen, Elnokaly, Amira and Sodagar, Behzad (2022) Calibrating Building Thermal Simulation Model Using Indoor Environmental Measurements. In: Zero Energy Mass Custom Home 2021 International Conference (ZEMCH 2021), 26th - 28th October 2021.

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Whelan, Deborah (2004) The possibilities or impossibilities of the indigenous vernacular heritage. In: ..

Book or Monograph

Elnokaly, Amira, ed. (2018) Research Indaba* 18: Good Design emerges through Good Research. University of Lincoln, Lincoln. ISBN 978-1-86050-256-9

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Panwalkar, Mithil (2007) From margin to centre: re-reading Morecambe. [Project]


Daly, Cathy (2019) Built & Archaeological Heritage Climate Change Sectoral Adaptation Plan. Department of Culture Heritage and Gaeltacht.

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