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Busato, Patrizia, Sopegno, Alessandro, Berruto, Remigio, Bochtis, Dionysis and Calvo, Angela (2017) A Web-Based Tool for Energy Balance Estimation in Multiple-Crops Production Systems. Sustainability, 9 (5). p. 789.

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Rodias, Efthymios, Berruto, Remigio, Bochtis, Dionysis, Busato, Patrizia and Sopegno, Alessandro (2017) A Computational Tool for Comparative Energy Cost Analysis of Multiple-Crop Production Systems. Energies, 10 (7). p. 831.

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Yuanhao, Sun, Shu, Lei, Nurellari, Edmond, Li, Kailiang, Zhang, Yu, Zhou, Zhangbing and Han, Guangjie (2021) On Enabling Mobile Crowd Sensing for Data Collection in Smart Agriculture. IEEE Systems Journal . ISSN 1932-8184

Book Section

Panov, Vili and Cruz-Manzo, Samuel (2022) Application of Digital Twin Technology on Simulation and Optimization of Prime Movers in Energy Systems. In: Handbook of Smart Energy Systems. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, pp. 1-41. ISBN 9783030723224

Sørensen, Claus G., Rodias, Efthymios and Bochtis, Dionysis (2017) Auto-Steering and Controlled Traffic Farming – Route Planning and Economics. In: Precision Agriculture: Technology and Economic Perspectives. Springer, pp. 129-145. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Paper or Report

Smith, Jamie (2022) Direct Air Capture and other Greenhouse Gas Removal technologies competition. Documentation. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Conference or Workshop contribution

Bullegas, Gianmaria, Kapur, Anurag, Saaj, Mini, Nair, Manu H., Pop, Adrian and Fritzson, Peter (2020) Cloud SF – A continuous Integration Framework for the Design and Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems. In: Model Based Space Systems and Software Engineering MBSE2020, 28-29 September 2020, European Space Agency, Amsterdam.

Bush, Curtis, Corliss, John, Granda, Nelson, Thierry-Aguilera, Ricardo, Vilalta-perdomo, Eliseo Luis and Weisenborn, Gregory (2016) Development of a Sustainable Development Division body of knowledge within the industrial engineering universe. In: IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2016, 20-23 May 2016, Anaheim, CA, USA.

Chen, Jun and Mahfouf, Mahdi (2006) A population adaptive based immune algorithm for solving multi-objective optimization problems. In: 5th International Conference on Artificial Immune System, 4-6th September 2006, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal.

Chen, Jun, Mahfouf, Mahdi, Bingham, Chris, Zhang, Yu, Yang, Zhijing and Gallimore, Michael (2012) An evolutionary based clustering algorithm applied to Dada compression for industrial systems. In: 11th International Symposium, IDA 2012, October 25-27, 2012, Helsinki, Finland.

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Fairgrieve, A. and Gordon, Timothy (2000) On-line estimation of local road gradient for improved steady state suspension deflection control. In: 16th IAVSD Symposium: 'The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks', 30 August - 3 September 1999, Pretoria, South Africa.

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Gregory, Joe, Nair, Manu H., Bullegas, Gianmaria and Rai Saaj, Mini (2022) Using Semantic Systems Engineering Techniques to Verity the Large Aperture Space Telescope Mission – Current Status. In: Model Based Space Systems and Software Engineering MBSE2021, 29-30 September 2022, European Space Agency, Amsterdam.

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Margetts, Rebecca and Ngwompo, Roger F. (2014) Hybrid bond graphs for contact, using controlled junctions and dynamic causality. In: 2014 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation, ICBGM 2014, Part of the 2014 Summer Simulation Multiconference, SummerSim 2014, 6 - 10 July 2014, Monterey, CA; United States.

Margetts, Rebecca, Ngwompo, Roger F. and Fortes da Cruz, Marcelin (2013) Modelling a drop test of a landing gear using a hybrid bond graph. In: MIC 2013, February 2013, Innsbruck, Austria.

Panov, Vili and Cruz-Manzo, Samuel (2021) Embedded, Edge and Cloud Computing for Gas Turbine Digital Twins. In: International Conference on Aviation Motors – ICAM 2020, May 18-21, 2021, Moscow, Russia.

Vilalta-perdomo, Eliseo Luis and Thierry-Aguilera, Ricardo (2010) System dynamics as a problem structuring method: a teaching/learning approach. In: IIE Annual Conference & Expo 2010, 5-9 June 2010, Cancun, Mexico.

Vilalta-perdomo, Eliseo Luis, Michel-Villarreal, Rosario and Corliss, John (2017) On defining 'sustainability'. An impossible task? In: IISE Annual Conference and Expo 2017, 20th - 23rd May, 2017, Pittsburgh.

Book or Monograph

Bochtis, Dionysis, Sørensen, Claus Aage Grøn and Kateris, Dimitrios (2018) Operations Management in Agriculture. Elsevier. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Iakovou, Eleftherios, Bochtis, Dionysis, Vlachos, Dimitrios and Aidonis, Dimitrios (2015) Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks. Wiley. ISBN UNSPECIFIED


Margetts, Rebecca (2013) Modelling & analysis of hybrid dynamic systems using a bond graph approach. PhD thesis, University of Bath.

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