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Abdolvand, Amin, O'Hana, Sarah, Sancho-Parramon, Jordi, Shoba, Kalsang, Schmidt, Marc, Gale, A., Li, Lin, Seifert, Gerhard and Graener, Heinrich (2010) Optical properties of titanium upon pulsed laser irradiation: modification & modeling. Journal of Applied Optics .

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Febriansyah, B., Borzda, T., Cortecchia, D., Neutzner, S., Folpini, G., Koh, T.M., Li, Y., Mathews, N., Petrozza, A. and England, Jason (2020) Metal Coordination Sphere Deformation Induced Highly Stokes-Shifted, Ultra Broadband Emission in 2D Hybrid Lead-Bromide Perovskites and Investigation of Its Origin. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 59 (27). pp. 10791-10796. ISSN 1433-7851

Febriansyah, B., Giovanni, D., Ramesh, S., Koh, T.M., Li, Y., Sum, T.C., Mathews, N. and England, Jason (2019) Inducing formation of a corrugated, white-light emitting 2D lead-bromide perovskite via subtle changes in templating cation. Journal of Materials Chemistry C Materials for optical and electronic devices, 8 (3). pp. 889-893. ISSN 2050-7534

Febriansyah, B., Koh, T.M., John, R.A., Ganguly, R., Li, Y., Bruno, A., Mhaisalkar, S.G. and England, Jason (2018) Inducing Panchromatic Absorption and Photoconductivity in Polycrystalline Molecular 1D Lead-Iodide Perovskites through π-Stacked Viologens. Chemistry of Materials, 30 (17). pp. 5827-5830. ISSN 0897-4756

Febriansyah, B., Koh, T.M., Lekina, Y., Jamaludin, N.F., Bruno, A., Ganguly, R., Shen, Z.X., Mhaisalkar, S.G. and England, Jason (2019) Improved Photovoltaic Efficiency and Amplified Photocurrent Generation in Mesoporous n = 1 Two-Dimensional Lead-Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells. Chemistry of Materials, 31 (3). pp. 890-898. ISSN 0897-4756

Ferrari, Enrico, Emiliani, Valentina, Cojoc, Dan, Garbin, Valeria, Zahid, Morad, Durieux, Christiane, Coppey-Moisan, Maite and Di Fabrizio, Enzo (2005) Biological samples micro-manipulation by means of optical tweezers. Microelectronic Engineering, 78-79 . pp. 575-581. ISSN 0167-9317

Fisk, Jonathan D., Batten, Robin, Jones, Glenn, O'Reilly, Josephine P. and Shaw, Andrew M. (2005) pH Dependence of the Crystal Violet Adsorption Isotherm at the Silica−Water Interface. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109 (30). pp. 14475-14480. ISSN 1520-6106

Fisk, Jonathan D., O'Reilly, Josephine P. and Shaw, Andrew M. (2006) Reply to “Comment on ‘Interfacial pH of an Isolated Silica−Water Interface'”. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 110 (30). pp. 15039-15040. ISSN 1520-6106

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Lekina, Y., Febriansyah, B., Fan, X., You, L., Morris, S., Wang, J., England, Jason, Huang, X., Yan, J. and Shen, Z.X. (2021) Strong Optical, Electrical, and Raman in-Plane Anisotropy in Corrugated Two-Dimensional Perovskite. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125 (41). pp. 22630-22642. ISSN 1932-7447

O’ Reilly, Josephine P., Fisk, Jonathan D., Rooth, Maxim, Perkins, Elaine and Shaw, Andrew M. (2007) Non-linear plasmon response to protein binding at a nanostructured gold particle plasmon resonance surface. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 9 (3). pp. 344-345. ISSN 1463-9076

Pepper, Andrew T (2013) Holography without frames: sculptural installations incorporating 'drawn' elements. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 415 (1). ISSN 1742-6588

Pepper, Andrew T. (2013) Light liquid: a holographic 'lake' installed on the roof of an architect's model townscape. Journal of Physics Conference Series, 415 (1). ISSN 1742-6588

Selvaggi, Lara, Ferrari, Enrico, Moradi, Alireza, Santucci, Silvia C., Beuzer, Paolo and Cojoc, Dan (2010) Optimized multi-view imaging improves the observation of optically manipulated non-spherical particles. Journal of Optics, 12 (3). 035303. ISSN 2040-8978

Won, Sang-Hee, Lee, Jong-Soo, Jin, Seong-Ho and Chung, Suk-Ho (2003) Visualization of lifted laminar jet flame by Rayleigh scattering, OH PLIF, and CH chemiluminescence. Journal of Visualization, 6 (3). p. 211. ISSN 1343-8875

Zhang, Wei, Anaya, Miguel, Lozano, Gabriel, Calvo, Mauricio E., Johnston, Michael B., Míguez, Hernán and Snaith, Henry J. (2015) Highly efficient perovskite solar cells with tunable structural color. Nano Letters, 15 (3). pp. 1698-1702. ISSN 1530-6984

Book Section

Difato, Francesco, Ferrari, Enrico, Shahapure, Rajesh, Torre, Vincent and Cojoc, Dan (2010) Optical tweezers microscopy: piconewton forces in cell and molecular biology. In: Nanoscopy and multidimensional optical fluorescence microscopy. Chapman and Hall. ISBN 9781420078862, 9781420078893

Conference or Workshop contribution

Baron, Mark, Barrett, Richard and Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jose (2012) Analysis and design of a multisensory array for explosive substances based on solid electrodes. In: Optical Materials and Biomaterials in Security and Defence Systems Technology IX, 26-27 September 2012, Edinburgh.

Fisk, Jonathan D., Hayes, Neil W., Barnett, Daniel, Farries, Mark, Tasker, Karen M. and Shaw, Andrew M. (2005) Fiber optic implementation of evanescent wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy for chemical detection. In: EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON OPTICS AND PHOTONICS FOR DEFENCE AND SECURITY, 26-28 September 2005, Bruges, Belgium.

O'Hana, Sarah and Shoba, Kalsang (2010) Laser marking titanium for contemporary jewellery. In: The Shape of Science Symposium, 5 July 2010, The University of Manchester.

O'Hana, Sarah (2007) Between two cultures: a dialogue in jewellery. In: Ars Ornata Europeana conference, Inside Out, July 2007, Castlefield, Manchester.

Patterson, A. J., Tealby, J. M. and Allinson, N. M. (1995) Ground penetrating radar migration with uncertain parameters. In: International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 1995 IGARSS '95, 10-14 July 1995, Florence, Italy.

Qiang, L. and Allinson, Nigel (2006) Spatial optical distortion correction in an FPGA. In: IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Systems, SIPS 2006, 2 - 4 October 2006, Banff, Canada.

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