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Abd El-Karim, Somaia S., Syam, Yasmin M., El Kerdawy, Ahmed M. and Abdel-Mohsen, Heba T. (2024) Rational design and synthesis of novel quinazolinone N-acetohydrazides as type II multi-kinase inhibitors and potential anticancer agents. Bioorganic Chemistry, 142 . p. 106920. ISSN 0045-2068

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Bhat, Shreesha V., Robinson, David, Moses, John E. and Sharma, Pallavi (2016) Synthesis of oxadiazol-5-imines via the cyclizative capture of in situ generated cyanamide ions and nitrile oxides. Organic Letters, 18 (5). pp. 1100-1103. ISSN 1523-7060

Brožová, Zuzana Rania, Dušek, Jan, Palša, Norbert, Maixnerová, Jana, Kamaraj, Rajamanikkam, Smutná, Lucie, Matouš, Petr, Braeuning, Albert, Pávek, Petr, Kuneš, Jiří, Gathergood, Nicholas, Špulák, Marcel, Pour, Milan and Carazo, Alejandro (2023) 2-Substituted quinazolines: Partial agonistic and antagonistic ligands of the constitutive androstane receptor (CAR). European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 259 . p. 115631. ISSN 0223-5234

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Francesco, Zamberlan, Anna, Fantinati and Claudio, Trapella (2018) 1,4‐Dithiane‐2,5‐diol: An Attractive Platform for the Synthesis of Sulfur Containing Functionalized Heterocycles. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018 (25). pp. 3248-3264. ISSN 1434-193X

Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jose, Bellia, Gaetano, Corrall, Hannah, Baron, Mark and Croxton, Ruth (2017) An investigation of digoxin by cyclic voltammetry using gold and silver solid electrodes and chemometric analysis. International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 12 . pp. 3050-3062. ISSN 1452-3981

Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jose, Sevilla, Jose Manuel, Pineda, Teresa, Blazquez, Manuel and Lopez, Maria del Mar (2020) A study on the electrooxidation of Vitamin B6 compounds on glassy carbon and polycrystalline gold electrodes. Journal of ElectroAnalytical Chemistry, 877 . p. 114525. ISSN 1572-6657

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Kotturi, Santosh R., Somanadhan, Brinda, Ch’ng, Jun-Hong, Tan, Kevin S.-W., Butler, Mark S. and Lear, Martin J. (2014) Diverted total synthesis of falcitidin acyl tetrapeptides as new antimalarial leads. Tetrahedron Letters, 55 (11). pp. 1949-1951. ISSN 0040-4039

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Perinelli, Diego Romano, Campana, Mario, Singh, Ishwar, Vllasaliu, Driton, Doutch, James, Palmieri, Giovanni Filippo and Casettari, Luca (2019) PEGylation affects the self-assembling behaviour of amphiphilic octapeptides. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 571 (118752).

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Scott, Fraser J., Puig-Sellart, Mireia, Khalaf, Abedawn I., Henderson, Catherine J., Westrop, Gareth, Watson, David G., Carter, Katharine, Grant, M. Helen and Suckling, Colin J. (2016) An evaluation of Minor Groove Binders as anti-lung cancer therapeutics. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 26 (15). pp. 3478-3486. ISSN 0960-894X

Singh, Ishwar, Malkawi, Ruba, Iyer, Abhishek, Parmar, Anish, Lloyd, Daniel, Goh, E, Taylor, Edward, Sarmad, Sarir, Madder, A and Lakshminarayanan, R (2018) Cysteines and Disulfide-Bridged Macrocyclic Mimics of Teixobactin Analogues and Their Antibacterial Activity Evaluation against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Pharmaceutics, 10 (4). p. 183. ISSN 1999-4923

Singh, Ishwar and Walden, Benjamin (2018) Simplified teixobactin analogues to target superbugs. Future Medicinal Chemistry, 10 (2). ISSN 1756-8919

Somanadhan, Brinda, Kotturi, Santosh R., Yan Leong, Chung, Glover, Robert P., Huang, Yicun, Flotow, Horst, Buss, Antony D., Lear, Martin J. and Butler, Mark S. (2013) Isolation and synthesis of falcitidin, a novel myxobacterial-derived acyltetrapeptide with activity against the malaria target falcipain-2. The Journal of Antibiotics, 66 (5). pp. 259-264. ISSN 0021-8820

Vasconcelos, Andreanne G., Barros, Ana Luisa A. N., Cabral, Wanessa F., Moreira, Daniel C., da Silva, Ingrid Gracielle M., Silva-Carvalho, Amandda É., de Almeida, Miguel P., Albuquerque, Lucas F. F., dos Santos, Raimunda C., S. Brito, Ana Karolinne, Saldanha-Araújo, Felipe, Arcanjo, Daniel D. R., C. Martins, Maria do Carmo, dos S. Borges, Tatiana K., Báo, Sônia N., Plácido, Alexandra, Eaton, Peter, Kuckelhaus, Selma A. S. and Leite, José Roberto S. A. (2021) Promising self-emulsifying drug delivery system loaded with lycopene from red guava (Psidium guajava L.): in vivo toxicity, biodistribution and cytotoxicity on DU-145 prostate cancer cells. Cancer Nanotechnology, 12 (1). ISSN 1868-6958

Weck, Christian, Nauha, Elisa and Gruber, Tobias (2018) The missing link in the homologous series of lactams: the X-ray structure of valerolactam. Crys. Growth Des., 18 (12). pp. 7248-7253. ISSN 1528-7483

Weck, Christian, Obst, Franziska, Nauha, Elisa, Schofield, Christopher and Gruber, Tobias (2017) Synthesis of a bicyclic oxo-gamma-lactam from a simple caprolactam derivative. New Journal of Chemistry, 41 . pp. 9984-9989. ISSN 1144-0546

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de Sousa, Nayara Alves, Marani, Mariela M., Lopes, André Luís Fernandes, Silva, Emanuelle Morais, Barbosa, Eder Alves, Vasconcelos, Andreanne Gomes, Kuzniewski, Felipe T. B., Lustosa, Suellen Sousa, Gomes, Karina Pereira, Colugnati, Diego Basile, Rocha, Jefferson A., Santos, Lucianna Helene, Benquerer, Marcelo P., Quelemes, Patrick, Véras, Leiz, Moreira, Daniel C., Gadelha, Kalinne Kelly Lima, Magalhães, Pedro Jorge Caldas, Plácido, Alexandra, Eaton, Peter, Nicolau, Lucas, Medeiros, Jand Venes R. and Leite, José R. S. A. (2022) BR-bombesin: a novel bombesin-related peptide from the skin secretion of the Chaco tree frog (Boana raniceps) with physiological gastric effects. Amino Acids, 54 (5). pp. 733-747. ISSN 0939-4451

Conference or Workshop contribution

Gruber, Tobias (2017) Artificial receptors for the discrimination of epigenetically modified lysines. In: Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting 2017, 21 June 2017, Liverpool.

Gruber, Tobias (2018) From synthetic receptors to bridged caprolactams. In: Pharmazeutisches Kolloquium, 26th April 2018, Graz, Austria.

Gruber, Tobias (2018) Supramolecular receptors for the recognition and discrimination of epigenetically modified lysines. In: Chemiedozententagung 2018, 5 -7 March 2018, Jena, Germany.

Gruber, Tobias (2017) Supramolecular receptors for the recognition and discrimination of post-translationally methylated lysines (PT2). In: 25th GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference, 31 Aug - 1 Sep 2017, Liverpool John Moores University.

Gruber, Tobias (2017) Synthetic receptors for the recognition and discrimination of epigenetically modified lysines. In: 25th Annual GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference, 31st August - 1st September 2017, Liverpool.

Munshi, Tasnim, Scowen, Ian, Abdull Manap, Mohd Rashidi, Ismail, Ahmad Zaidi, Ahmad, Haslina, Abdullah, Maryam Aisyah, Mohd Faudzi, Siti Munirah and Azamudin, Nurin Syahmimi (2018) Pyrrole-chalcone analogues as DNA binding agents. In: Industrial Chemistry Seminar XXI, 10 May 2018, Selangor, Malaysia.

Weck, Christian, Obst, Franziska, Nauha, Elisa, Schofield, Christopher and Gruber, Tobias (2017) Synthesis of a bicyclic oxo-gamma lactam from a simple caprolactam derivative. In: 20th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, 2-6 July 2017, Cologne, Germany.

Book or Monograph

Ferrari, Enrico and Soloviev, Mikhail, eds. (2020) Nanoparticles in Biology and Medicine. Methods in Molecular Biology, 2118 . Springer. ISBN 978-1-07-160318-5

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