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Beccalossi, Chiara (2011) Sex, medicine and disease: from reproduction to sexuality, c. 1800-1920. In: A cultural history of sexuality in the age of empire. Berg/Bloomsbury, pp. 101-121. ISBN 9781847888044, 9781472539199

Beccalossi, Chiara and Crozier, Ivan (2011) A cultural history of sexuality in the age of empire. A cultural history of sexuality, 5 . Berg, Bloomsbury, Oxford. ISBN 9781847888044, 9781472539199

Beccalossi, Chiara and Crozier, Ivan (2011) The cultural history of sexuality in the nineteenth century. In: A cultural history of sexuality in the age of empire. Berg/Bloomsbury, pp. 1-25. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Bell, Erin (2011) Television and memory: history programming and contemporary identities. Image [&] Narrative, 12 (2). ISSN 1780-678X

Bell, Erin (2011) The early Quakers, the peace testimony and masculinity in England, 1660–1720. Gender and History, 23 (2). pp. 283-300. ISSN 0953-5233


Cheshire, Jim (2011) Publishing Tennyson in the USA: the composition of books and the decomposition of relationships. In: British Association of Victorian Studies Conference 2011: Composition and Decomposition, 01/09/2011 - 03/09/2011, University of Birmingham.

Cowman, Krista (2011) Collective biography in researching the past. In: Research methods for history. Research Methods for the Arts and Humanities . Edinburgh University Press, pp. 83-101. ISBN 9780748642045, 9780748642052

Cowman, Krista (2011) Women and radicalism in Liverpool, c.1890-1930. In: Liverpool: City of Radicals. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 108-122. ISBN 1846316472

Crick-Smith, Michael, Crick-Smith, Ian, Faulding, Rachel, Croft, Paul, Thwaites, Gillian, Poole, Michael and Cheshire, Jim (2011) Kenwood House, Hampstead, London: south front interiors, architectural paint survey. Documentation. none.


Dalton, Paul, Insley, Charles and Wilkinson, Louise (2011) Cathedrals, Communities and Conflict in the Anglo-Norman World. The Boydell Press, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781843836209

Di Paola, Pietro (2011) The factory councils in Turin, 1919–1920: “The sole and authentic social representatives of the proletarian class”. In: Ours to master and to own: workers' control from the commune to the present. Haymarket Books, Chicago. ISBN 9781608461196

Di Paola, Pietro (2011) The factory councils in Turin, 1919-1920: the sole and authentic social representatives of the proletarian class. In: Ours to master and to own: workers' control from the Commune to the present. Haymarket Books, Chicago Ill., pp. 130-147. ISBN 9781608461196

Di Paola, Pietro (2011) 'The man who knows his village': Colin Ward and Freedom Press. Anarchist Studies, 19 (2). pp. 22-41. ISSN 0967-3393


Fernandez-Gonzalez, Laura (2011) Re-creating early modern festivals. [Project]


Grandy, Christine (2011) 'Avarice’ and ‘evil doers’: profiteers, politicians, and popular fiction in the 1920s. Journal of British Studies, 50 (3). pp. 667-689. ISSN 0021-9371


Hill, Kate, Petch, Alison, McCombe, Robert, Larson, Frances, Douglas, Oliver A. and Wingfield, Chris (2011) Collecting and displaying the British past [special Issue of Museum History Journal]. Museum History Journal, 4 (2). Left Coast Press. ISBN 9781598748796

Hill, Kate (2011) Collecting authenticity: domestic, familial, and everyday 'old things' in English museums, 1850-1939. Museum History Journal, 4 (2). pp. 203-222. ISSN 1936-9824

Hill, Kate (2011) Thinking about audience and agency in the museum: models from historical research. Current Issues in European Cultural Studies (062). pp. 217-222. ISSN 1650-3686

Hill, Kate (2011) Whose objects? Identity, otherness and materiality in the display of the British past c. 1850-1950. Museum History Journal, 4 (2). pp. 127-138. ISSN 1936-9824

Hoskin, Philippa (2011) The Bishops of Chichester 1091-1503. In: Chichester: the Palace and its Bishops. University of Chichester, pp. 102-117. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Hoskin, Philippa (2011) Church, state and law: solutions to lay contumacy in the Anglo-Scottish borders during the later thirteenth century. Historical Research, 84 (226). pp. 559-571. ISSN 0950-3471

Hoskin, Philippa (2011) De vi laica amovenda: testing the bounds of secular and ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the reign of Henry III. Fine Rolls of Henry III: Fine of the Month .

Hoskin, Philippa (2011) Delineating the development of English episcopal chanceries through the signification of excommunication. Tabularia: Sources écrites de la Normandie médiévale, 11 . pp. 35-47. ISSN 1630-7364

Hoskin, Philippa (2011) English episcopal acta 38: London 1229-1280. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780197264850, 0197264859

Hoskin, Philippa (2011) English episcopal acta 39: London 1280-1303. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780197264867, 0197264867

Hoskin, Philippa, Sandall, Simon and Watson, Emma (2011) The court records of the Diocese of York 1300-1858: an underused resource. Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, 83 (1). pp. 148-163. ISSN 0084-4276


Liuzzo Scorpo, Antonella (2011) La idea del poder en la Península Ibérica en la edad media: perspectivas universales y particulares en la General Estoria y en la Estoria de España. Studia Historica: Historia Medieval (29). pp. 23-50. ISSN 0213-2060

Liuzzo Scorpo, Antonella (2011) Religious frontiers and overlapping cultural borders: the power of personal and political exchanges in the works of Alfonso X of Castile (1252–1284). Al-Masaq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean, 23 (3). pp. 217-236. ISSN 0950-3110

Liuzzo Scorpo, Antonella (2011) Spiritual friendship in the works of Alfonso X of Castile: images of interaction between the sacred and spiritual worlds of thirteenth-century Iberia. In: Friendship in the middle ages and the early modern age. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture (6). De Gruyter, Berlin and New York, pp. 445-477. ISBN 9783110253979


Morgan, Hollie (2011) Old English items in London, British Library, Cotton Tiberius C. I. New Medieval Literatures, 13 . pp. 137-147. ISSN 1465-3737


O'Rourke, Chris (2011) How to become a bioscope model: transition, mediation and the language of film performance. Early Popular Visual Culture, 11 (3). pp. 191-201. ISSN 1746-0654


Packer, Ian (2011) The Liberals, the land question and fiscal policy, 1906-1924. Cercles: Revue Pluridisciplinaire du Monde Anglophone, 21 . pp. 11-26. ISSN 1292-8968

Packer, Ian (2011) Contested ground: trends in British by-elections, 1911-1914. Contemporary British History, 25 (1). pp. 157-173. ISSN 1361-9462

Packer, Ian and Pratt, Lynda (2011) The collected letters of Robert Southey, part two: 1798-1803. Romantic Circles, University of Maryland, MD, USA.


Rocha, Leon (2011) Xing: The Discourse of Sex and Human Nature in Modern China. In: Historicising Gender and Sexuality. Wiley, Oxford, pp. 77-102. ISBN 9781444339444, 9781444343953

Rocha, Leon Antonio (2011) Scientia sexualis versus ars erotica: Foucault, van Gulik, Needham. Sudies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 42 (3). pp. 328-343. ISSN 1369-8486

Roos, Anna Marie (2011) A digital calendar of the Correspondence of Dr Martin Lister (1639-1712) [Early Modern Letters Online]. University of Oxford.

Roos, Anna Marie (2011) Hunting Robert Boyle: Michael Hunter and Boyle's life and letters. Notes and Records of the Royal Society, 65 (3). pp. 311-315. ISSN 0035-9149

Roos, Anna Marie (2011) Salient theories in the fossil debate in the early Royal Society: the influence of Johann Van Helmont. In: Controversies within the scientific revolution. Controversies (11). John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam, pp. 151-170. ISBN 9789027218957

Roos, Anna Marie (2011) Web of nature: Martin Lister (1639-1712), the first arachnologist. Medieval and Early Modern Science . Brill, Leiden. ISBN 9789004207035


Shave, Samantha A. (2011) Pauper capital: London and the poor law, 1790–1870 [David Green, 2010]. The Economic History Review, 64 (3). pp. 1035-1036. ISSN 0013-0117

Stephenson, P. A. (2011) Nicholas the monk and former soldier. In: Byzantine religious culture: studies in honor of Alice-Mary Talbot. Brill, Leiden, pp. 421-438. ISBN 9789004212442


Trotter, David and O'Rourke, Chris (2011) Cinema re-mystified: A. S. Appelbee's technological ghost story. In: Reading the Cinematograph: The Cinema in British Short Fiction, 1896-1912. Exeter Studies in Film History . University of Exeter Press, Exeter, pp. 46-57. ISBN 9780859898539, 9780859898546


Wood, Jamie (2011) Helping students to become disciplinary researchers using questioning, social bookmarking and inquiry-based learning. Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 6 (1). pp. 3-26. ISSN 1750-8428

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