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Akram, Umair, Allen, Sarah, Stevenson, Jodie, Lazarus, Lambros, Ypsilanti, Antonia, Ackroyd, Millicent, Chester, Jessica, Peters, Chloe and Irvine, Kamila (2022) Self-Disgust as a Potential Mechanism Underlying the Association Between Body Image Disturbance and Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviours. Journal of Affective Disorders, 297 . pp. 634-640. ISSN 0165-0327

Akram, Umair, Allen, Sarah, Stevenson, Jodie, Lazuras, Lambros, Ypsilanti, Antonia, Ackroyd, Millicent, Chester, Jessica, Longden, Jessica, Peters, Chloe and Irvine, Kamila (2022) Self-disgust as a potential mechanism underlying the association between body image disturbance and suicidal thoughts and behaviours. Journal of Affective Disorders, 297 . pp. 634-640. ISSN 0165-0327

Albuquerque, Natalia, Mills, Daniel S., Guo, Kun, Wilkinson, Anna and Resende, Briseida (2022) Dogs can infer implicit information from human emotional expressions. Animal Cognition, 25 (2). pp. 231-240. ISSN 1435-9448

Badesha, Kiran, Wilde, Sarah and Dawson, Dave (2022) Mental Health Mobile App Use to Manage Psychological Difficulties: An Umbrella Review. Mental Health Review Journal . ISSN 1361-9322

Beltrán Francés, Victor, Spaan, Denise, Amici, Federica, Maulany, Risma Illa, Oka, Ngakan Putu and Majolo, Bonaventura (2022) Effect of anthropogenic activities on the population of moor macaques (Macaca maura) in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. International Journal of Primatology, 3 . ISSN 0164-0291

Bowden-Jones, Henrietta, Hook, Roxanne, Grant, Jon, Ioannidis, Konstantinos, Corazza, Ornella, Fineberg, Naomi, Singer, Bryan, Roberts, Amanda, Bethlehem, Richard, Dymond, Simon, Romero-Garcia, Rafael, Robbins, Trevor, Cortese, Samuele, Thomas, Shane, Sahakian, Barbara, Dowling, Nicki and Chamberlain, Samuel (2022) Gambling Disorder in the UK: key research priorities and the urgent need for independent research funding. Lancet Psychiatry . ISSN 2215-0366

Cheyne, Susan M., Maréchal, Laëtitia, Oram, Felicity, Joanna, Setchell and Waters, Siân (2022) The IUCN Best Practice Guidelines one year on: Addressing some misunderstandings and encouraging primatologists to be responsible messengers. Primate Eye, 136 . ISSN 0305-8417

Davis, Abi M. B. and Sclafani, Valentina (2022) Birth Experiences, Breastfeeding, and the Mother-Child Relationship: Evidence from a Large Sample of Mothers. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research . 084456212210894. ISSN 0844-5621

Davis, Abigail and Sclafani, Valentina (2022) Birth experience, breastfeeding, and the mother-child relationship: Evidence from a large sample of mothers. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research . ISSN 0844-5621

Foecker, Julia, Polly, Atkins, Vantzos, Foivos-Christos, Wilhelm, Maximilian, Schenk, Thomas and Meyerhoff, Hauke S. (2022) Exploring the effectiveness of auditory, visual, and audio-visual sensory cues in a multiple object tracking environment. Attention Perception Psychophysics . ISSN 1943-3921

Frost, Alexandra, Moghaddam, Nima and Burge, Rupert (2022) SMART MS prefeasibility evaluation: Sample characteristics and quantitative data. [Dataset]

Frost, Alexandra, Moghaddam, Nima, Burge, Rupert, Dawson, Dave, Evangelou, Nikos, Roche, Bryan, Turton, James, Hawton, Annie, Law, Graham, Rowan, Elise and Das Nair, Roshan (2022) Usability and acceptability of a cognitive training intervention (SMART) for people with multiple sclerosis (MS): A prefeasibility formative evaluation version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review. NIHR Open Research, 2 (39). ISSN 2633-4402

Groenewegen, Peter, Dirkzwager, Anja, van Dam, Anke, Massalimova, Dina, Sirdifield, Coral and Smith, Lauren (2022) The health of detainees and the role of primary care: Position paper of the European Forum for Primary Care. Primary Health Care Research & Development, 23 (e29). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1463-4236

Guo, Kun, Hare, Alexander and Guo, Chang Hong (2022) Impact of Face Masks and Viewers’ Anxiety on Ratings of First Impressions from Faces. Perception, 51 (1). pp. 37-50. ISSN 0301-0066

Harris, Georgia and Onwuegbusi, Tochukwu (2022) To replicate or conceal? Creating fairer lineups for multiple suspects with dissimilar distinctive features. In: Division of Forensic Psychology Conference, 14-16th June 2022, voco St. John's, Solihull.

Hartley, Megan and Bartels, Ross (2022) Public Perception of Men Who have Committed Intrafamilial and Extrafamilial Sexual Offences against Children. Sexual Abuse . ISSN 1079-0632

Hogue, Todd and Onwuegbusi, Tochukwu (2022) Using eye-related measures to assess sexual interests. In: Current Directions in Sex Offenders Research, 4-5th April 2022, University of Birmingham.

Inghels, Maxime, Kane, Ros, Lall, Priya, Nelson, David, Nanyonjo, Agnes, Asghar, Zahid, Ward, Derek, McCranor, Tracy, Kavanagh, Tony, Hogue, Todd, Phull, Jaspreet and Tanser, Frank (2022) Ethnicity and risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection among the healthcare workforce: Results of a retrospective cohort study in rural United Kingdom. International Journal of Infectious Diseases . ISSN 1201-9712

Johnson, Jennifer M., Durrant, Simon J., Law, Graham, Santiago, Joao, Scott, Eleanor M. and Curtis, Ffion (2022) The effect of slow-wave sleep and rapid eye-movement sleep interventions on glycaemic control: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. Sleep Medicine, 92 . pp. 50-58. ISSN 1389-9457

King-Parker, Matthew, Bartels, Ross, Onwuegbusi, Tochukwu and Parke, Adrian (2022) The Burglary Cognitive Distortions Scale: Its association with burglary proclivity and other key variables. Psychology, Crime & Law . ISSN 1068-316X

Kramer, Robin S. S. and Gosling, Samuel D. (2022) What is personality? Frontiers for Young Minds, 10 . p. 719561. ISSN 2296-6846

Kramer, Robin S.S., Gous, Georgina, Mireku, Michael O. and Ward, Robert (2022) Metacognition during unfamiliar face matching. British Journal of Psychology . ISSN 2044-8295

Ling, Yurong, Zhou, Fei, Guo, Kun and Xue, Jing-Hao (2022) ASSP: An adaptive sample statistics-based pooling for full-reference image quality assessment. Neurocomputing . ISSN 0925-2312

Meints, Kerstin (2022) Can dogs reduce stress levels in school children? Effects of dog-assisted interventions on salivary cortisol in children with and without special educational needs using randomised controlled trials - Cortisol data sets. [Dataset]

Merdian, Hannah Lena and Perkins, Derek (2022) Working with Individuals who have accessed Child Sexual Exploitation Material: Assessment Strategies and Future Developments. In: Challenges in the Management of People Convicted of a Sexual Offence: A Way Forward, Palgrave Studies in Risk, Crime and Society. Springer, pp. 85-101. ISBN 9783030802110

Mills, Eleanor and Guo, Kun (2022) Impact of Face Masks on Female Body Perception is Modulated by Facial Expressions. Perception, 51 (1). pp. 51-59. ISSN 0301-0066

Moran, Fiona, Merdian, Hannah Lena and Pekins, Derek (2022) Stop it Now! Scotland and online PROTECT share findings from analysis of their dataset gathered from 800 clients over the past decade. In: NOTA Annual International Conference, 4-6 May 2022, Leeds.

Onwuegbusi, Tochukwu, Roberts, Amanda, Sharman, Stephen and Hogue, Todd (2022) The influence of gambling advertising on children: It’s all in the gaze. In: Current Advances in Gambling Research, 19-20 May 2022, Radisson Blu, Cardiff.

Pöhlmann, Katharina Margareta Theresa, Foecker, Julia, Dickinson, Patrick, Parke, Adrian and O'Hare, Louise (2022) The relationship between vection, cybersickness and head movements elicited by illusory motion in virtual reality. Displays, 71 . ISSN 0141-9382

Ritchie, Kay L., Flack, Tessa R., Fuller, Elizabeth A., Cartledge, Charlotte and Kramer, Robin S. S. (2022) The pairs training effect in unfamiliar face matching. Perception . 030100662210969. ISSN 0301-0066

Roberts, Amanda, Sharman, Stephen and Bowden-Jones, Henrietta (2022) The ability of the UK population surveys to capture the true nature of the extent of gambling related harm. Addiction . ISSN 0965-2140

Roberts, Amanda, Sharman, Steve and Bowden-Jones, Henrietta (2022) Clinical Services for Problematic Internet Usage. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 46 . ISSN 2352-1546

Robinson, Amie and Moghaddam, Nima (2022) Psychological treatments and therapy adaptations for psychological distress in dementia and mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Mental Health Review Journal . ISSN 1361-9322

Sharman, Stephen, Roberts, Amanda, Harris, Becky, Lockwood, Rebecca and Boden-Jones, Henrietta (2022) The National Centre for Gaming Disorders (UK) - Who is accessing this service? Journal of Behavioral Addictions . ISSN 2062-5871

Shepherd, Kate, Moghaddam, Nima and Dawson, David (2022) ACTing towards better living during COVID-19: The effects of Acceptance and Commitment therapy for individuals affected by COVID-19. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science . ISSN 2212-1447

Silva-Gago, Maria, Ioannidou, Flora, Fedato, Annapaola, Hodgson, Timothy and Bruner, Emilano (2022) Visual attention and cognitive archaeology: an eye-tracking study of Palaeolithic stone tools. Perception . ISSN 0301-0066

Singh, Roshini and Onwuegbusi, Tochukwu (2022) Impact of Risk Assessment, Media, and Offender's Characteristics on Lay People’s Fairness in Judgement of Terrorist Offenders. In: Division of Forensic Psychology Conference, 14-16th June 2022, voco St. John's, Solihull.

Stainsby, Leah and Onwuegbusi, Tochukwu (2022) Impact of Risk Assessment and Offender Characteristics on Lay People’s Fairness in Judgement and Sentencing of Violent Offenders. In: Division of Forensic Psychology Conference, 14-16th June 2022, voco St. John's, Solihull.

Thompson, Bethany, Moghaddam, Nima, Evangelou, Nikos, Baufeldt, Angela and Das Nair, Roshan (2022) Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for improving quality of life and mood in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, 63 (103862). ISSN 2211-0348

Van den Tol, Annemieke, Coulthard, Helen, Lang, Victoria and Wallis, Deborah (2022) Are music listening strategies associated with reduced food consumption following negative mood inductions; a series of three exploratory experimental studies. Appetite, 172 . p. 105947. ISSN 0195-6663

Willmot, Phil (2022) Secure patient-therapist attachment following therapy for personality disorder in a forensic mental health setting. [Experiment]

Xu, Jiawei, Zhang, Xiaoqin, Park, Seop Hyeong and Guo, Kun (2022) The Alleviation of Perceptual Blindness During Driving in Urban Areas Guided by Saccades Recommendation. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems . pp. 1-11. ISSN 1558-0016

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