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Anitha, Sundari (2010) Hypervisibility of violence against minority ethnic women, disappearing specialist domestic violence services: a paradox? In: British Society of Criminology Conference, 13th July 2010, University of Leicester.

Anitha, Sundari (2010) South Asian women workers in the UK labour market: subverting stereotypes. In: Women's Day, 7th March 2010, East Anglia University.

Anitha, Sundari (2010) Striking women: South Asian women's activism and the trade union movement in the Grunwick and Gate Gourmet disputes. In: Work, Employment and Society Conference, 9th September 2010, University of Brighton.

Anitha, Sundari (2010) Suspect subjectivities and the problem of cultural difference: media and policy discourses on forced marriage in the UK. In: Social Policy Association Conference, 7th July 2010, University of Lincoln.

Anitha, Sundari (2010) No recourse, no support: state policy and practice towards South Asian women facing domestic violence in the UK. British Journal of Social Work, 40 (2). pp. 462-479. ISSN 1468-263x


Bochel, Hugh (2010) Conservative approaches to social policy since 1997. In: The Conservative Party and social policy. The Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 1-22. ISBN 9781847424327

Bochel, Hugh (2010) The Conservatives, coalition and social policy. In: The Conservative Party and social policy. The Policy Press, Bristol. ISBN 9781847424327

Bochel, Catherine (2010) Other forms of evidence – and how to use them? In: ISSA Social Security Research and Policy Manual. International Social Security Association, Geneva, Switzerland. ISBN 978928431191, 9789284311910

Bochel, Catherine and Bochel, Hugh (2010) Local political leadership and the modernisation of local government. Local Government Studies, 36 (6). pp. 723-737. ISSN 0300-3930

Bochel, Hugh (2010) One Nation Conservatism and social policy, 1951-64. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 18 (2). pp. 123-134. ISSN 1759-8273

Bochel, Hugh and Defty, Andrew (2010) Power without representation? The House of Lords and social policy. Social Policy and Society, 9 (3). pp. 367-377. ISSN 1474-7464

Bochel, Hugh and Defty, Andrew (2010) Safe as houses? Conservative social policy, public opinion and Parliament. The Political Quarterly, 81 (1). pp. 74-84. ISSN 0032-3179

Bochel, Hugh and Defty, Andrew (2010) A question of expertise: the House of Lords and welfare policy. Parliamentary Affairs, 63 (1). pp. 66-84. ISSN 0031-2290

Bochel, Hugh, Defty, Andrew and Dunn, Andrew (2010) Scrutinising the secret state: parliamentary oversight of the intelligence and security agencies. Policy and Politics, 38 (3). pp. 483-487. ISSN 0305-5736

Briggs, Jacqui (2010) Generation i-Pod: from apathy to engagement. Political Education Forum Journal, 3 (2). pp. 3-6. ISSN 2043-8877

Briggs, Jacqui and Chellis, Karen (2010) For or against compulsory voting in Britain and Belgium. Social and Public Policy Review, 4 (1). pp. 1-33. ISSN 1752-704X

Brown, Philip, Somerville, Peter, Scullion, Lisa, Morris, Gareth and Dahl, Sam (2010) Somewhere nowhere: lives without homes. Salford Housing and Urban Studies Unit, pp. 559-570. ISBN 9781471679827


Charountaki, Marianna (2010) The Kurds and US foreign policy: International Relations in the Middle East since 1945. Routledge. ISBN 9780203842614

Colosi, Rachela (2010) Dirty dancing? An ethnography of lap-dancing. Crime ethnography series . Willan Publishing, Abingdon. ISBN 9781843928171, 9780415627641

Colosi, Rachela (2010) A return to the Chicago school? From the ‘subculture’ of taxi dancers to the contemporary lap dancer. Journal of Youth Studies, 13 (1). pp. 1-16. ISSN 1367-6261

Colosi, Rachela (2010) 'Just get pissed and enjoy yourself': understanding lap-dancing as 'anti-work'. In: New sociologies of sex work. Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, UK, pp. 181-196. ISBN 9780754679868


Dobbernack, Jan (2010) 'Things fall apart': social imaginaries and the politics of cohesion. Critical Policy Studies, 4 (2). pp. 146-163. ISSN 1946-0171

Dunn, Andrew (2010) Only fools? Work ethic measurement, educational attainment and unemployment. In: Academic Staff Colloquia Series, February 2010, University of Lincoln.

Dunn, Andrew (2010) Welfare conditionality, inequality and unemployed people with alternative values. Social Policy and Society, 9 (4). pp. 461-473. ISSN 1474-7464

Dunn, Andrew (2010) The ‘dole or drudgery’ dilemma: education, the work ethic and unemployment. Social Policy and Administration, 44 (1). pp. 1-19. ISSN 0144-5596

Dunn, Andrew and Saunders, Clare (2010) Are low employability and a strong preference for employment over unemployment two sides of the same coin? Evidence from the 2000 British Cohort Study and 2000/2008 National Child Development Study. In: Work, Employment and Society Conference, 9th September 2010, University of Brighton.

Dunn, Andrew and Saunders, Clare (2010) Are the social groups most likely to be unemployed also those most likely to prefer being employed? Evidence from the 2000 British Cohort Study and 2000/2008 National Child Development Study. In: Social Policy Association Conference, 4 - 6 July 2011, University of Lincoln.

de Sousa, L., Moses, Jonathon, Briggs, Jacqui and Bull, Martin (2010) Forty years of European political science. European Political Science, 9 (Supple). S1-S10. ISSN 1680-4333


Gill, Aisha K. and Anitha, Sundari (2010) Forced marriage legislation and policy in the UK: taking stock. SAFE Journal of Domestic Abuse . ISSN 1476 2455


Isaacs, Rico (2010) Informal Politics and the Uncertain Context of Transition: Revisiting Early Stage Non-Democratic Development in Kazakhstan. Democratization, 17 (1). pp. 1-25. ISSN 1351-0347

Isaacs, Rico (2010) Kazakhstan. In: The Colour Revolutions in the Former Soviet Republics: Successes and Failures. Routledge. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Isaacs, Rico (2010) Papa’ Nazarbayev: The Discourse of Charismatic Leadership and Nation-Building in post-Soviet Kazakhstan. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 10 (3). pp. 435-452. ISSN 1473-8481


Jameson, Jill (2010) Criminology Careers Day information. In: Criminology Careers Day, July 2010, University of Lincoln.

Jameson, Jill and Strudwick, Katie (2010) Subject interest group case study: criminology in the professions. Project Report. Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics, Birmingham.

Jameson, Jill, Strudwick, Katie, Bond-Taylor, Sue and Jones, M. (2010) Criminology in the professions: turning academic benchmarks into employability skills. Project Report. Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics.


Karner, Christian (2010) Hybridity and the politics of the everyday in contemporary Austria. German Life and Letters, 63 (1). pp. 71-87. ISSN 1468-0483

Karner, Christian (2010) The uses of the past and European integration: Austria between Lisbon, Ireland, and EURO 08. Identities, 17 (4). pp. 387-410. ISSN 1070-289X

Kisby, Ben (2010) The big society: power to the people? The Political Quarterly, 81 (4). pp. 484-491. ISSN 1467-923x

Knight, G., Vegeris, S., Ray, K., Bertram, C., Davidson, R., Dunn, Andrew, Durante, L., Smeaton, D., Vowden, K., Winterbotham, M., Oldfield, K., Fish, S., Riley, C. and Taylor, C. (2010) Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal, the Six Month Offer and Support for the Newly Unemployed evaluations: An early process study. Project Report. Department of Work and Pensions, London.


McKay, Steve (2010) Using the new Family Resources Survey question block to measure material deprivation among pensioners. Technical Report. HMSO, London.

McKay, Steve (2010) Where do we stand on inequality? Reflections on recent research and its implications. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 18 (1). pp. 19-33. ISSN 1759-8273


Obendorf, Simon (2010) “Why they hate Singapore”: the outer limits or new possibilities of postcolonial theory. In: What Postcolonial Theory Doesn’t Say, 3-5 July 2010, University of York.

Olaoye, Olanrewaju and Olaoye, Olanrewaju (2010) Why policies fail in Nigeria: an evaluation of agriculture policies made from 1972-1985. OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development, 1 (1). pp. 84-86. ISSN 1923-6654


Parker, D. and Karner, Christian (2010) Reputational geographies and urban social cohesion. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 33 (8). pp. 1451-1470. ISSN 0141-9870

Parks, Louisa (2010) Deliberation behind closed doors: transparency and lobbying in the European Union [by Daniel Naurin]. Social Movement Studies, 9 (4). pp. 492-494. ISSN 1474-2837

Pearson, Ruth, Anitha, Sundari and McDowell, Linda (2010) Striking issues: from labour process to industrial dispute at Grunwick and Gate Gourmet. Industrial Relations Journal, 41 (5). pp. 408-428. ISSN 0019-8692

Policek, Nicoletta (2010) Prostitution and motherhood. In: Encyclopedia of Motherhood. Sage. ISBN 9781412968461


Somerville, Peter, Brown, Philip, Morris, Gareth and Scullion, Lisa (2010) Young people living in the YMCA. Social Policy and Society, 10 (4). pp. 559-570. ISSN 1474-7464

Strudwick, Katie and Jameson, Jill (2010) Employability skills in social sciences: parent and students expectations. Project Report. C-SAP, Birmingham.


Wallace, Andrew (2010) New neighbourhoods, new citizens? Challenging ‘community’ as a framework for social and moral regeneration under New Labour in the UK. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 34 (4). pp. 805-819. ISSN 0309-1317

Wallace, Andrew (2010) Remaking community? New Labour and the Governance of poor neighbourhoods. Other. Ashgate.

Wallace, Andrew and Taylor-Gooby, Peter (2010) New Labour and reform of the English NHS: some user views and attitudes. Health Expectations, 13 (2). pp. 208-217. ISSN 1369-6513

White, Lisa (2010) Discourse, denial and dehumanisation: former detainees’ experiences of narrating state violence in Northern Ireland. Papers from the British Criminology Conference, 10 . pp. 3-18. ISSN 1759-0043

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