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Al-Hanbali, Othman, Rutt, Ken J, Sarker, Dipak K, Hunter, A Christy and Moghimi, S Moein (2006) Concentration dependent structural ordering of poloxamine 908 on polystyrene nanoparticles and their modulatory role on complement consumption. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 6 (9-10). pp. 3126-3133. ISSN 1533-4880


Bombicz, P., Csöregh, I., Gruber, Tobias, Weber, E. and Kálmán, A. (2006) Isostructurality of co-crystals of an ester substituted dinitro calixarene host. In: ECM23, 23rd European Crystallographic Meeting, 6-11 August 2006, Leuven (Belgium).


Eißmann, F., Kaltofen, J., Gruber, Tobias and Weber, E. (2006) Fluorogenic calix[6]- and calix[8]¬arenes – Synthesis and conformational behaviour. In: Symposium ChemoChips, 15-16 November 2006, Weimar (Germany).


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Gruber, T., Peukert, M., Weber, E. and Seichter, W. (2006) First crystal structures of a calix[4]arene featuring a carboxylic function attached to a bridging methylene group of the central ring – as being reported by two mixed-guest inclusion compounds. In: IVth International Symposium: Design and Synthesis of Supra¬molecular Architectures, 13-17 May 2006, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan (Russia).

Gruber, T., Seichter, W. and Weber, E. (2006) Synthesis of lipophilic calix[4]arenes showing particular receptor interaction with neutral guest molecules. In: Symposium ’ChemoChips’, 2006, Weimar, Germany.

Gruber, Tobias, Seichter, Wilhelm and Weber, Edwin (2006) 1-(Methoxymethyl)pyrene. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 62 (6). o2569-o2570. ISSN 0365-110X


Hunter, A Christy, Elsom, Jacqueline, Ross, Linda and Barrett, Rosita (2006) Ring-B functionalized androst-4-en-3-ones and ring-C substituted pregn-4-en-3-ones undergo differential transformation in Aspergillus tamarii KITA: ring-A transformation with all C-6 substituted steroids and ring-D transformation with C-11 substituents. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids, 1761 (3). pp. 360-366. ISSN 1388-1981

Hunter, A Christy and Priest, Shelley-Marie (2006) An efficient one-pot synthesis generating 4-ene-3, 6-dione functionalised steroids from steroidal 5-en-3β-ols using a modified Jones oxidation methodology. Steroids, 71 (1). pp. 30-33. ISSN 0039-128X


Klem, B., Lappin, Graham, Nicholson, S., Van De Wetering, J., De Vries, D. E., Oosterhuis, B. and Garner, R. C. (2006) Determination of the bioavailability of 14C-hexaminolevulinate using accelerator mass spectrometry after intravesical administration to human volunteers. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 46 (4). pp. 456-460. ISSN 0091-2700


Lappin, Graham and Garner, C. (2006) Absolute bioavailability studies in humans: the merits of accelerator mass spectrometry. EBR - European Biopharmaceutical Review (SPRING). pp. 95-99. ISSN 1364-369X

Lappin, Graham and Garner, R. C. (2006) Absolute bioavailability: the complete picture. European Pharmaceutical Contractor (AUTUMN). pp. 88-89. ISSN 1364-369X

Lappin, Graham and Garner, R. Colin (2006) A review of human phase 0 (microdosing) clinical trials following the US food and drug administration exploratory investigational new drug studies guidance. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Medicine, 20 (3). pp. 159-165. ISSN 1364-9027

Lappin, Graham, Kuhnz, Wilhelm, Jochemsen, Roeline, Kneer, Johannes, Chaudhary, Ajai, Oosterhuis, Berend, Drijfhout, Willem Jan, Rowland, Malcolm and Garner, R. Colin (2006) Use of microdosing to predict pharmacokinetics at the therapeutic dose: Experience with 5 drugs. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 80 (3). pp. 203-215. ISSN 0009-9236

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Moein Moghimi, S, Hamad, Islam, Bünger, Thomas L, Jørgensen, Kent, Hunter, A Christy, Baranji, Lajos, Rosivall, Laszlo and Szebeni, Janos (2006) Activation of the human complement system by cholesterol-rich and pegylated liposomes—modulation of cholesterol-rich liposome-mediated complement activation by elevated serum ldl and hdl levels. Journal of liposome research, 16 (3). pp. 167-174. ISSN 0898-2104


Singh, Ishwar and Seitz, Oliver (2006) Diastereoselective synthesis of beta-aryl-C-nucleosides from 1,2-anhydrosugars. Organic Letters, 8 (19). pp. 4319-4322. ISSN 1523-7060

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