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Avitabile, Marina and Mattarei, Sandro (2007) Thin loop algebras of Albert–Zassenhaus algebras. Journal of Algebra, 315 (2). pp. 824-851. ISSN 0021-8693


Floris, A., Sanna, A., Lüders, M., Profeta, G., Lathiotakis, N.N., Marques, M.A.L., Franchini, C., Gross, E.K.U., Continenza, A. and Massidda, S. (2007) Superconducting properties of MgB2 from first principles. Physica C: Superconductivity, 456 (1-2). pp. 45-53. ISSN 0921-4534

Floris, A., Sanna, A., Massidda, S. and Gross, E. K. U. (2007) Two-band superconductivity in Pb fromab initiocalculations. Physical Review B, 75 (5). ISSN 2469-9950


Greenall, M. J. and Cates, M. E. (2007) Crossover behavior and multistep relaxation in a schematic model of the cut-off glass transition. Physical Review E, 75 (5). 051503. ISSN 2470-0045

Guo, Xiaohu, Pinna, Marco and Zvelindovsky, Andrei (2007) Parallel algorithm for cell dynamics simulation of block copolymers. Macromolecular Theory and Simulations, 16 (9). pp. 779-784. ISSN 1022-1344


Horvat, A., Knoll, A., Krausch, G., Tsarkova, L., Lyakhova, K. S., Sevink, G. J. A., Zvelindovsky, Andrei and Magerle, R. (2007) Time evolution of surface relief structures in thin block copolymer films. Macromolecules, 40 (19). pp. 6930-6939. ISSN 0024-9297


Khukhro, E. I. (2007) Automorphisms of prime order almost regular in the sense of rank. Doklady Mathematics, 76 (2). pp. 686-688. ISSN 1064-5624

Khukhro, E. I. and Makarenko, N. Y. (2007) Large characteristic subgroups satisfying multilinear commutator identities. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 75 (3). pp. 635-646. ISSN 0024-6107


Ly, Dung Q., Honda, Takashi, Kawakatsu, Toshihiro and Zvelindovsky, Andrei (2007) Kinetic pathway of gyroid-to-cylinder transition in diblock copolymer melt under an electric field. Macromolecules, 40 (8). pp. 2928-2935. ISSN 0024-9297


Makarenko, N. Yu. and Khukhro, E. I. (2007) Large characteristic subgroups satisfying multilinear commutator identities. Doklady Mathematics, 75 (1). pp. 112-114. ISSN 1064-5624

Mattarei, Sandro (2007) On a bound of Garcia and Voloch for the number of points of a Fermat curve over a prime field. Finite Fields and Their Applications, 13 (4). pp. 773-777. ISSN 1071-5797

Mattarei, Sandro (2007) Root multiplicities and number of nonzero coefficients of a polynomial. Journal of Algebra and Its Applications, 06 (03). pp. 469-475. ISSN 0219-4988

Mattarei, S. (2007) The orders of nonsingular derivations of Lie algebras of characteristic two. Israel Journal of Mathematics, 160 (1). pp. 23-40. ISSN 0021-2172

Mattarei, Sandro (2007) Inverse-closed additive subgroups of fields. Israel Journal of Mathematics, 159 (1). pp. 343-347. ISSN 0021-2172


Ratushnaya, V. I., Bedeaux, D., Kulinskii, V. L. and Zvelindovsky, Andrei (2007) Collective behavior of self-propelling particles with kinematic constraints: The relation between the discrete and the continuous description. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 381 (1-2). pp. 39-46. ISSN 0378-4371

Ratushnaya, V. I., Bedeaux, D., Kulinskii, V. L. and Zvelindovsky, Andrei (2007) Stability properties of the collective stationary motion of self-propelling particles with conservative kinematic constraints. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 40 (10). pp. 2573-2581. ISSN 1751-8113


Sanna, A., Profeta, G., Floris, A., Marini, A., Gross, E. K. U. and Massidda, S. (2007) Anisotropic gap of superconductingCaC6: Aafirst-principles density functional calculation. Physical Review B, 75 (2). ISSN 2469-9950

Schmidt, K., Schoberth, H. G., Schubert, F., Hansel, H., Fischer, F., Weiss, T. M., Sevink, G. J. A., Zvelindovsky, Andrei, Boker, A. and Krausch, G. (2007) Scaling behavior of the reorientation kinetics of block copolymers exposed to electric fields. Soft Matter, 3 (4). pp. 448-453. ISSN 1744-683X

Sevink, G. J. A. and Zvelindovsky, Andrei (2007) Mesoscopic dynamics of complex vesicle formation: kinetic versus thermodynamic factors. Molecular Simulation, 33 (4-5). pp. 405-415. ISSN 0892-7022

Smith, Simon (2007) Orbital digraphs of infinite primitive permutation groups. Journal of Group Theory, 10 (6). ISSN 1433-5883


Trevethan, T., Watkins, Matthew, Kantorovich, L. N. and Shluger, A. L. (2007) Controlled manipulation of atoms in insulating surfaces with the virtual atomic force microscope. Physical Review Letters, 98 (2). ISSN 0031-9007

Trevethan, T., Watkins, Matthew, Shluger, A. L., Polesel-Maris, J., Gauthier, S. and Kantorovich, L. N. (2007) A comparison of dynamic atomic force microscope set-ups for performing atomic scale manipulation experiments. Nanotechnology, 18 (34). ISSN 0957-4484


Vorselaars, Bart, Lyulin, Alexey V. and Michels, M. A. J. (2007) Development of heterogeneity near the glass transition: phenyl-ring-flip motions in polystyrene. Macromolecules, 40 (16). pp. 6001-6011. ISSN 0024-9297

Vorselaars, Bart, Lyulin, Alexey V., Karatasos, K. and Michels, M. A. J. (2007) Non-Gaussian nature of glassy dynamics by cage to cage motion. Physical Review E, 75 (1). ISSN 1539-3755


Watkins, Matthew, Trevethan, T., Shluger, A. L. and Kantorovich, L. N. (2007) Dynamical processes at oxide surfaces studied with the virtual atomic force microscope. Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 76 (24). ISSN 1098-0121

Watkins, Matthew B., Foster, Adam S. and Shluger, Alexander L. (2007) Hydrogen cycle on CeO2 (111) surfaces: density functional theory calculations. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 111 (42). pp. 15337-15341. ISSN 1932-7447


Zvelindovsky, Andrei (2007) Nanostructured soft matter: experiment, theory, simulation and perspectives. Nanoscience and technology, 15 . Springer. ISBN 9781402063299, 9781402063305

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