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Alexandris Polomarkakis, Konstantinos (2019) The European Pillar of Social Rights and the Quest for EU Social Sustainability. Social and Legal Studies . ISSN 0964-6639

Alexandris Polomarkakis, Konstantinos (2019) From Economic to Symbiotic Constitutionalism: a Belated Post-Lisbon, Post-Crisis Transformation? European Public Law, 25 (3). pp. 421-444. ISSN 1354-3725


Barnes, Richard (2019) Alternative Histories and Futures of International Fisheries Law. In: Strengthening International Fisheries Law in an Era of Changing Oceans. Hart, pp. 25-50. ISBN 9781509923342

Barnes, Richard (2019) The Pursuit of Good Regulatory Design Principles in International Fisheries Law. What Possibility of Smarter International Regulation? In: Smart Mixes for Transboundary Harm. Cambridge University Press, pp. 95-123. ISBN UNSPECIFIED


Calzadilla, Paola Villavicencio and Kotze, Louis J. (2019) Living in Harmony with Nature? A Critical Appraisal of the Rights of Mother Earth in Bolivia. Transnational Environmental Law, 7 (3). pp. 397-424. ISSN 2047-1025

Castillo Ortiz, Pablo, Ali, Amal and Samanta, Navajyoti (2019) Gender, Intersectionality and Religious Manifestation Before the European Court of Human Rights. Journal of Human Rights, 18 (1). pp. 76-91. ISSN 1475-4835


French, Duncan and Kotze, Louis (2019) ‘Towards a global pact for the environment’: international environmental law’s factual, technical and (unmentionable) normative gaps. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law . ISSN 2050-0394

Frisso, Giovanna (2019) Third World Approaches to International Law and feminists’ engagement with international law. In: Research Handbook on Feminist Engagement with International Law. Research Handbooks in International Law . Elgar, pp. 479-498. ISBN 9781785363917

Frisso, Giovanna Maria (2019) Physicians' impact on the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court. In: Legitimacy of unseen actors in international adjudication. Studies on International Courts and Tribunals . Cambridge University Press, pp. 429-451. ISBN 9781108641685


Gill, Aisha K and Harrison, Karen (2019) ‘I Am Talking About It Because I Want to Stop It’: Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Against Women in British South Asian Communities. The British Journal of Criminology, 59 (3). pp. 511-529. ISSN 0007-0955


Harrison, Karen (2019) Penology: Theory, Policy and Practice. Red Globe Press. ISBN 9781137607843, 9781137607836, 9781137607850

Hedlund, Richard (2019) Case comment - ‘The many faces of intention: when can a landlord refuse to renew a commercial lease?’. Law Quarterly Review, 135 . pp. 363-369. ISSN 0023-933X

Hedlund, Richard (2019) Coffee and water don't mix: clarifying the burden of proof under the Hague Rules. Journal of Business Law (3). pp. 223-236. ISSN 0021-9460

Hedlund, Richard (2019) The Earl’s Daughter – Lessons from the Inheritance Act. Conveyancer and Property Lawyer . pp. 291-300. ISSN 0010-8200

Hedlund, Richard (2019) Introducing a dispensing power in English succession law. Trusts & Trustees, 25 (7). pp. 722-729. ISSN 1363-1780

Hudson, Ben (2019) Editorial: Special Issue on the Future of Internal Displacement and Sustainable Development. Journal of Internal Displacement, 9 (1). pp. 2-4. ISSN 1920-5805


Iqbal, Taskin and Keay, Andrew (2019) An Evaluation of Sustainability in Large British Companies. Common Law World Review, 48 (1-2). pp. 39-63. ISSN 1473-7795

Iqbal, Taskin and Keay, Andrew (2019) Sustainability in large UK listed retail companies: a sectoral analysis. Deakin Law Review, 23 . pp. 209-244. ISSN 1835-9264


Kang-Riou, Nicolas (2019) Moving away from common sense : the impact of the juridification of human rights. In: Critically Examining the Case Against the 1998 Human Rights Act. Routledge, pp. 169-184. ISBN 9781138223820

Keay, Andrew and Iqbal, Taskin (2019) The Impact of Enlightened Shareholder Value. Journal of Business Law (4). pp. 304-327. ISSN 0021-9460

Kotze, Louis (2019) The Anthropocene, Earth System Vulnerability and Socio-ecological Injustice in an Age of Human Rights. Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, 10 (1). pp. 62-85. ISSN 1759-7188

Kotze, Louis (2019) A Global Environmental Constitution for the Anthropocene's Climate Crisis. In: Research Handbook on Global Climate Constitutionalism. Edwards Elgar. ISBN 9781788115803

Kotze, Louis (2019) A Global Environmental Constitution for the Anthropocene? Transnational Environmental Law, 8 (1). pp. 11-33. ISSN 2047-1025

Kotze, Louis (2019) International Environmental Law’s Lack of Normative Ambition: An Opportunity for the Global Pact and its Gap Report? Journal for European Environmental and Planning Law, 16 (3). pp. 213-236. ISSN 1613-7272

Kotze, Louis (2019) Reflections on the Future of Environmental Law Scholarship and Methodology in the Anthropocene. In: The Future of Environmental Law Scholarship: Essays on Purpose, Shape and Direction. Cambridge University Press. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Kotze, Louis and Daly, Erin (2019) A cartography of environmental human rights. In: The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Law. Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 1-29. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Kotze, Louis and Grant, Evadne (2019) Environmental Rights in the Global South. In: Research Handbook on Law, Environment and the Global South. Research Handbooks in Environmental Law . Edward Elgar, pp. 86-108. ISBN 9781784717452

Kotze, Louis and Rakhyun, Kim (2019) Earth system law: The juridical dimensions of earth system governance. Earth System Governance, 1 . p. 100003. ISSN 2589-8116

Kotze, Louis and du Plessis, Anél (2019) The African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights and Environmental Rights Standards. In: Environmental rights: the development of standards. Cambridge University Press, pp. 93-115. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Kotze, Louis and du Plessis, Anél (2019) Putting Africa on the Stand: A Bird’s Eye View of Climate Change Litigation on the Continent. University of Oregon's Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation . ISSN 1049-0280

Koula, Aikaterini (2019) The UN Definition of Human Rights Defenders: Alternative Interpretative Approaches. Human Rights Law Review, 5 (1). ISSN 2059-8092


Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong (AOHK) - Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Cap 221) and related subsidiary legislation (Cap 221A - Cap221K). LexisNexis Butterworths, Hong Kong.

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Annotated Ordinances of Hong Kong (AOHK) - Medical Registration Ordinance (Cap 161) and related subsidiary legislation (Caps 161B, 161C, 161D, 161E, and 161F). LexisNexis Butterworths, Hong Kong.

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Criminal Procedure 2017. Annual Survey of South African Law . pp. 323-371. ISSN 0376-4605

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Cap 221). In: Butterworths Hong Kong Criminal Law and Procedure Handbook (2nd Edition). LexisNexis Hong Kong, pp. 561-1076. ISBN 978-9-888-60059-5

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) The Enforceability of Health Rights in Kenya: An African Constitutional Evaluation. African Journal of International and Comparative Law, 27 (1). pp. 126-149. ISSN 0954-8890

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) The Fair Trial Rights of Accused Persons Found "Unfit to Plead and Stand Trial" in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Cambridge Law Review, IV (1). 1 -31.

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Hong Kong Criminal Procedure. Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 9789887935629

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Hong Kong Law of Evidence. Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 9789987935674

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Lay Participation in the Adjudication of Legal Disputes: A Legal-Historical and Comparative Analysis Focussing on the People's Republic of China and its Special Administrative Region Hong Kong. Tsinghua China Law Review, 11 (2). pp. 183-256. ISSN 2151-8904

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Sentencing 2017. Annual Survey of South African Law . pp. 1092-1136. ISSN 0376-4605

Le Roux-Kemp, Andra (2019) Volume 185 - Firearms, Weapons and Explosives in Halsbury's Laws of Hong Kong. LexisNexis Butterworths, Hong Kong.


Marer, Amer (2019) The Effectiveness of Compulsory Arbitration in the Settlement of Disputed Marine Insurance Claims: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia. PhD thesis, University of Lincoln.

Marneros, Christos (2019) Gilles Deleuze: Ethics and Morality. Critical Legal Thinking.

Marneros, Christos (2019) Gilles Deleuze: Jurisprudence. Critical Legal Thinking.

McArdle, Scarlett, Eccleston-Turner, Mark and Upshur, Ross (2019) Inter-institutional Relationships in Global Health: Regulating Coordination and Ensuring Accountability. Global Health Governance, XII (2). pp. 83-91. ISSN 1939-2389

Melling, Graham (2019) The Use of Force in International Law, by Tarcisio Gazzini and Nicholas Tsagourias (eds). Journal on the Use of Force and International Law RJUF . ISSN 2053-1702


Okoye, Ngozi (2019) Beyond Box-Ticking: Company Directors’ Skill Profiles and Creating Effective Corporate Governance. The Company Lawyer, 40 (8). pp. 239-246. ISSN 0144-1027

Okoye, Ngozi (2019) Directors' Duties and Accountability, Personal Liability and Lifting the Veil of Incorporation. In: Enhancing Board Effectiveness: Institutional, Regulatory and Functional Perspectives for Developing and Emerging Markets. Routledge. ISBN 9781138048324


Saenz Perez, Cristina (2019) Minister for Justice and Equality v RO: Brexit means nothing has changed... yet. European Law Review, 44 (4). pp. 548-559. ISSN 0307-5400

Saenz Perez, Cristina (2019) Mutual trust and Brexit: what future for the European arrest warrant? In: Trending topics in international and EU law: legal and economic perspectives. Edizione Scientifiche Italiane, pp. 525-543. ISBN 9788849541045

Salcedo Teullet, Alvaro (2019) International drug policies and cooperation under the framework of the Three International Drug Control Conventions: flexibility and evolution in the regime? PhD thesis, University of Lincoln.

Smith, Amber (2019) Third World Approaches to International Law: The Responsibility to Protect and Regional Organisations: An Overview. In: Postgraduate Showcase 2019, 2019, Lincoln.


Turner, Daniel, Petermann, Julius, Harrison, Karen, Krueger, Richard and Briken, Peer (2019) Pharmacological treatment of patients with paraphilic disorders and risk of sexual offending: An international perspective. The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, 20 (8). pp. 616-625. ISSN 1562-2975

Turner, Stephen (2019) Conclusion: Analyzing the Development of Standards in the field of Environmental Rights. In: Environmental Rights - The Development of Standards. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781108612500

Turner, Stephen (2019) Introduction: A Brief History of Environmental Rights and the Development of Standards. In: Environmental Rights - The Development of Standards. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Turner, Stephen J. (2019) Business Practices, Human Rights and the Environment. In: Encyclopaedia of Human Rights and the Environment. Edward Elgar. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Turner, Stephen J. and Marrani, David (2019) The French Charter of the Environment and Environmental Protection. In: Environmental Rights - The Development of Standards. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9781108612500


Xiouri, Maria (2019) The Exceptio Non Adimpleti Contractus in Public International Law. International Community Law Review, 21 (1). pp. 56-92. ISSN 1871-9740

Xiouri, Maria (2019) Material breach of a treaty: some remarks on the Partial Award of 30 June 2016 in the matter of an arbitration between Croatia and Slovenia. Cambridge International Law Journal, 8 (1). pp. 131-146. ISSN 23989173

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