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Atkinson, Jovi and Albayati, Ibrahim M. (2021) Impact of the Generation System Parameters on the Frequency Response of the Power System: A UK Grid Case Study. Electricity, 2 (2). pp. 143-157. ISSN 2673-4826


Badiee, Amir, Wallbank, John R., Pulido Fentanes, Jaime, Trill, Emily, Scarlet, Peter, Zhu, Yongchao, Cielniak, Grzegorz, Cooper, Hollie, Blake, James R., Evans, Jonathan G., Zreda, Marek, Markus, Köhli, Pearson, Simon, UNSPECIFIED, UNSPECIFIED and UNSPECIFIED (2021) Using Additional Moderator to Control the Footprint of a COSMOS Rover for Soil Moisture Measurement. Water Resources Research, 57 (6). e2020WR028478. ISSN 0043-1397

Borman, Alexander and Dowding, Colin (2021) Characterization of plasma formation and mass ejection in Exploding Foil Initiators. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 49 (3). pp. 1159-1165. ISSN 0093-3813

Brownbridge, Oliver, Sully, Matthew, Noons, Joshua and Albayati, Ibrahim (2021) Modelling and Simulation of a Retail Commercial Refrigeration System. The Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 13 (6). 061028. ISSN 1948-5085


Cruz-Manzo, Samuel and Greenwood, Paul (2021) Analytical Warburg Impedance Model for EIS Analysis of the Gas Diffusion Layer with Oxygen Depletion in the Air Channel of a PEMFC. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 168 (7). 074502. ISSN 0013-4651

Cruz-Manzo, Samuel and Greenwood, Paul (2021) Low Frequency Inductive Loop in EIS Measurements of an Open-Cathode Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Stack. Impedance of Water Vapour Diffusion in the Cathode Catalyst Layer. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 900 . p. 115733. ISSN 1572-6657

Cruz-Manzo, Samuel and Greenwood, Paul (2021) Study of Oxygen Diffusion in the Cathode Catalyst Layer and Gas Diffusion Layer for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells with EIS. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 892 . p. 115270. ISSN 1572-6657


Jin, Seong-Ho, Joung, Jae-Hoon and Chung, Suk-Ho (2021) Self-excited noise generation from laminar methane/air premixed flames in thin annular jets. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 122 . p. 110321. ISSN 0894-1777

Jin, Seong-Ho and Kim, Gyung-Soo (2021) Simultaneous measurements of burning velocity and temperature distribution of combustion using UV laser Rayleigh scattering. Measurement, 169 . p. 108505. ISSN 0263-2241


King, William, Pooley, Luke, Johnson, Philip and Elgeneidy, Khaled (2021) Design and Characterisation of a Variable-Stiffness Soft Actuator Based on Tendon Twisting. In: Taros 2021.

Knowles, Grahame, Bingham, Chris and Bickerton, Ron (2021) An investigation into the balancing of high speed, flexible shafts by external application of compensating balancing sleeves. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science . ISSN 0954-4062


Li, Xiang, Pei, Yiqiang, Ajmal, Tahmina, Rana, Khaqan-Jim, Aitouche, Abdel, Mobasheri, Raouf and Peng, Jun (2021) Numerical investigation on implementing Oxy-Fuel Combustion (OFC) in an ethanol-gasoline Dual-Fuel Spark Ignition (DFSI) engine. Fuel, 302 . p. 121162. ISSN 0016-2361

Li, Xiang, Pei, Yiqiang, Li, Dayou, Ajmal, Tahmina, Aitouche, Abdel, Mobasheri, Raouf and Peng, Zhijun (2021) Implementation of Oxy-Fuel Combustion (OFC) technology in a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine fuelled with gasoline-ethanol blends. ACS Omega, 6 (44). pp. 29394-29402. ISSN 2470-1343

Li, Xiang, Pei, Yiqiang and Peng, Zhiun (2021) Numerical study on the effects of intake charge on oxy-fuel combustion in a dual-injection spark ignition engine at economical oxygen-fuel ratios. International Journal of Engine Research . ISSN 1468-0874

Li, Xiang, Peng, Jun and Yiqiang, Pei (2021) Oxy-fuel combustion for carbon capture and storage in internal combustion engines – A review. International Journal of Energy Research, 2021 . pp. 1-18. ISSN 0363-907X

Liao, Xiaowen, Bingham, Chris and Smith, Tim (2021) The Identification of Load-side Inertia for Magnetic Drive Trains. In: 2021 IEEE Workshop on Electrical Machines Design, Control and Diagnosis.

Liu, Yusha, Yang, Yuli, Yang, Lie-Liang and Hanzo, Lajos (2021) Physical Layer Security of Spatially Modulated Sparse-Code Multiple Access in Aeronautical Ad-Hoc Networking. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology . p. 1. ISSN 0018-9545


Martinez-Garcia, Miguel, Kalawsky, Roy S, Gordon, Timothy, Smith, Tim, Meng, Qinggang and Flemisch, Frank (2021) Communication and interaction with semiautonomous ground vehicles by force control steering. IEEE transactions on cybernetics . pp. 1-12. ISSN 2168-2267

Merrilees, Mervyn, Buunk, Neil, Ning, Zuo, Samaneh, Karimi, Larsen, Nigel and Tucker, Nick (2021) Use of stacked layers of electrospun L-lactide/glycolide co-polymer fibers for rapid construction of skin sheets. Bioengineering, 8(1) (7). ISSN 2306-5354

Mobasheri, Raouf, Aitouche, Abdel, Peng, Zhijun and Li, Xiang (2021) A Numerical Study of the Effects of Oxy-Fuel Combustion under Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Regime. International Journal of Engine Research . ISSN 1468-0874

Mohan, Saeed D, Davis, Fred J, Badiee, Amir, Hadley, Paul, Twitchen, Carrie A and Pearson, Simon (2021) Optical and thermal properties of commercial polymer film,modeling the albedo effect. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 138 (24). p. 50581. ISSN 0021-8995


Nurellari, Edmond, Bonilla, Daniel, Ghogho, Mounir and Eduardo Rivero-Angeles, Mario (2021) On Trajectory Design for Intruder Detection in Wireless Mobile Sensor Networks. IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks . ISSN 2373-776X


Panov, Vili and Cruz-Manzo, Samuel (2021) Embedded, Edge and Cloud Computing for Gas Turbine Digital Twins. In: International Conference on Aviation Motors – ICAM 2020, May 18-21, 2021, Moscow, Russia.


Reid, William A. and Albayati, Ibrahim M. (2021) Design of an unmanned aircraft system for high-altitude 1 kW fuel cell power system. Aerospace Systems, 4 (4). ISSN 2523-3947


Seddaoui, Asma and Saaj, Mini Chakravarthini (2021) Collision-free optimal trajectory generation for a space robot using genetic algorithm. Acta Astronautica, 179 . pp. 311-321. ISSN 0094-5765

Swann, K, Hadley, P, Hadley, M. A., Pearson, Simon, Badiee, Amir and Twitchen, C. (2021) The effect of light intensity and duration on yield and quality of everbearer and June-bearer strawberry cultivars in a LED lit multi-tiered vertical growing system. In: IX International Strawberry Symposium.

Syawitri, T.P., Yao, Y.F., Chandra, B. and Yao, J. (2021) Comparison study of URANS and hybrid RANS-LES models on predicting vertical axis wind turbine performance at low, medium and high tip speed ratio ranges. Renewable Energy, 168 . pp. 247-269. ISSN 0960-1481


Wei, Lai, Yang, Yuli and Jiao, Bingli (2021) Secrecy Throughput in Full-Duplex Multiuser MIMO Short-Packet Communications. IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 10 (6). pp. 1339-1343. ISSN 2162-2337


Yang, Fan, Shu, Lei, Yang, Yuli, Han, Guangjie, Pearson, Simon and Li, Kailiang (2021) Optimal Deployment of Solar Insecticidal Lamps over Constrained Locations in Mixed-Crop Farmlands. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 8 (16). pp. 13095-13114. ISSN 2327-4662

Yang, Fan, Shu, Lei, Yang, Yuli, Liu, Ye and Gordon, Timothy (2021) Improved Coverage and Connectivity via Weighted Node Deployment in Solar Insecticidal Lamp Internet of Things. IEEE Internet of Things Journal . ISSN 2372-2541

Yang, Xing, Shu, Lei, Chen, Jianing, Ferrag, Mohamed, Nurellari, Edmond, Wu, Jun and Huang, Kai (2021) A Survey on Smart Agriculture: Development Modes, Technologies, and Security and Privacy Challenges. IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica, 8 . pp. 273-302. ISSN 2329-9266

Yang, Yuli (2021) Permutation-Based Transmissions in Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications. IEEE Communications Letters, 25 (3). pp. 1024-1028. ISSN 1089-7798

Yang, Yuli and Hanzo, Lajos (2021) Permutation-Based TCP and UDP Transmissions to Improve Goodput and Latency in the Internet of Things. IEEE Internet of Things Journal . ISSN 2327-4662

Yang, Yuli, Ma, Meng, Aissa, Sonia and Hanzo, Lajos (2021) Physical-Layer Secret Key Generation via CQI-Mapped Spatial Modulation in Multi-Hop Wiretap Ad-Hoc Networks. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 16 . pp. 1322-1334. ISSN 1556-6013

Yin, Mingxi, Yang, Yuli, Wu, Jen-Ming and Jiao, Bingli (2021) Opportunistic Bits in Short-Packet Communications: A Finite Blocklength Perspective. IEEE Transactions on Communications . ISSN 0090-6778

Yuanhao, Sun, Shu, Lei, Nurellari, Edmond, Li, Kailiang, Zhang, Yu, Zhou, Zhangbing and Han, Guangjie (2021) On Enabling Mobile Crowd Sensing for Data Collection in Smart Agriculture. IEEE Systems Journal . ISSN 1932-8184


Zavvar Sabegh, Mohammad Reza and Bingham, Chris (2021) Synchronised Power Scheduling of Widely Distributed Refrigerators using IoT. In: 10th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems.

Zheng, Dongsheng, Yang, Yuli, Wei, Lai and Jiao, Bingli (2021) Decode-and-Forward Short-Packet Relaying in the Internet of Things: Timely Status Updates. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications . ISSN 1536-1276

Zheng, G and Peng, Zhijun (2021) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of BEV’s Environmental Benefits for Meeting the Challenge of ICExit (Internal Combustion Engine Exit). Energy Reports, 7 . pp. 1203-1216. ISSN 2352-4847

Zhou, Zijian, Yang, Yuli, Ma, Meng and Jiao, Bingli (2021) Distortion Reduction in Fractional Delay Filters. IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 28 . pp. 588-592. ISSN 1070-9908

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