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Agbonzikilo, Festus, Stewart, Jill, Sadasivuni, Suresh Kumar, Owen, Ieuan, Riley, Mike and Sanderson, Victoria (2014) Experimental and numerical investigation of fuel-air mixing in a radial swirler slot of a dry low emission gas turbine combustor. In: ASME Turbo Expo 2014, 16-20 June, 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Ariff, M. A. M., Pal, B. C. and Singh, Abhinav Kumar (2014) Estimating dynamic model parameters for adaptive protection and control in power system. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 30 (2). pp. 829-839. ISSN 0885-8950


Bhattacharya, Basabdatta S., Patterson, Cameron, Galluppi, Francesco, Durrant, Simon J. and Furber, Steve (2014) Engineering a thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuit on SpiNNaker: a preliminary study toward modeling sleep and wakefulness. Frontiers in Neural Circuits, 8 . ISSN 1662-5110

Bond, Tom, Durrant, Simon, O'Hare, Louise, Turner, Daniel and Bhattacharya, Basabdatta (2014) Studying the effects of thalamic interneurons in a thalamocortical neural mass model. In: Annual Meeting of the Organisation for Computational Neuroscience, 26 - 31 July 2014, Quebec City, Canada.


Castagna, Jony, Yao, Yufeng and Yao, Jun (2014) Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent flow over an axisymmetric hill. Computers & Fluids, 95 . pp. 116-126. ISSN 0045-7930

Chen, Jun, Gallimore, Michael, Bingham, Chris, Mahfouf, Mahdi and Zhang, Yu (2014) Intelligent data compression, diagnostics and prognostics using an evolutionary-based clustering algorithm for industrial machines. In: Fault detection: classification, techniques and role in industrial systems. NOVA Science Publisher, New York, pp. 209-228. ISBN 9781628089998

Chen, Jun, Weiszer, Michal, Atkin, Jason, Ravizza, Stefan and Stewart, Paul (2014) A heuristic approach to greener airport ground movement. In: IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2014, 6-11 July 2014, Beijing, China.

Cipolla, V., Frediani, A., Molfino, R., Muscolo, G. G., Oliviero, F., Puig, D., Recchiuto, C. T., Rizzo, E., Solanas, A. and Stewart, P. (2014) A personal robotic flying machine with vertical takeoff controlled by the human body movements. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 8069 L . pp. 51-52. ISSN 16113349


Dowding, Colin, Griffiths, Jonathan David and Lawrence, J. (2014) Characterization of the laser bonding of a linear low density polyethylene film to a polypropylene substrate. Lasers in Engineering, 28 (5-6). pp. 303-317. ISSN 0898-1507

de Jesus Henriques, T. A., Tedds, S. C., Botsari, A., Najafian, G., Hedges, T. S., Sutcliffe, C. J., Owen, Ieuan and Poole, R. J. (2014) The effects of wave–current interaction on the performance of a model horizontal axis tidal turbine. International Journal of Marine Energy, 8 . pp. 17-35. ISSN 2214-1669


Edwardson, Stuart, Griffiths, Jonathan David, Sheikholeslami, Ghazal and Dearden, Geoff (2014) Optimization of beam mode for high efficiency laser thermal forming within metallurgical constraints. Physics Procedia, 56 . pp. 1392-1399. ISSN 1875-3892

Elsayed, Y., Lekakou, C., Geng, T. and Saaj, C. (2014) Design optimisation of soft silicone pneumatic actuators using finite element analysis. In: 2014 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, 8th - 11th July 2014, Besancon, France.

Elsayed, Y., Vincensi, A., Lekakou, C., Geng, T., Saaj, C., Ranzani, T., Cianchetti, M. and Menciassi, A. (2014) Finite Element Analysis and Design Optimization of a Pneumatically Actuating Silicone Module for Robotic Surgery Applications. Soft Robotics, 1 (4). pp. 255-262. ISSN 2169-5172


Franceschini, Federica, Demir, Ali Gökhan, Dowding, Colin, Previtali, Barbara and Griffiths, Jonathan David (2014) Laser colouring on titanium alloys: characterisation and potential applications. In: X Conferenza del Colore, 11th-12th September 2014, Genoa.


Gallimore, Michael and Stewart, Jill (2014) Increasing the impact of mathematics support on aiding student transition in higher education. Teaching Mathematics and its Applications, 33 (2). pp. 98-109. ISSN 0268-3679

Georgiades, Fotios, Latalski, Jaroslaw and Warminski, Jerzy (2014) Equations of motion of rotating composite beam with a nonconstant rotation speed and an arbitrary preset angle. Meccanica, 49 (8). pp. 1833-1858. ISSN 0025-6455

Gordon, Timothy and Gao, Yangyan (2014) A flexible hierarchical control method for optimal collision avoidance. In: 16th International Conference on Mechatronics - Mechatronika (ME) 2014, 3-5 December 2014, Brno, Czech Republic.

Griffiths, Jonathan David, Riley, Mike, Borman, Alexander, Dowding, Colin, Kirk, Antony and Bickerton, Ronald (2014) Effect of flow velocity and temperature on minimum ignition energy in laser-induced spark ignition of gaseous fuels. In: 1st International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics, 8-10 July, 2014, Aberdeen.

Griffiths, Jonathan David, Riley, Mike, Kirk, Antony, Borman, Alexander, Lawrence, Jonathan and Dowding, Colin (2014) Lean burn limit and time to light characteristics of laser ignition in gas turbines. Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 55 . pp. 262-266. ISSN 0143-8166

Griffiths, Jonathan David, Sheikholeslami, Ghazal, Clark, Samuel, Edwardson, Stuart and Dearden, Geoff (2014) Towards optimization of beam mode for high efficiency laser thermal forming within metallurgical constraints. In: International Workshop on Thermal Forming and Welding Distortion 2014, April 09-10, 2014, Bremen, Germany.


Hamid, Nurfaizey, Stanger, Jon, Tucker, Nick, Buunk, Neil, Wood, Alan and Staiger, Mark (2014) Control of spatial deposition of electrospun fiber using electric field manipulation. Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, 9 (1). pp. 155-164. ISSN 1558-9250

Horikiria, Kana, Yao, Yufeng and Yao, Jun (2014) Modelling conjugate flow and heat transfer in a ventilated room for indoor thermal comfort assessment. Building and Environment, 77 . pp. 135-147. ISSN 0360-1323


Ibrahim, H.D. and Saaj, C. (2014) On new algorithms for path planning and control of micro-rover swarms. In: Conference Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems, 28th - 30th August 2013, Oxford, UK.

Iqbal, Sarwat (2014) Bimetallic catalysts for the conversion of levulinic acid into gamma valerolactone. In: 5th Euchems Chemistry Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, August 31st - September 4th 2014.

Iqbal, Sarwat (2014) CoMn Carbon supported catalysts for Fischer Tropsch synthesis. In: 248th American Chemical Society conference, Division of Energy & Fuels, August 10th – 14th, 2014, San Francisco,USA.

Iqbal, Sarwat (2014) Fischer Tropsch synthesis - An effect of carbons. In: 5th Euchems Chemistry Congress, August 31st - September 4th 2014, Istanbul, Turkey.

Iqbal, Sarwat (2014) Supported gold catalysts for the selective oxidation of bio-renewable furfural. In: 10th International Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries, June 4th-6th 2014, Spain.

Iqbal, Sarwat, Liu, Xi, Aldosari, Obaid F., Miedziak, Peter J., Edwards, Jennifer K., Brett, Gemma L., Akram, Adeeba, King, Gavin M., Davies, Thomas E., Morgan, David J., Knight, David K. and Hutchings, Graham J. (2014) Conversion of furfuryl alcohol into 2-methylfuran at room temperature using Pd/TiO2 catalyst. In: XXI European congress on Catalysts: Catalysis balancing the use of fossil and renewable resources, August 30th - September 4th 2015’, Kazan, Russia.


Kirk, A., Georgiadis, F. and Bingham, C. (2014) Towards determination of critical speeds of a rotating shaft with eccentric sleeves: equations of motion. In: 9th IFToMM International Conference on Rotor Dynamics, 22 - 25 September 2014, Milan; Italy.

Klomp, Matthijs, Lidberg, Mathias and Gordon, Timothy J. (2014) On optimal recovery from terminal understeer. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, 228 (4). pp. 412-425. ISSN 0954-4070

Knowles, Grahame, Kirk, Antony, Stewart, Jill, Bickerton, Ronald and Bingham, Chris (2014) Theoretical investigation into balancing high-speed flexible shafts, by the use of a novel compensating balancing sleeve. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 228 (13). pp. 2323-2336. ISSN 0954-4062


Lafortune, Stefane, Hill, Richard and Paoli, Andrea (2014) Fault diagnosis of manufacturing systems using finite state automata. In: Formal methods in manufacturing. Industrial Information Technology . Taylor & Francis. ISBN 9781466561557

Liu, Mingyu, Cheung, Chi Fai, Ren, Mingjun, Kong, Lingbao, Lee, Wing Bun, Cheng, Ching Hsiang and Xin, Chen (2014) A study of real-time spindle error compensation in single-point diamond turning of optical micro-structured patterns on precision rollers. In: Joint Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) and the Asian Society for Precision Engineering (ASPEN) on Manufacture and Metrology of Freeform and Off-Axis Aspheric Surfaces-2014 Summer Topical Meeting.

Liu, Weiqiang, Srivastava, Saket, O'Neill, Maire and Swartzlander Jr., Earl E. (2014) Security issues in QCA circuit design: power analysis attacks. In: Field-Coupled Nanocomputing: Paradigms, Progress, and Perspectives. Springer Verlag, Tampa, FL, pp. 194-222. ISBN 9783662437216, 9783662437223

Locatelli, G., Littau, P., Brookes, N. J. and Mancini, M. (2014) Project characteristics enabling the success of megaprojects: an empirical investigation in the energy sector. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 119 . pp. 625-634. ISSN 1877-0428

Locatelli, Giorgio, Mancini, Mauro and Ishimwe, Alice (2014) How can system engineering improve supplier management in megaprojects? Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 119 . pp. 510-518. ISSN 1877-0428

Locatelli, Giorgio, Mancini, Mauro and Romano, Erika (2014) Systems Engineering to improve the governance in complex project environments. International Journal of Project Management, 32 (8). pp. 1395-1410. ISSN 0263-7863

Locatelli, Giorgio, Bingham, Chris and Mancini, Mauro (2014) Small modular reactors: a comprehensive overview of their economics and strategic aspects. Progress in Nuclear Energy, 73 . pp. 75-85. ISSN 0149-1970


Malekmohamadi, Hossein, Emrith, Khemraj, Pollard, Stephen, Adams, Guy, Smith, Melvyn and Simske, Steven (2014) Paper type classification based on a new 3D surface texture measure. Electronics Letters, 50 (8). pp. 596-598. ISSN 0013-5194

Margetts, Rebecca and Ngwompo, Roger F. (2014) Hybrid bond graphs for contact, using controlled junctions and dynamic causality. In: 2014 International Conference on Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation, ICBGM 2014, Part of the 2014 Summer Simulation Multiconference, SummerSim 2014, 6 - 10 July 2014, Monterey, CA; United States.

Michail, Konstantinos, Zolotas, Argyrios and Goodall, Roger M. (2014) Optimised sensor selection for control and fault tolerance of electromagnetic suspension systems: A robust loop shaping approach. ISA Transactions, 53 (1). 97 - 109. ISSN 0019-0578

Mitra, Mainak and Gordon, Timothy (2014) On the coherency of dynamic load estimates for vehicles on flexible structures. Vehicle System Dynamics, 52 (sup1). pp. 299-316. ISSN 0042-3114

Mustaza, S. and Saaj, C. (2014) Robotic uterine manipulator: A novel concept inspired by octopus. In: 14th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery and 22nd Congress of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery, 25-28 June 2014, Paris, France.


Nobukawa, K. and Gordon, Timothy J. (2014) Methodology for designing collision avoidance systems based on multiobjective criteria. In: 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems: Reinventing Transportation in Our Connected World, ITSWC 2014, 7-11 September 2014, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Nurellari, Edmond, Aldalahmeh, Sami, Ghogho, Mounir and McLernon, Des (2014) Quantized fusion rules for energy-based distributed detection in wireless sensor networks. In: Sensor Signal Processing for Defence (SSPD), 2014, 8 - 9 September 2014, Edinburgh.

Nurellari, Edmond, McLernon, Des, Ghogho, Mounir and Aldalahmeh, Sami (2014) Optimal quantization and power allocation for energy-based distributed sensor detection. In: Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 2014 Proceedings of the 22nd European, 1-5 September 2014, Lisbon, Portugal.


Okhuahesogie, Famous, Stewart, Jill, Riley, Mike, Heyes, Frank and Roach, Paul (2014) A 1-D analytical code for the design and multi-objective optimisation of high-pressure compressors within two-stage turbochargers for marine applications. In: 11th International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging, 13-14 May 2014, London.


Panov, Vili (2014) Auto-Tuning of Real-Time Dynamic Gas Turbine Models. In: ASME Turbo Expo 2014: Turbine Technical Conference and Exposition, June 16–20, 2014, Düsseldorf, Germany.


Rao, Tushar and Srivastava, Saket (2014) Twitter sentiment analysis: how to hedge your bets In the stock markets. In: State of the Art Applications of Social Network Analysis. Springer International Publishing, pp. 227-247. ISBN 9783319059112

Ravizza, Stefan, Chen, Jun, Atkin, Jason A. D., Stewart, Paul and Burke, Edmund K. (2014) Aircraft taxi time prediction: comparisons and insights. Applied Soft Computing, 14 (c). pp. 397-406. ISSN 1568-4946

Richter, L., Eder, V., Hohender, W., Imhof, B., Lewinger, W., Ransom, S., Saaj, C., Weclewski, P. and Waclavicek, R. (2014) Development of a Wheeled Bevameter as a Real-Time Terrain Sensing Instrument for Robotic Vehicles. In: 18th International ISTVS Conference, 22-25 September 2014, Seoul, Korea.

Richter, L., Eder, V., Hohender, W., Imhof, B., Lewinger, W., Ransom, S., Saaj, C., Weclewski, P. and Waclavicek, R. (2014) Development of the FASTER Wheeled Bevameter. In: European Planetary Science Congress EPSC2014-818, 7-12 September, 2014, Cascais, Portugal.

Riley, Mike, Dunning, Peter D., Brampton, Christopher J. and Kim, H. Alicia (2014) Multi-objective robust topology optimization with dynamic weighting. In: International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences Optimization, 4-6 June 2014, Kos, Greece.

Rogers, Dan, Foster, Martin and Bingham, Chris (2014) Experimental investigation of a recursive modelling MPC system for space heating within an occupied domestic dwelling. Building and Environment, 72 . pp. 356-367. ISSN 0360-1323


Saaj, C. (2014) How to control a surgical robot? In: 14th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery and 22nd Congress of the European Association of Endoscopic Surgery, 25-28 June 2014, Paris, France.

Schaefer, Dirk (2014) Cloud-Based Design and Manufacturing (CBDM): A Service-Oriented Product Development Paradigm for the 21st Century. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-07397-2, 978-3-319-34427-0

Schaefer, Dirk (2014) Product Development in the Socio-sphere: Game Changing Paradigms for 21st Century Breakthrough Product Development and Innovation. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-07403-0, 978-3-319-34428-7, 978-3-319-07404-7

Sen Bhattacharya, Basabdatta, Serap Sengor, Neslihan, Cakir, Yuksel, Maguire, Liam and Coyle, Damien (2014) Spectral and non-linear analysis of thalamocortical neural mass model oscillatory dynamics. In: Advanced computational approaches to biomedical engineering. Springer Verlag, pp. 87-112. ISBN 9783642415388

Shim, Beom-Joo, Park, Kyoung-Suk, Koo, June-Mo and Jin, Seong-Ho (2014) Work and speed based engine operation condition analysis for new European driving cycle (NEDC). Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 28 (2). pp. 755-761. ISSN 1738-494X

Shukla, Pratik (2014) Investigation into the high speed laser welding feasibility of tin-plated steels available for three-piece food packaging can manufacture. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 228 (7). pp. 715-729. ISSN 0954-4054

Shukla, Pratik, Swanson, Philip and Page, Colin (2014) Laser shock peening and mechanical shot peening processes applicable for the surface treatment of technical grade ceramics: a review. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 228 (5). pp. 639-652. ISSN 0954-4054

Shukla, Pratik and Lawrence, Jonathan (2014) Investigation of temperature distribution during CO2 and Fibre laser processing of Si3N4 engineering ceramic by means of a computational and experimental approach. Lasers In Engineering, 27 (3-4). pp. 135-160. ISSN 0898-1507

Singh, Abhinav Kumar (2014) Decentralized estimation and control for power systems. PhD thesis, Imperial College London.

Singh, Abhinav Kumar and Pal, Bikash C. (2014) Decentralized dynamic state estimation in power systems using unscented transformation. In: PES General Meeting | Conference & Exposition, 2014 IEEE, 27 - 31 July 2014, National Harbor, MD, USA.

Singh, Abhinav Kumar, Singh, Ravindra and Pal, Bikash C. (2014) Stability analysis of networked control in smart grids. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 6 (1). pp. 381-390. ISSN 1949-3053

Stanger, Jon, Tucker, Nick, Buunk, Neil and Truong, Yen (2014) A comparison of automated and manual techniques for measurement of electrospun fibre diameter. Polymer Testing, 40 . pp. 4-12. ISSN 0142-9418

Stewart, Jill, Parsons, A. J., Wainwright, J., Okin, G. S., Bestelmeyer, B. T., Fredrickson, E. L. and Schlesinger, W. H. (2014) Modeling emergent patterns of dynamic desert ecosystems. Ecological Monographs, 84 (3). pp. 373-410. ISSN 0012-9615


Wang, X., Geng, T., Elsayed, Y., Ranzani, T., Saaj, C. and Lekakou, C. (2014) A new coefficient-adaptive orthonormal basis function model structure for identifying a class of pneumatic soft actuators. In: IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 14th - 18th September 2014, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Waugh, David, Avdic, Dalila, Woodham, K. J. and Lawrence, Jonathan (2014) Laser surface engineering of polymeric materials and the effects on wettability characteristics. In: Laser Surface Modification and Adhesion. Adhesion and adhesives: fundamental and applied aspects . John Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, USA, pp. 337-375. ISBN 9781118831670, 9781118831632

Weiszer, Michal, Chen, Jun and Stewart, Paul (2014) A multi-objective genetic algorithm for solving the airport ground movement problem. In: 4th Carpathian logistics congress, 24-26th September 2014, Slovakia.

Weiszer, Michal, Chen, Jun and Stewart, Paul (2014) Towards greener airport ground movement. In: LANCS Workshop 2014, 21 January 2014, Nottingham.


Yang, Tai C., Zolotas, Argyrios, Wren, Timothy J. and Yu, Hong N. (2014) Exploring future directions of control. In: Control 2014, July 2014, Loughborough.

Yang, Derong, Jacobson, Bengt, Jonasson, Mats and Gordon, Tim J. (2014) Closed-loop controller for post-impact vehicle dynamics using individual wheel braking and front axle steering. International Journal of Vehicle Autonomous Systems, 12 (2). pp. 158-179. ISSN 1471-0226

Yang, Yuli and Aissa, Sonia (2014) Spectrum-sharing broadcast channels using fountain codes: energy, delay and throughput. IET Communications, 8 (14). pp. 2574-2583. ISSN 1751-8628

Yang, Yuli, Ma, Hao and Aissa, Sonia (2014) Partial QoS-Aware Opportunistic Relay Selection Over Two-Hop Channels: End-to-End Performance Under Spectrum-Sharing Requirements. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 63 (8). pp. 3829-3840. ISSN 0018-9545

Yang, Yuli, Salama, Khaled and Aissa, Sonia (2014) Interference Mitigation for Broadcast in Hierarchical Cell Structure Networks: Transmission Strategy and Area Spectral Efficiency. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 63 (8). pp. 3818-3828. ISSN 0018-9545

Yao, Jun and Yao, Y. (2014) Predicting film cooling performance of trailing–edge cutback turbine blades by detached–eddy simulation. In: AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition 2014, 13 - 17 January 2014, National Harbor, Maryland.

Yeomans, B. and Saaj, C. (2014) Towards terrain interaction prediction for bioinspired planetary exploration rovers. Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, 9 (1). ISSN 1748-3182


Zareian, Elham, Kathpalia, Vaibhav, Chen, Jun and Smith, Tim (2014) A cost effective approach for the practical realisation of a demonstration platform for brain machine interface. In: Second International Conference on Advances In Computing, Communication and Information Technology- CCIT 2014, 16-17 November 2014, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Zhang, Yu, Bingham, Chris and Gallimore, Michael (2014) Applied sensor fault detection and identification during steady-state and transient system operation. In: International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences (ICAT'14), 12-15 August, 2014, Antalya, Turkey.

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Zhang, Yu, Chen, Jun and Gallimore, Michael (2014) Hybrid HC-PAA-G3K for novelty detection on industrial systems. In: International Conference on Advanced Technology & Sciences (ICAT'14), 12-15 August, 2014, Antalya, Turkey.

Zhang, Yu and Gordon, Timothy (2014) Decomposition of steering angle measurements inspired by pulse control model for lane keeping. In: 16th International Conference on Mechatronics - Mechatronika (ME) 2014, 3-5 December 2014, Brno, Czech Republic.

Zhou, Ronghui, Zolotas, Argyrios and Goodall, Roger (2014) Robust system state estimation for active suspension control in high-speed tilting trains. Vehicle System Dynamics: International Journal of Vehicle Mechanics and Mobility, 52 (Supp 1). pp. 355-369. ISSN 0042-3114

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