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Abouelamaiem, D.I., He, Guanjie, Neville, T.P., Patel, D., Ji, S., Wang, R., Parkin, I.P., Jorge, A.B., Titirici, M.-M., Shearing, P.R. and Brett, D.J.L. (2018) Correlating electrochemical impedance with hierarchical structure for porous carbon-based supercapacitors using a truncated transmission line model. Electrochimica Acta, 284 . pp. 597-608.

Abouelamaiem, D.I., He, Guanjie, Parkin, I., Neville, T.P., Jorge, A.B., Ji, S., Wang, R., Titirici, M.-M., Shearing, P.R. and Brett, D.J.L. (2018) Synergistic relationship between the three-dimensional nanostructure and electrochemical performance in biocarbon supercapacitor electrode materials. Sustainable Energy and Fuels, 2 (4). pp. 772-785.

Abouelamaiem, D.I., Rasha, L., He, Guanjie, Neville, T.P., Millichamp, J., Mason, T.J., Jorge, A.B., Parkin, I.P., Titirici, M.-M., Wang, R., Ji, S., Shearing, P.R. and Brett, D.J.L. (2018) Integration of supercapacitors into printed circuit boards. Journal of Energy Storage, 19 . pp. 28-34.

Abouelamaiem, Dina Ibrahim, He, Guanjie, Parkin, Ivan, Neville, Tobias P., Jorge, Ana Belen, Ji, Shan, Wang, Rongfang, Titirici, Maria-Magdalena, Shearing, Paul R. and Brett, Daniel J. L. (2018) Synergistic relationship between the three-dimensional nanostructure and electrochemical performance in biocarbon supercapacitor electrode materials. Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2 (4). pp. 772-785. ISSN 2398-4902

Alkaseem, Mohammad and Baron, Mark (2018) SERS and DFT study of 5F‐PB‐22. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy . ISSN 0377-0486

Artesani, Alessia, Gherardi, Francesca, Mosca, Sara, Alberti, Roberto, Nevin, Austin, Toniolo, Lucia, Valentini, Gianluca and Comelli, Daniela (2018) On the photoluminescence changes induced by ageing processes on zinc white paints. Microchemical Journal, 139 . pp. 467-474. ISSN 0026-265X


Bahrami, A., Ghorbani, Y., Mirmohammadi, M., Sheykhi, B. and Kazemi, F. (2018) The beneficiation of tailing of coal preparation plant by heavy-medium cyclone. International Journal of Coal Science and Technology, 5 (3). pp. 374-384. ISSN 2095-8293

Bareham, David, Ahmadi, Keivan, Elie, Mathieu, Jones, Arwel and Mckee, Martin (2018) E-cigarettes: further flavours of controversy within the controversy. Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 6 (1). pp. 16-17. ISSN 2213-2600

Bleay, Stephen M., Croxton, Ruth and De Puit, Marcel (2018) Fingerprint Development Techniques: Theory and Application. Wiley. ISBN 978-1-119-99261-5

Bulut, Safak, Siankevich, Sviatlana, van Muyden, Antoine P., Alexander, Duncan T. L., Savoglidis, Georgios, Zhang, Jiaguang, Hatzimanikatis, Vassily, Yan, Ning and Dyson, Paul J. (2018) Efficient cleavage of aryl ether C–O linkages by Rh–Ni and Ru–Ni nanoscale catalysts operating in water. Chemical Science, 9 (25). pp. 5530-5535. ISSN 2041-6539


Callison, J., Subramanian, N. D., Rogers, S. M., Chutia, Arunabhiram, Gianolio, D., Catlow, C. R. A, Wells, P. P. and Dimitratos, N. (2018) Directed aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol through tailored platinum nanoparticles. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 238 . pp. 618-628. ISSN 0926-3373

Chan, S.-C., Gupta, P., Engelmann, X., Ang, Z.Z., Ganguly, R., Bill, E., Ray, K., Ye, S. and England, Jason (2018) Observation of Carbodicarbene Ligand Redox Noninnocence in Highly Oxidized Iron Complexes. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 57 (48). pp. 15717-15722. ISSN 1433-7851

Cárdenas Valdivia, A., Vereda Alonso, E., López Guerrero, M. M., Gonzalez-Rodriguez, J., Cano Pavóna, J. M. and García de Torres, A. (2018) Simultaneous determination of V, Ni, Ga and Fe in fuel fly ash using solid sampling high resolution continuum source graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. Talanta, 179 . pp. 1-8. ISSN 0039-9140


Dalkas, Georgios, Matheson, Andrew B., Vass, Hugh, Gromov, Andrei, Lloyd, Gareth O., Koutsos, Vasileios, Clegg, Paul S. and Euston, Stephen R. (2018) Molecular Interactions behind the Self-Assembly and Microstructure of Mixed Sterol Organogels. Langmuir, 34 (29). pp. 8629-8638. ISSN 0743-7463


E, Sharel P., Kang, Minkyung, Wilson, Paul, Meng, Lingcong, Perry, David, Basile, Andrew and Unwin, Patrick R. (2018) High resolution visualization of the redox activity of Li2O2 in non-aqueous media: conformal layer vs. toroid structure. Chemical Communications, 54 (24). pp. 3053-3056. ISSN 1359-7345

Engelmann, X., Farquhar, E.R., England, Jason and Ray, K. (2018) Four-electron reduction of dioxygen to water by a trinuclear copper complex. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 481 . pp. 159-165. ISSN 0020-1693


Febriansyah, B., Koh, T.M., John, R.A., Ganguly, R., Li, Y., Bruno, A., Mhaisalkar, S.G. and England, Jason (2018) Inducing Panchromatic Absorption and Photoconductivity in Polycrystalline Molecular 1D Lead-Iodide Perovskites through π-Stacked Viologens. Chemistry of Materials, 30 (17). pp. 5827-5830. ISSN 0897-4756

Foster, Jamie S., Prentice, Andrew W., Forgan, Ross S., Paterson, Martin J. and Lloyd, Gareth O. (2018) Targetable Mechanical Properties by Switching between Self-Sorting and Co-assembly with In Situ Formed Tripodal Ketoenamine Supramolecular Hydrogels. ChemNanoMat, 4 (8). pp. 853-859. ISSN 2199-692X

Francesco, Zamberlan, Anna, Fantinati and Claudio, Trapella (2018) 1,4‐Dithiane‐2,5‐diol: An Attractive Platform for the Synthesis of Sulfur Containing Functionalized Heterocycles. European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2018 (25). pp. 3248-3264. ISSN 1434-193X

Freund, Ralph, Lächelt, Ulrich, Gruber, Tobias, Rühle, Bastian and Wuttke, Stefan (2018) Multifunctional efficiency: extending the concept of atom economy to functional nanomaterials. ACS Nano, 12 (3). pp. 2094-2105. ISSN 1936-0851


Gherardi, Francesca, Goidanich, Sara, Dal Santo, Vladimiro and Toniolo, Lucia (2018) Layered nano-TiO2 based treatments for the maintenance of natural stones in historical architecture. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 130 (25). pp. 7482-7485. ISSN 1433-7851

Gherardi, Francesca, Goidanich, Sara and Toniolo, Lucia (2018) Improvements in marble protection by means of innovative photocatalytic nanocomposites. Progress in Organic Coatings, 121 . pp. 13-22. ISSN 0300-9440

Gherardi, Francesca, Kapridaki, Chrysi, Roveri, Marco, Gulotta, Davide, Maravelaki, Noni Pagona and Toniolo, Lucia (2018) The deterioration of Apuan white marble in contemporary architectural context. Journal of Cultural Heritage . ISSN 1778-3674

Gherardi, Francesca, Roveri, Marco, Goidanich, Sara and Toniolo, Lucia (2018) Photocatalytic nanocomposites for the protection of European architectural heritage. Materials, 11 (1). p. 65. ISSN 1996-1944

Gil-ramirez, Guzman, Shah, Anokhi, El Mkami, Hassane, Porfyrakis, Kyriakos, Briggs, G. Andrew D., Morton, John J. L., Anderson, Harry L. and Lovett, Janet E. (2018) Distance Measurement of a Non-covalently Bound Y@C82 Pair with Double Electron Electron Resonance Spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (24). pp. 7420-7424. ISSN 0002-7863

Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jose, Pepper, Katherine, Baron, M.G., Mamo, S.K. and Simons, A.M. (2018) Production and Analysis of Recycled Ammonium Perrhenate from CMSX-4 superalloys. Open Chemistry, 16 (1). pp. 1298-1306. ISSN 1644-3624

Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jose, Rivas Romero, Pilar, Estevez Brito, Rafael, Rodriguez Mellado, Jose MIguel, Ruiz Montolla, mercedes and Rodriguez Amaro, Rafael (2018) Exploring the relation between composition of extracts of healthy foods and their antioxidant capacities determined by electrochemical and spectrophotometrical methods. LWT - Food Science and Technology . ISSN 0023-6438

Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Jose, Rivas Romero, Pilar and Rodríguez Mellado, jose Miguel (2018) Evolution of Pt and Ag nanoparticles composites with polyphenazines onto ITO electrodes during the oxidation of H2O2 with ascorbic acid. Electrochimica Acta, 271 . pp. 203-210. ISSN 0013-4686


Hamnett, Hilary and McKie, Amanda (2018) Developing a procedure for learning and assessing peer review in a forensic science programme. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education . pp. 1-12. ISSN 0260-2938

Hamnett, Hilary, McKie, Amanda E. and Morrison, Calum (2018) Postgraduate students' attitudes towards group work: experiences within a forensic chemistry programme. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 19 (4). pp. 1240-1252. ISSN 1756-1108

Hamnett, Hilary and Poulsen, Helen (2018) The Effect of Lowering the Legal Drink-Drive Limit on the Toxicological Findings in Driver Fatalities: A Comparison of Two Jurisdictions,. Journal of Forensic Sciences, 63 (5). pp. 1457-1465. ISSN 1556-4029

He, Guanjie, Han, X., Moss, B., Weng, Z., Gadipelli, S., Lai, F., Kafizas, A.G., Brett, D.J.L., Guo, Z.X., Wang, H. and Parkin, I.P. (2018) Solid solution nitride/carbon nanotube hybrids enhance electrocatalysis of oxygen in zinc-air batteries. Energy Storage Materials, 15 . pp. 380-387.

Hughes, L., McElroy, C. R., Whitwood, A. C. and Hunt, A. J. (2018) Development of pharmaceutically relevant bio-based intermediates though aldol condensation and Claisen-Schmidt reactions of dihydrolevoglucosenone (Cyrene®). Green Chemistry, 20 (19). pp. 4423-4427. ISSN 1463-9262

Hussein, Haytham E. M., Maurer, Reinhard J., Amari, Houari, Peters, Jonathan J. P., Meng, Lingcong, Beanland, Richard, Newton, Mark E. and Macpherson, Julie V. (2018) Tracking Metal Electrodeposition Dynamics from Nucleation and Growth of a Single Atom to a Crystalline Nanoparticle. ACS Nano, 12 (7). pp. 7388-7396. ISSN 1936-0851

Hülsey, Max J., Zhang, Jiaguang and Yan, Ning (2018) Harnessing the Wisdom in Colloidal Chemistry to Make Stable Single-Atom Catalysts. Advanced Materials, 30 (47). p. 1802304. ISSN na


Iacano, Carmelo E., Stephens, Thomas C., Rajan, Teena S. and Pattison, Graham (2018) A Coupling Approach for the Generation of α,α-Bis(enolate) Equivalents: Regioselective Synthesis of gem-Difunctionalized Ketones. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (6). pp. 2036-2040. ISSN 0002-7863

Ibrahim Abouelamaiem, D., Mostazo-López, M.J., He, Guanjie, Patel, D., Neville, T.P., Parkin, I.P., Lozano-Castelló, D., Morallón, E., Cazorla-Amorós, D., Jorge, A.B., Wang, R., Ji, S., Titirici, M.-M., Shearing, P.R. and Brett, D.J.L. (2018) New insights into the electrochemical behaviour of porous carbon electrodes for supercapacitors. Journal of Energy Storage, 19 . pp. 337-347. ISSN 2352-152X

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Ilankoon, I.M.S.K., Ghorbani, Y., Chong, M.N., Herath, G., Moyo, T. and Petersen, J. (2018) E-waste in the international context – A review of trade flows, regulations, hazards, waste management strategies and technologies for value recovery. Waste Management, 82 . pp. 258-275. ISSN 0956-053X

Ilankoon, I.M.S.K., Tang, Y., Ghorbani, Y., Northey, S., Yellishetty, M., Deng, X. and McBride, D. (2018) The current state and future directions of percolation leaching in the Chinese mining industry: Challenges and opportunities. Minerals Engineering, 125 . pp. 206-222. ISSN 0892-6875


Jiménez-Pérez, R., Sevilla, J. M., Pineda, T., Blázquez, M. and Gonzalez-Rodriguez, J. (2018) Electrocatalytic performance enhanced of the electrooxidation of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and ethanol on platinum nanoparticles surface: a contribution to the analytical determination of GHB in the presence of ethanol. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 256 . pp. 553-563. ISSN 0925-4005


Kwon, Hannah, Marques Mota, Filipe, Chung, Kyungwha, Jang, Yu Jin, Hyun, Jerome K., Lee, Jiseok and Kim, Dong Ha (2018) Enhancing Solar Light-Driven Photocatalytic Activity of Mesoporous Carbon–TiO2 Hybrid Films via Upconversion Coupling. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 6 (1). pp. 1310-1317. ISSN 2168-0485

Kyne, Sara H., Clémancey, Martin, Blondin, Geneviève, Derat, Etienne, Fensterbank, Louis, Jutand, Anny, Lefèvre, Guillaume and Ollivier, Cyril (2018) Elucidating dramatic ligand effects on SET processes: iron hydride versus Iron borohydride catalyzed reductive radical cyclization of unsaturated organic halides. Organometallics, 37 (5). pp. 761-771. ISSN 0276-7333


Lear, Martin (2018) Atypical Oxidative Methods to (A)Typically Activated Esters. In: University College London (UCL)-Tohoku University UK-Japan Organic Symposium, 12 March 2018, Aoba Science Hall, Tohoku University, Japan.

Lee, Ji-Eun, Park, Choojin, Chung, Kyungwha, Lim, Ju Won, Marques Mota, Filipe, Jeong, Unyong and Kim, Dong Ha (2018) Viable stretchable plasmonics based on unidirectional nanoprisms. Nanoscale, 10 (8). pp. 4105-4112. ISSN 2040-3372

Leiva, C.A., Arcos, K.V., Poblete, D.A., Serey, E.A., Torres, C.M. and Ghorbani, Y. (2018) Design and evaluation of an expert system in a crushing plant. Minerals, 8 (10). ISSN 2075-163X

Li, S., Page, K., Sathasivam, S., Heale, F., He, Guanjie, Lu, Y., Lai, Y., Chen, G., Carmalt, C.J. and Parkin, I.P. (2018) Efficiently texturing hierarchical superhydrophobic fluoride-free translucent films by AACVD with excellent durability and self-cleaning ability. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 (36). pp. 17633-17641.

Li, W., Zhang, B., Lin, R., Ho-Kimura, S., He, Guanjie, Zhou, X., Hu, J. and Parkin, I.P. (2018) A Dendritic Nickel Cobalt Sulfide Nanostructure for Alkaline Battery Electrodes. Advanced Functional Materials, 28 (23). p. 1705937. ISSN 1616-301X

Li, Jing, Lear, Martin and Hayashi, Yujiro (2018) Autoinductive Conversion of alpha,alpha-Diiodonitroalkanes to Amides and Esters Catalysed by Iodine Byproducts under O2. Chemical Communications, 49 . pp. 6360-6363. ISSN 1359-7345

Li, Shuhui, Page, Kristopher, Sathasivam, Sanjayan, Heale, Frances, He, Guanjie, Lu, Yao, Lai, Yuekun, Chen, Guoqiang, Carmalt, Claire J. and Parkin, Ivan P. (2018) Efficiently texturing hierarchical superhydrophobic fluoride-free translucent films by AACVD with excellent durability and self-cleaning ability. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 (36). pp. 17633-17641. ISSN 2050-7488

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Marques Mota, Filipe, Nguyen, Dang Le Tri, Lee, Ji-Eun, Piao, Huiyan, Choy, Jin-Ho, Hwang, Yun Jeong and Kim, Dong Ha (2018) Toward an Effective Control of the H2 to CO Ratio of Syngas through CO2 Electroreduction over Immobilized Gold Nanoparticles on Layered Titanate Nanosheets. ACS Catalysis, 8 (5). pp. 4364-4374. ISSN 2155-5435

McCafferty, Cian, Connelly, William M., Celli, Roberta, Ngomba, Richard T., Nicoletti, Ferdinando and Crunelli, Vincenzo (2018) Genetic rescue of absence seizures. CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics . ISSN 1755-5930

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Munshi, Tasnim, Scowen, Ian, Abdull Manap, Mohd Rashidi, Ismail, Ahmad Zaidi, Ahmad, Haslina, Abdullah, Maryam Aisyah, Mohd Faudzi, Siti Munirah and Azamudin, Nurin Syahmimi (2018) Pyrrole-chalcone analogues as DNA binding agents. In: Industrial Chemistry Seminar XXI, 10 May 2018, Selangor, Malaysia.


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Pezzi, Marco, Zamberlan, Francesco, Chicca, Milvia and Leis, Marilena (2018) Evaluation of larvicidal activity of esters of 4-mercapto-2-butenoic acid against Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae). Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences . ISSN 1319-562X


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Roveri, M, Gherardi, Francesca, Goidanich, S, Gulotta, D, Castelvetro, V, Fischer, R, Winandy, L, Weber, J and Toniolo, L (2018) Self-cleaning and antifouling nanocomposites for stone protection: Properties and performances of stone-nanomaterial systems. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering . ISSN -

Roveri, M, Raneri, S, Bianchi, S, Gherardi, Francesca, Castelvetro, V and Toniolo, L (2018) Electrokinetic Characterization of Natural Stones Coated with Nanocomposites for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Applied sciences, 8 (9). ISSN 2076-3417

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