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Alcayaga, Hernán, Palma, Sebastián, Caamaño, Diego, Mao, Luca and Soto-Alvareza, Marco (2019) Detecting and quantifying hydromorphology changes in a chilean river after 50 years of dam operation. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 93 . pp. 253-266. ISSN 0895-9811

Anejionu, O.C.D., Thakuriah, P.V., McHugh, A., Sun, Y., McArthur, D., Mason, P. and Walpole, R. (2019) Spatial urban data system: A cloud-enabled big data infrastructure for social and economic urban analytics. Future Generation Computer Systems, 98 . pp. 456-473. ISSN 0167-739X


Ballinger, T.J., Mote, T.L., Mattingly, K., Bliss, A.C., Hanna, Edward, van As, D., Prieto, M., Gharehchahi, S., Fettweis, X., Noël, B., Smeets, P.C.J.P., Reijmer, C.H., Ribergaard, M.H. and Cappelen, J. (2019) Greenland Ice Sheet late-season melt: investigating multi-scale drivers of K-transect events. Cryosphere, 13 (8). pp. 2241-2257. ISSN 1994-0416

Beck, Kristen, Fletcher, Michael-Shawn, Gadd, Patricia, Heijnis, Henk, Saunders, Krystyna and Zawadzki, Atun (2019) The long-term impacts of climate and fire on catchment processes and aquatic ecosystem response in Tasmania, Australia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 221 . p. 105892. ISSN 0277-3791

Bosworth, Gary, Steiner, Arthur and Farmer, Jane (2019) Rural social enterprise–Evidence to date, and a research agenda. Journal of Rural Studies, 70 . pp. 139-143. ISSN 0743-0167

Bosworth, Gary and Wilson-Youlden, Lavinia (2019) Women tourism entrepreneurs and the survival of family farms in North East England. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 14 (3). pp. 126-145. ISSN 1712-8277

Brenna, Andrea, Surian, Nicola and Mao, Luca (2019) Virtual Velocity Approach for Estimating Bed Material Transport in Gravel-Bed Rivers: Key Factors and Significance. Water Resources Research, 55 (2). pp. 1651-1674. ISSN 0043-1397


Comiti, Francesco, Mao, Luca, Penna, Daniele, Dell'Agnese, Andrea, Engel, Michael, Rathburn, Sara and Cavalli, Marco (2019) Glacier melt runoff controls bedload transport in Alpine catchments. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 520 . pp. 77-86. ISSN 0012-821X

Connolly, Creighton (2019) Urban Political Ecology Beyond Methodological Cityism. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 43 (1). pp. 63-75. ISSN 0309-1317


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Fuller, IC, Macklin, Mark, Toonen, WHJ, Turner, J and Norton, K (2019) A 2000 year record of palaeofloods in a volcanically-reset catchment: Whanganui River, New Zealand. Global and Planetary Change, 181 (10298). ISSN 0921-8181


Grove, J, Turnbull, J, Lawrence, S, Davies, P, Rutherfurd, I, Silvester, E, Colombi, F and Macklin, Mark (2019) Mining to mud: a multidisciplinary approach to understanding Victoria’s riverine landscape as a product of historical gold mining. Preview, 200 . pp. 44-56. ISSN 1443-2471


Hall, R.J., Wei, H. and Hanna, Edward (2019) Complex Systems Modelling for Statistical Forecasting of Winter North Atlantic Atmospheric Variability: a New Approach. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 145 (723). pp. 2568-2585. ISSN 0035-9009

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Hudson-Edwards, KA, Byrne, P, Bird, G, Brewer, P, Burke, IT, Jamieson, H, Macklin, Mark and Williams, RD (2019) Origin and Fate of Vanadium in the Hazeltine Creek Catchment following the 2014 Mount Polley Mine Tailings Spill in British Columbia, Canada. Environmental Science & Technology, 53 (8). pp. 4088-4098. ISSN 0013-936X


Jambari, Asrulsani, Sasidhran, Selvadurai, Abdul Halim, Hazril Rafhan, Mohamed, Khairul Amirin, Ashton-Butt, Adham, Lechner, Alex M. and Azhar, Badrul (2019) Quantifying species richness and composition of elusive rainforest mammals in Taman Negara National Park, Peninsular Malaysia. Global Ecology and Conservation, 18 . e00607. ISSN 2351-9894


Khosravi, Khabat, Chegini, Amir, Binns, Andrew, Daggupati, Prasad and Mao, Luca (2019) Difference in the bed load transport of graded and uniform sediments during floods: An experimental investigation. Hydrology Research, 50 (6). pp. 1645-1664. ISSN 0029-1277

Khosravi, Khabat, Chegini, Amir, Cooper, James, Daggupati, Prasad, Binns, Andrew and Mao, Luca (2019) Uniform and graded bed-load sediment transport in a degrading channel with nonequilibrium conditions. International Journal of Sediment Research . ISSN 1001-6279

Kiesel, Joshua, Schuerch, Mark, Möller, Iris, Spencer, Tom and Vafeidis, Athanasios (2019) Attenuation of high water levels over restored saltmarshes can be limited. Insights from Freiston Shore, Lincolnshire, UK. Ecological Engineering, 136 . pp. 89-100. ISSN 0925-8574


Lamine, S, Petropoulos, G, Brewer, P, Srivastava, PK, Manevski, K, Prashant, K, Kalaitzidis, C and Macklin, Mark (2019) Heavy metals soil contamination detection using combined geochemistry and ASD Field Spectrometry over a highly contaminated floodplain site in the United Kingdom. Sensors, 19 (4). ISSN 1424-8220

Lamine, S, Petropoulos, GP, Brewer, P, Bachari, NEI, Srivastava, PK, Manevski, K, Kalaitzidis, C and Macklin, Mark (2019) Heavy Metal Soil Contamination Detection Using Combined Geochemistry and Field Spectroradiometry in the United Kingdom. Sensors, 19 (4). p. 762. ISSN 1424-8220

Lechner, A M, Arnold, S, McCaffrey, N B, Gordon, A, Erkine, P D, Gillespie, M J and Mulligan, D R (2019) Applying modern ecological methods for monitoring and modelling mine rehabilitation success. In: From Start to Finish: Life of Mine Perspective. AusIMM. ISBN 9781925100723

Lechner, Alex, Chen Teo, Hoong and Campos-Arceiz, Ahimsa (2019) The risk to biodiversity along China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Project Report. Asia Research Institute policy brief series, University of Nottingham.

Lechner, Alex, Crawford, Danielle and Arts, Dick (2019) Social Change Assessment: Integrating Social Science, Spatial Analysis and Participatory Approaches to Enhance Social Impact and Risk Management of Mining Projects or Operations. In: 6th International Congress on Environment and Social Responsibility in Mining, September 4th to 6th, Santiago, Chile.

Lechner, Alex, Owen, John, Ang, Michelle and Kemp, Deanna (2019) Spatially Integrated Social Sciences with Qualitative GIS to Support Impact Assessment in Mining Communities. Resources, 8 (1). p. 47. ISSN 2079-9276

Lechner, Alex M., Owen, John, Ang, Michelle Li Ern, Edraki, Mansour, Che Awang, Nor Aklima and Kemp, Deanna (2019) Historical socio-environmental assessment of resource development footprints using remote sensing. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 15 . p. 100236. ISSN 2352-9385

Lechner, Alex M., Tan, Chee Meng, Tritto, Angela, Horstmann, Alexander, Teo, Hoong Chee, Own, John R. and Campos-Arceiz, Ahimsa (2019) The Belt and Road Initiative: Environmental Impacts in Southeast Asia. In: The Belt and Road Initiative. ISEAS Publishing, pp. 1-23. ISBN 9789814881432

Lechner, Alex Mark, Owen, John R., Tritto, Angela, Horstmann, Alexander, Hoong, Chen Teo, Tan, Chee Meng and Campos-Arceiz, Ahimsa (2019) Making the Belt and Road Environmentally Sustainable in Southeast Asia. ISEAS Perspectives, 2019 (110).

Liew, Thor-Seng, Sloan, Sean, Campbell, Mason J., Alamgir, Mohammed, Lechner, Alex M., Engert, Jayden and Laurance, William F. (2019) Trans-national conservation and infrastructure development in the Heart of Borneo. PLOS ONE, 14 (9). e0221947. ISSN 1932-6203

Longfield, Sean, Faulkner, Duncan, Kjeldsen, Thomas, Macklin, Mark, Jones, Anna, Foulds, Simon, Brewer, Paul and Griffiths, Hywel (2019) Incorporating sedimentological data in UK flood frequency estimation. Journal of Flood Risk Management . ISSN 1753-318X


Macklin, Judy and Macklin, Mark (2019) Art-geoscience encounters and entanglements in the watery realm. Journal of Maps, 15 . pp. 9-18. ISSN 1744-5647

Macklin, Mark and Lewin, John (2019) River stresses in anthropogenic times: Large-scale global patterns and extended environmental timelines. Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment, 43 (1). ISSN 0309-1333

Magnone, Daniel, Joekar-Niasar, Vahid, Bouwman, Alexander F., Beusen, Arthur H. W., van der Zee, Sjoerd E. A. T. M. and Sattari, Sheida Z. (2019) Soil chemistry aspects of predicting future phosphorus requirements in Sub-Saharan Africa. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 11 (1). pp. 327-337. ISSN 1942-2466

Magnone, Daniel, Richards, Laura A., van Dongen, Bart E., Bryant, Charlotte, Evans, Jane A. and Polya, David A. (2019) Calculating 14C mean residence times of inorganic carbon derived from oxidation of organic carbon in groundwater using the principles of 87Sr/86Sr and cation ratio mixing. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 267 . pp. 322-340. ISSN 0016-7037

Mao, Luca, Comiti, Francesco, Carrillo, Ricardo and Penna, Daniele (2019) Sediment Transport in Proglacial Rivers. In: Geomorphology of Proglacial Systems Landform and Sediment Dynamics in Recently Deglaciated Alpine Landscapes. Springer, pp. 199-217. ISBN 978-3-319-94182-0

Moore, Harriet Elizabeth and Ian, Rutherfurd D (2019) Using voluntary agreements to exclude stock from waterways: an evaluation of project success and persistence. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Monitoring, 15 (2). pp. 237-247. ISSN 1551-3777

Mudbhatkal, Amogh (2019) Cyclone Fani: A success in weather forecast and disaster preparedness. Natural Hazards (NH) Division of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) . ISSN 0


Norton, BA, Bending, GD, Clark, C, Corstanje, R, Dunnett, N, Evans, KL, Grafius, DR, Gravestock, E, Grice, SM, Harris, JA, Hilton, S, Hoyle, H, Lim, E, Mercer, Theresa, Pawlett, M, Pescott, OL, Richards, P, Southon, GE and Warren, PH (2019) Urban meadows as an alternative to short mown grassland: effects of composition and height on biodiversity. Ecological Applications, 29 (6). pp. 1095-1115. ISSN 1051-0761


Ocelík, Petr, Svobodová, Kamila, Hendrychová, Markéta, Lehotský, Lukáš, Everingham, Jo-Anne, Ali, Saleem, Badera, Jaroslaw and Lechner, Alex (2019) A contested transition toward a coal-free future: Advocacy coalitions and coal policy in the Czech Republic. Energy Research & Social Science, 58 . p. 101283. ISSN 2214-6296

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Ojo, Adegbola, Ibeh, Samuel Chukwuemeka and Kieghe, David (2019) How Nigeria’s 2015 presidential election outcome was forecasted with geodemographics and public sentiment analytics. African Geographical Review, 38 (4). pp. 343-360. ISSN 1937-6812

Oon, Aslinda, Mohd Shafri, Helmi Zulhaidi, Lechner, Alex Mark and Azhar, Badrul (2019) Discriminating between large-scale oil palm plantations and smallholdings on tropical peatlands using vegetation indices and supervised classification of LANDSAT-8. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 40 (19). pp. 7312-7328. ISSN 0143-1161

Oon, Aslinda, Ngo, Khanh Duc, Azhar, Rozilah, Ashton-Butt, Adham, Lechner, Alex Mark and Azhar, Badrul (2019) Assessment of ALOS-2 PALSAR-2L-band and Sentinel-1 C-band SAR backscatter for discriminating between large-scale oil palm plantations and smallholdings on tropical peatlands. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 13 . pp. 183-190. ISSN 2352-9385


Panyushkina, IP, Macklin, Mark, Toonen, WHJ and Meko, DM (2019) Water supply and ancient society in the Lake Balkhash Basin: Runoff variability along the historical Silk Road. In: Socio-Environmental Dynamics along the Historical Silk Road. Springer. ISBN 9783030007270

Paule, J.D.G., Sun, Y. and Moshfeghi, Y. (2019) On fine-grained geolocalisation of tweets and real-time traffic incident detection. Information Processing and Management, 56 (3). pp. 1119-1132. ISSN 0306-4573


Ravazzolo, Diego, Luca, Mao, Cristian, Escuriaza, Pablo, Pasten and Mauricio, Montecino (2019) Rusty river: Effects of tufa precipitation on sediment entrainment in the Estero Morales in the central Chilean Andes. Science of the Total Environment, 652 . pp. 822-835. ISSN 0048-9697

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Richards, Laura A., Lapworth, Dan J., Magnone, Daniel, Gooddy, Daren C., Chambers, Lee, Williams, Peter J., van Dongen, Bart E. and Polya, David A. (2019) Dissolved organic matter tracers reveal contrasting characteristics across an arsenic bearing aquifer in Cambodia: A fluorescence spectroscopy study. Geoscience Frontiers, 10 (5). pp. 1653-1667. ISSN 1674-9871

Richards, Laura A., Magnone, Daniel, Sültenfuß, Jürgen, Chambers, Lee, Bryant, Charlotte, Boyce, Adrian J., van Dongen, Bart E., Ballentine, Christopher J., Sovann, Chansopheaktra, Uhlemann, Sebastian, Kuras, Oliver, Gooddy, Daren C. and Polya, David A. (2019) Dual in-aquifer and near surface processes drive arsenic mobilization in Cambodian groundwaters. Science of The Total Environment, 659 . pp. 699-714. ISSN 0048-9697

Ruiz-Villanueva, V, Mazzorana, B, Blade, E, Bürkli, L, Iribarren-Anacona, P, Mao, Luca, Nakamura, F, Ravazzolo, D, Rickenmann, D, Sanz-Ramos, M, Stoffel, M and Wohl, E (2019) Characterization of wood-laden flows in rivers. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44 (9). pp. 1694-1709. ISSN 0197-9337


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Wilson, R, Harrison, S, Reynolds, J, Hubbard, A, Glasser, NF, Wundrich, O, Iribarren Anacona, P, Mao, Luca and Shannon, S (2019) The 2015 Chileno Valley glacial lake outburst flood, Patagonia. Geomorphology, 332 . pp. 51-65. ISSN 0169-555X

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