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Cayli Messina, Baris (2022) Breaking the silence on femicide: How women challenge epistemic injustice and male violence. The British Journal of Sociology . ISSN 1468-4446

Cayli Messina, Baris (2021) The Global History of Social Dissent: Deconstructing Outlaws within the Conundrum of Crime, Conflict, and Violence. Journal of Historical Sociology, 34 (3). pp. 406-423. ISSN 0952-1909

Cayli Messina, Baris (2021) Bandits, Brigands, and Militants: The Historical Sociology of Outlaws. Journal of Historical Sociology, 34 (3). pp. 402-406. ISSN 0952-1909

Cayli Messina, Baris (2021) The Global History of Social Dissent: Deconstructing Outlaws within the Conundrum of Crime, Conflict, and Violence. Journal of Historical Sociology, 34 (3). pp. 406-423. ISSN 1467-6443

Cayli Messina, Baris (2020) The cultural anthropology of protest against perceived injustice: Introduction to the special issue. Anthropological Notebooks, 26 (1). pp. 1-11. ISSN 1408 - 032X

Cayli Messina, Baris (2020) Crime, bandits, and community: how public panic shaped the social control of territory in the Ottoman Empire. Territory, Politics, Governance, 8 (3). pp. 356-371. ISSN 2162-2671

Cayli Messina, Baris, Hargraeves, Charlotte and Hodgson, Philip (2018) Body-worn cameras: determining the democratic habitus of policing. Safer Communities, 17 (4). pp. 213-223. ISSN 1757-8043

Cayli Messina, Baris (2018) Peasants, bandits, and state intervention: The consolidation of authority in the Ottoman Balkans and Southern Italy. Journal of Agrarian Change, 18 (2). pp. 425-443. ISSN 1471-0358

Cayli Messina, Baris, Hodgson, Philiph and Walsh, Dave (2018) Social Unrest in the UK and Turkey: Rethinking Police Violence Against Dissident Communities. Comparative Sociology, 17 (2). pp. 159-186. ISSN 1569-1322

Cayli Messina, Baris (2017) The Zones of Fragility: Outlaws and the Forms of Violence in the Ottoman Empire. Journal of Historical Sociology, 30 (4). pp. 727-745. ISSN 1467-6443

Cayli Messina, Baris (2017) Victims and protest in a social space: Revisiting the sociology of emotions. Emotion, Space, and Society, 22 (1). pp. 61-70. ISSN 1755-4586

Cayli Messina, Baris (2016) Performance matters more than masculinity: Violence, gender dynamics and mafia women. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 29 . pp. 36-42. ISSN 1359-1789

Cayli Messina, Baris (2016) Codes of Commitment to Crime and Resistance: Determining Social and Cultural Factors over the Behaviors of Italian Mafia Women. Deviant Behaviour, 37 (1). pp. 1-15. ISSN 0163-9625

Cayli Messina, Baris (2015) The ravages of social catastrophe: Striving for the quest of ‘Another World’. Philosophy & Social Criticism, 41 (9). pp. 963-980. ISSN 0191-4537

Cayli Messina, Baris (2014) Renewing Criminalized and Hegemonic Cultural Landscapes. Critical Criminology, 22 (4). pp. 579-593. ISSN 1205-8629

Cayli Messina, Baris (2013) Using Sports Against the Italian Mafia: Policies and Challenges on the Path of Cultural Renewal. Sociology of Sport Journal, 30 (4). pp. 435-466. ISSN 0741-1235

Cayli Messina, Baris (2013) Creating Counter-Publics Against the Italian Mafia. Javnost - The Public, 20 (3). pp. 59-76. ISSN 1854-8377

Cayli Messina, Baris (2013) Italian civil society against the Mafia: From perceptions to expectations. International Journal of Law, Crime, and Justice, 41 (1). pp. 81-99. ISSN 1756-0616

Cayli Messina, Baris (2012) The Impossible Mission: Global Justice Movement Against Transnational Organized Crime. New Global Studies, 6 (1). pp. 1-23. ISSN 2194-6566

Cayli Messina, Baris (2012) Resistance against the Mafia: A Civic Struggle to Defy an Uncontestable Power. Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 21 (1). pp. 103-125. ISSN 1755-2923

Cayli Messina, Baris (2011) Anti-Mafia Policies in Italy: The Need for Collaborative Governance and Transition of the Policy Actors from Isolation to Coalition. European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, 19 (1). pp. 15-36. ISSN 0928-9569


Cayli Messina, Baris (2019) Review of “How Violence Shapes Religion” by Ziya Meral (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018). LSE Review of Books. ​. LSE Review of Books . ISSN 1902-8902

Cayli Messina, Baris (2019) Review of “Mafia Organizations. The Visible Hand of Criminal Enterprise” by Maurizio Catino (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019). Criminal Law & Criminal Justice Book Reviews . ISSN 516-463

Cayli Messina, Baris (2018) Review of "The Invisibe Camorra: Neapolitan Crime Families across Europe" by Felia Allum. (Cornell University Press, 2016). International Sociology, 33 (5). pp. 583-586. ISSN 0268-5809

Cayli Messina, Baris (2017) Review of "Mafia Life: Love, Death and Money at the Heart of Organised Crime" by Federico Varese. (Profile Books, 2017). LSE Review of Books . ISSN 1908-8091

Book Section

Cayli Messina, Baris (2021) Energy Consumption and Social Harm: How the Misuse of State Power Creates Inequality and Social Injustice. In: Needs and Barriers of Prosumerism in the Energy Transition Era. Dykinson, pp. 39-44. ISBN 9788413773810

Cayli Messina, Baris (2021) 'Sunus" (Preface), Mafya Nedir? (Geatano Mosca) Che cosa è la mafia? In: Che cosa è la mafia? Mafya Nedir? Metropolis Yayincilik, Istanbul. ISBN 9786050678178

Cayli Messina, Baris (2017) The Relationship between Power and the Perception of Identity: The Case of the Italian Mafioso. In: Identity and Identification. Ediciones de la Universidad, pp. 25-34. ISBN 9788490442722

Cayli Messina, Baris (2017) When a Journalist defies more than the mafia: The legacy of Giuseppe Fava and Italian anti-mafia Culture. In: The Italian Antimafia, New Media and the Culture of Legality. University of Toronto Press, pp. 62-83. ISBN 9781487512484

Cayli Messina, Baris (2014) The Role of Cultural Capital. In: Encyclopaedia of Human Services and Diversity. Encyclopaedia of Human Services and Diversity, 1 (1). Sage, pp. 305-306. ISBN 9781483346663

Cayli Messina, Baris (2011) Italian Mafia in the Spectrum of Culture and Politics. In: Cultural and Ethical Turns: Interdisciplinary Reflections on Culture, Politics and Ethics. Brill, pp. 51-59. ISBN 9781848880542

Book or Monograph

Cayli Messina, Baris (2021) Journal of Historical Sociology, Special Issue 2020: BANDITS, BRIGANDS, AND MILITANTS: THE HISTORICAL SOCIOLOGY OF OUTLAWS. Wiley. ISBN UNSPECIFIED


Cayli Messina, Baris (2019) VIOLENCE AND MILITANTS: FROM OTTOMAN REBELLIONS TO JIHADIST ORGANIZATIONS. Human Dimensions in Foreign Policy, Military Studies, and Security Studies, Volume . McGill-Queen's University Press. ISBN 9780773558694


Alex, Nunn, Cayli Messina, Baris, Dodsley, T and Hargraeves, Charlotte (2018) Effectiveness of MFC Services to Reduce School Exclusion among Young People from the Roma Community in Derby. [Project]

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