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Thackeray, Stephen J., Henrys, Peter A., Hemming, Deborah, Bell, James R., Botham, Marc S., Burthe, Sarah, Helaouet, Pierre, Johns, David G., Jones, Ian D., Leech, David I., Mackay, Eleanor B., Massimino, Dario, Atkinson, Sian, Bacon, Philip J., Brereton, Tom M., Carvalho, Laurence, Clutton-Brock, Tim H., Duck, Callan, Edwards, Martin, Elliott, J. Malcolm, Hall, Stephen J. G., Harrington, Richard, Pearce-Higgins, James W., Høye, Toke T., Kruuk, Loeske E. B., Pemberton, Josephine M., Sparks, Tim H., Thompson, Paul M., White, Ian, Winfield, Ian J. and Wanless, Sarah (2016) Phenological sensitivity to climate across taxa and trophic levels. Nature, 535 (7611). pp. 241-245. ISSN 0028-0836

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Book Section

Hall, Stephen (2013) A place for grazing livestock on defining rurality? In: Interpreting rurality: multidisciplinary approaches. Taylor & Francis. ISBN 9780415696722

Book or Monograph

Hall, Stephen (2013) GC0146: development of co-ordinated in situ and ex situ UK farm animal genetic resources conservation strategy and implementation guidance. Defra and Livestock Diversity Ltd., London and Lincoln. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

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