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Pollux, Petra, Surr, Claire, Cohen, Judith, Huang, Chao, Wolverson, Emma, Turner, Rebecca and Hudson, John (2023) The Cognitive Daisy (COG-D) for improving care for residents with dementia in care homes: protocol of a feasibility RCT. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 9 (34). ISSN 2055-5784

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Hudson, John and Pollux, Petra (2018) The Cognitive Daisy – a novel method for recognising the cognitive status of older adults in residential care: Innovative practice. Dementia: the international journal of social research and practice . ISSN 1471-3012

Menchinelli, Federica, Pollux, Petra and Durrant, Simon (2017) Commentary: Musicians' online performance during auditory and visual statistical learning tasks. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 11 . p. 114. ISSN 1662-5161

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Pollux, Petra, Elliot, Victoria, Howard, Mark and Hudson, John (2016) Distinguishing between knowledge gaps and misconceptions of Alzheimer’s disease among caregivers in the UK. Journal of ageing research and healthcare, 1 (2). ISSN 2474-7785

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Hall, Sophie S., Pollux, Petra M. J., Roebuck, Hettie and Guo, Kun (2013) ERP evidence for human early visual sensitivity to co-linearity compared to co-circularity. Neuroscience Letters, 556 . pp. 46-51. ISSN 0304-3940

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Wright, Hannah F., Mills, Daniel S. and Pollux, Petra M. J. (2012) Behavioural and physiological correlates of impulsivity in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris). Physiology and Behavior, 105 (3). pp. 676-682. ISSN 0031-9384

Pollux, Petra, Hall, Sophie, Roebuck, Hettie and Guo, Kun (2011) Event-related potential correlates of the interaction between attention and spatiotemporal context regularity in vision. Neuroscience, 190 . pp. 258-269. ISSN 0306-4522

Wright, Hannah, Mills, Daniel and Pollux, Petra (2011) Development and validation of a psychometric tool for assessing impulsivity in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris). International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 24 (2). pp. 210-225. ISSN 0889-3667

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Pollux, Petra M. J. and Robertson, Colin (2001) Voluntary and automatic visual spatial shifts of attention in Parkinson's disease: an analysis of costs and benefits. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 23 (5). pp. 662-670. ISSN 1744-411x

Conference or Workshop contribution

Wright, Hannah, Mills, Daniel and Pollux, Petra (2008) Behavioural impulsivity in the domestic dog. In: Canine Science Forum, 5th-9th July 2008, Budapest, Hungary.

Hamilton, G., Goddard, Paul, Baldwin, Julie, Pollux, Petra and Bourke, Patrick (2002) Generating ogives to (i) analyse perceptual changes associated with ambiguous figures, and (ii) reaction times in an inhibition-of-return (IOR) task. In: 25th European Conference on Visual Perception, 25th - 29th August 2002, Glasgow.

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