Derrida and social networks: autoimmunity, ecanomie & general hospitality

Richards, Anthony (2012) Derrida and social networks: autoimmunity, ecanomie & general hospitality. In: Derrida Today 2012, July 11-13th 2012, University of California: Irvine.

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Within the optic of the late Derridean concept of autoimmunity, this paper aims to uncover the postclassical economic logic of social networks in terms of what I call ecanomie (a portmanteau of economy+anomie). To take aim at these developing autoimmunal social networking protocols, I will take Derrida’s biopolitical metaphor (more properly metalepsis) seriously by drawing upon important related work within an emergent immunological disciplinary strand that questions the idea of an interior ‘host’ as opposed to an invasive ‘parasite’ (the once dominant Burnetian self/nonself physiological paradigm).

Within contemporary social networks, where thanatopic errancies such as suicide are now more easily monetised, the once dominant immunal model of a host invaded by errant subcultural parasite, gives way to a more generalised errancy that one might see as generally autoimmune, even generally hospitable. Thus the once dominant protective or immunal world picturing classical broadcasting practices of a “host” culture begins to break up. In its place then comes a historically emergent age of the autoimmune excessive world picture.

While then, as with the Aristotelian ‘body politic’ or ‘body proper’, errancy might always already have been a subterranean feature (an inhering ‘différancy’, as I would call it) within a social networking signification, this economic housing is displaced and thus also its connective etymological relation to oikos, heim and domicile. Hence ecanomie would be an immanent science of the unheimlich, wherein autoimmune energies are now successfully worked back into a body now seen as generally unwholesome or generally hospitable. This strange new ecanomic longtail Leviathan utilises errant energies in an autoimmune fashion where classically autoimmune practices (such as suicide itself) no longer threaten or befuddle the system but now recirculate as bio-thanato-political energies.

Here an investigation of the connection between Derrida and recent immunological research will help to untie this new ecanomic logic of the social network.

Keywords:Derrida, Social networks, Auto-immunity, Biopolitics, Immunity, Post-Burnetian model, Aristotle, Différancy
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