Method of lactate elevation does not affect the determination of the lactate minimum

Smith, M.F, Balmer, J, Coleman, D , Bird, S and Davison, R (2002) Method of lactate elevation does not affect the determination of the lactate minimum. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 34 (11). pp. 1744-1749. ISSN 0195-9131

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Purpose: The aim of the study was to examine the effects of different lactate elevation protocols on the determination of the lactate minimum (Lacmin) point. Methods: Eight highly trained racing cyclists each completed four continuous ramp lactate minimum tests using the following blood lactate elevation protocols: 1) continuous ramp maximal aerobic power (RMPmax) assessment, 2) 30-s maximal sprint, 3) 40-s maximal sprint, and 4) two 20-s maximal sprints separated by a 1-min recovery. Each blood lactate elevation protocol was followed by a 5-min active recovery leading into a continuous ramp test commencing at a power of 60% of RMPmax, using a 6 W·min�1 ramp rate, lasting 15 min Results: Peak [La]b values were significantly higher (P 0.05) after the RMPmax compared with all other protocols and higher in the 40-s versus 30-s sprint. However, by the start of Lacmin ramp, [La]b after the RMPmax was no longer higher than the 40-s sprint,
but Lacmin [La]b was similar for all protocols. This resulted in no differences in the total decline of [La]b measured as a percentage from the highest to the lowest value. At Lacmin point, there were no significant differences in power (P 0.05), but heart rate was higher in the RMPmax versus 2 20 s and V˙ O2 was significantly higher after the 40 s compared with the 2 20 s protocol. Conclusion: This study demonstrated that the determination of lactate minimum power in cycling is not dependent upon the lactate elevation protocol.����

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