An Injustice of youth: the social Harm and Marginalisation of Young People in the UK

Formby, Adam (2022) An Injustice of youth: the social Harm and Marginalisation of Young People in the UK. In: Crime, Criminalisation and Injustice. Anthem Press. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

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Austerity measures in the UK have re-shaped and diminished many of the domains of welfare that comprise the ‘youth welfare state’. The impact of prolonged austerity (since 2010) has continually impacted the efficacy and range of social policy responses in areas such as youth justice, youth work, welfare and support, housing, health and education. As a result: contemporary youth is experiencing generational social harm and significant social othering – often whilst being denied voice in the society they live in resulting in new forms of social (in)justice as a result. Moreover, these developments have worsened due to the Covid-19 epidemic (which has further decreased living standards for all young people), prompting concerns about the marginalisation of young people from relevant social and political structures. Negative portrayals of young people framed around ‘irresponsibility’ and ‘risky behaviors’ contradict evidence that demonstrates the opposite: as many young people seek to volunteer and support others whilst experienced significant forms of social harm. As a result, contemporary global youth are currently experiencing generational social harm(s) and social othering whilst often being denied a voice in the societies they live in. If truth be told, the youth of today are experiencing new forms of social injustice and, to add insult to injury, these developments have become worse as the Covid-19 epidemic has persistently decreased living standards for many young people around the world.

Keywords:Youth; social harm; social policy; welfare state
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