The Impact of Rhizospheric Microbiota Manipulation on Crops

Cole, Joshua (2020) The Impact of Rhizospheric Microbiota Manipulation on Crops. Masters thesis, University of Lincoln.

The Impact of Rhizospheric Microbiota Manipulation on Crops
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Humanity appears on the cusp of one of the most challenging periods to date. An ever-growing population and subsequent demand for sustenance, land and living quality places pressure upon already strained resources. An ever-competitive global market exacerbates environmental concerns, placing profit over sustainability. Agriculture is at the forefront of these problems; both causing and being harmed by the implications. This project investigates the viability of potential sustainable methods of agricultural practice, in attempt to identify a remedy for much needed reform; the use of microbial inoculants within agriculture poses as a possible solution.

This thesis-based hypotheses around the viability of microbial inoculation, the potential for direct manipulation of the rhizosphere and the comparative capabilities of microbial inoculation with current agrochemical-based practice. Initially microbes with the ability to promote plant growth were identified and isolated. Consortiums of these beneficial microbes were constructed. The engineering of specific microbiomes were constructed by inoculating sterilised soil with varying combinations of these microbes. Commercially relevant crop species (including wheat and mustard) were tested to provide agriculturally relevant data.

The results identified the success of consortium-based treatments by increasing a multitude of important plant growth characteristics. A clear novel trend in minimal synthetic soil communities was discovered, providing data that could help shape future commercial products. While the results did not quite outcompete current agrochemical practice, it shows promise and highlights the need for further concentrated efforts in order to achieve agricultural sustainability.

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