Phase-Change Memory by GeSbTe Electrodeposition in Crossbar Arrays

Noori, Yasir J., Meng, Lingcong, Jaafar, Ayoub H. , Zhang, Wenjian, Kissling, Gabriela P., Han, Yisong, Abdelazim, Nema, Alibouri, Mehrdad, LeBlanc, Kathleen, Zhelev, Nikolay, Huang, Ruomeng, Beanland, Richard, Smith, David C., Reid, Gillian, de Groot, Kees and Bartlett, Philip N. (2021) Phase-Change Memory by GeSbTe Electrodeposition in Crossbar Arrays. ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 3 (8). pp. 3610-3618. ISSN 2637-6113

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Phase-change memory is an emerging type of nonvolatile memory that shows a strong presence in the data-storage market. This technology has also recently attracted significant research interest in the development of non-Von Neumann computing architectures such as in-memory and neuromorphic computing. Research in these areas has been primarily motivated by the scalability potential of phase-change materials in crossbar architectures and their compatibility with industrial nanofabrication processes. In this work, we have developed crossbar phase-change memory arrays through the electrodeposition of GeSbTe (GST). We show that GST can be electrodeposited in nanofabricated TiN crossbar arrays using a scalable process. Various characterization techniques, such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and energy-dispersive X-ray (EDX) were used to study electrodeposited materials in these arrays. Phase-switching tests of electrodeposited materials have shown a resistance switching ratio of 2 orders of magnitude with an endurance of around 80 cycles. Demonstrating crossbar phase-change memories via electrodeposition paves the way toward using this technique for developing scalable memory arrays involving electrodeposited materials for passive selectors and phase-switching devices.

Keywords:electrodeposition, nonaqueous, phase-change memory, germanium antimonide telluride, Crossbar, TiN
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