Raman mapping glucose metabolites during human mesenchymal stem cell adipogenesis

Subramanian, Gomathy, Stylianou, Con, Phang, In Yee , Cool, Simon, Nurcombe, Victor, Lear, Martin, Gorelik, Sergey, Fernig, David and Hobley, Jonathan (2020) Raman mapping glucose metabolites during human mesenchymal stem cell adipogenesis. bioRxiv .

Full content URL: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.04.19.048827

Raman mapping glucose metabolites during human mesenchymal stem cell adipogenesis
Keywords: Raman spectral mapping, Raman microscopy, deuterium labeling, glucose metabolism, human mesenchymal stem cells, triacylglyceride.
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Raman mapping was used to determine the lipid distribution inside human mesenchymal stem cells during induced adipogenesis by monitoring C-H stretching bands of the fats inside the lipid droplets. By incorporating deuterated glucose into the cell culture medium during induction it was possible to distinguish whether or not downstream metabolites, either in lipid droplets or in the cytoplasm, had been formed before or after the adipogenic cascade, because C-D stretching bands are 1/√2 shifted compared to the C-H bands. Thus, metabolites formed after the initiation of the process displayed both C-H and C-D stretching bands and so were forming during induced adipogenesis rather than prior to it. With the ability to distinguish small putative lipid drops formed by the induction of adipogenesis from those pre-formed in the cell, it was possible to analyze spectral changes occurring in the droplets at the earliest stages of adipogenesis. There were two key findings. Firstly, Raman spectra of lipid droplets evolved over time, suggesting that their composition at the early stages was not the same as at the later stages. Secondly, it was apparent that the proportion of unsaturated fats in droplets was higher at early stages than it was at later stages, suggesting that unsaturated fats arrive in the droplets faster than saturated ones.

Keywords:Raman Spectroscopy
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