A study of the effects of sodium halides on the performance of air-jet and vibrating-mesh nebulizers

Najlah, M., Vali, A., Taylor, M. , Arafat, B. T., Ahmed, W., Phoenix, D. A., Taylor, K. M. G. and Elhissi, A. (2013) A study of the effects of sodium halides on the performance of air-jet and vibrating-mesh nebulizers. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 456 (2). pp. 520-527. ISSN 0378-5173

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The influence of sodium halide electrolytes on aerosols generated from the Aeroneb Pro vibrating mesh nebulizer and the Sidestream air-jet nebulizer has been evaluated. Fluids with a range of concentrations of Na halides (i.e. NaF, NaCl, NaBr and NaI) were used as nebulizer solutions and their effect on aerosol properties such as total aerosol output, fine particle fraction (FPF), volume median diameter (VMD) and predicted regional airway deposition were investigated. For both nebulizers, the inclusion of electrolyte significantly enhanced the aerosol properties compared with HPLC grade (deionized) water. Aerosol output, FPF and aerosol fraction less than 2.15 μm were directly proportional to electrolyte concentration. Furthermore, the proportion of aerosols that are likely to deposit in the oropharyngeal region, and the VMD of the droplets were inversely related to the electrolyte concentration for both nebulizers. In general, the inclusion of electrolytes had a greater impact on the aerosol properties of the vibrating-mesh nebulizer. In the Aeroneb Pro, NaI 2.0 (w/v) was the optimum solution as it generated the highest aerosol output, FPF and output fraction below 2.15 μm with the lowest VMD and minimal predicted oropharyngeal deposition. This was attributed to the polarizing ability of iodide ions present in the largest quantity at the air-water interface. This study has shown that the Aeroneb Pro vibrating-mesh device demonstrated greatly enhanced aerosol properties when halides were included in the nebulizer solutions. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Keywords:electrolyte, fluoride sodium, halide, sodium, sodium bromide, sodium chloride, sodium iodide, water, aerosol, article, controlled study, drug delivery device, high performance liquid chromatography, laser diffraction, medical nebulizer, nebulization, oropharynx, particle size, portable air compressor, priority journal, surface tension, Aerosol, Nebulizer, Polarizing ability, Surface tension, Administration, Inhalation, Aerosols, Electrolytes, Nebulizers and Vaporizers
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