A facile approach to manufacturing non-ionic surfactant nanodipsersions using proniosome technology and high-pressure homogenization

Najlah, M., Hidayat, K., Omer, H. K. , Mwesigwa, E., Ahmed, W., AlObaidy, K. G., Phoenix, D. A. and Elhissi, A. (2015) A facile approach to manufacturing non-ionic surfactant nanodipsersions using proniosome technology and high-pressure homogenization. Journal of Liposome Research, 25 (1). pp. 32-37. ISSN 0898-2104

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In this study, a niosome nanodispersion was manufactured using high-pressure homogenization following the hydration of proniosomes. Using beclometasone dipropionate (BDP) as a model drug, the characteristics of the homogenized niosomes were compared with vesicles prepared via the conventional approach of probe-sonication. Particle size, zeta potential, and the drug entrapment efficiency were similar for both size reduction mechanisms. However, high-pressure homogenization was much more efficient than sonication in terms of homogenization output rate, avoidance of sample contamination, offering a greater potential for a large-scale manufacturing of noisome nanodispersions. For example, high-pressure homogenization was capable of producing small size niosomes (209 nm) using a short single-step of size reduction (6 min) as compared with the time-consuming process of sonication (237 nm in >18 min) and the BDP entrapment efficiency was 29.65 ± 4.04 and 36.4 ± 2.8. In addition, for homogenization, the output rate of the high-pressure homogenization was 10 ml/min compared with 0.83 ml/min using the sonication protocol. In conclusion, a facile, applicable, and highly efficient approach for preparing niosome nanodispersions has been established using proniosome technology and high-pressure homogenization. © 2014 Informa Healthcare USA, Inc.

Keywords:beclometasone dipropionate, liposome, niosome, nonionic surfactant, Article, dispersion, dynamic light scattering, film, high pressure homogenization, laser diffraction, light scattering, microscopy, nanodispersion, nanofabrication, nanotechnology, particle size, priority journal, proniosome technology, reduction, staining, surface charge, time, transmission electron microscopy, ultrasound, zeta potential, NotOAChecked
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