Cross-modal transfer of statistical information benefits from sleep

Durrant, Simon J., Cairney, Scott A. and Lewis, Penelope A. (2016) Cross-modal transfer of statistical information benefits from sleep. Cortex, 78 . pp. 85-99. ISSN 0010-9452

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Cross-modal transfer of statistical information benefits from sleep
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Extracting regularities from a sequence of events is essential for understanding our environment. However, there is no consensus regarding the extent to which such regularities can be generalised beyond the modality of learning. One reason for this could be the variation in consolidation intervals used in different paradigms, also including an opportunity to sleep. Using a novel statistical learning paradigm in which structured information is acquired in the auditory domain and tested in the visual domain over either 30min or 24hr consolidation intervals, we show that cross-modal transfer can occur, but this transfer is only seen in the 24hr group. Importantly, the extent of cross-modal transfer is predicted by the amount of SWS obtained. Additionally, cross-modal transfer is associated with the same pattern of decreasing MTL and increasing striatal involvement which has previously been observed to occur across 24 hours in unimodal statistical learning. We also observed enhanced functional connectivity after 24 hours in a network of areas which have been implicated in cross-modal integration including the precuneus and the middle occipital gyrus. Finally, functional connectivity between the striatum and the precuneus was also enhanced, and this strengthening was predicted by SWS. These results demonstrate that statistical learning can generalise to some extent beyond the modality of acquisition, and together with our previously published unimodal results, support the notion that statistical learning is both domain-general and domain-specific.

Keywords:Consolidation, Cross-Modal, Sleep, Abstraction, Transfer, NotOAChecked
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