The effect of intergroup competition on intragroup affiliation in primates

Majolo, Bonaventura, de Bortoli Vizioli, Aurora and Lehmann, Julia (2016) The effect of intergroup competition on intragroup affiliation in primates. Animal Behaviour, 114 . pp. 13-19. ISSN 0003-3472

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The effect of intergroup competition on intragroup affiliation in primates
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Researchers from various disciplines have hypothesized a positive correlation between the level of intergroup contest competition (IGCC) and the evolution of behavioural traits, such as cooperation, altruism and friendship, which promote intragroup affiliation. Empirical support for this hypothesis is, however, scarce and mainly available from humans. We tested whether the level of IGCC affects intragroup affiliation (i.e. intragroup grooming exchange) among male and female nonhuman primates. To quantify intragroup affiliation, we used social network measures and a grooming index. Our measure of IGCC combined frequency of intergroup encounters and proportion of aggressive encounters and was calculated separately for males and females. We ran our analyses on 27 wild groups of primates belonging to 15 species (13 Cercopithecinae, one Colobinae and one Cebinae). Our analyses reveal a clear pattern of correlated evolution between grooming network density and interindividual variation in the number of grooming partners on the one hand and the intensity of IGCC on the other in females, but not males. Thus, our results suggest that the exact nature of the relationship between IGCC and intragroup affiliation is sex specific. These results may be explained by the differential costs and benefits males and females experience during aggressive intergroup confrontations and by sex-specific differences in intragroup affiliation.

Keywords:affiliation, collective action problem, competition, Monkeys, Grooming, NotOAChecked
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