Nests, eggs and incubation: new ideas about avian reproduction

Deeming, D. Charles and Reynolds, S. James (2015) Nests, eggs and incubation: new ideas about avian reproduction. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198718666

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Avian incubation is a critical part of reproduction and was extensively covered in the OUP book Avian Incubation published in 2002. This new book updates the older one by introducing new concepts that have arisen over the intervening years as well as updating key areas of research. The new book does not replace Avian Incubation but, rather, reinforces and supplements it. Therefore, this book covers four key areas: nest, eggs, incubation, and the study of avian reproduction. After an initial introduction about incubation research and a chapter reviewing the fossil record of avian reproduction chapters 3-6 focus on nest biology, including construction behaviour, functional properties, nest ecology, and the potential effects of climate change. Chapters 7-11 deal with egg biology with chapters addressing microbiology, allometry, energetics, and eggs as signals. Behaviour, energetics of incubation and the effects of incubation on post-hatching phenotype are reviewed in chapters 12-14. The study of avian reproduction is a new topic that was not covered in the previous book 13 years earlier. Chapters 15-17 deal with techniques for studying nests and the processes of incubation, the application of incubation science to conservation, and the contribution of citizen science to the study of reproduction of wild birds. The final chapter looks forward to new areas of study. Overall, this book collates and describes a range of recent developments in avian reproduction and complements the previous book in bringing the field right up to date.

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