Dietary nitrate enhances power output during the early phases of maximal intensity sprint cycling

Corry, Lee and Gee, Thomas (2015) Dietary nitrate enhances power output during the early phases of maximal intensity sprint cycling. International Journal of Coaching Science, 9 (2). pp. 87-97. ISSN 1975-8286

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Ingestion of dietary nitrate has shown to improve endurance exercise performance, however effects on
short-term maximal intensity exercise are currently unknown. The study aimed to investigate whether
supplementation with dietary nitrate has an ergogenic effect on sprint cycling exercise. Following a baseline
trial, ten recreationally active males consumed, in a counterbalanced fashion, 0.14 L of either nitrate-rich
beetroot juice (8 mmol.NO3-1) or placebo, the day before and 40 min prior to performing a maximal 30 s
Wingate cycling test. Following nitrate supplementation there was a ‘possible’ increase in mean power (7.95 ± 0.55 during the 30 s sprint compared to control (7.78 ± 0.61 and placebo conditions (7.63 ± 0.91 (47% chance; 90% CI: -0.09 - 0.43 On further analysis, via division into 5 s phases;
participants experienced ‘likely’ increases in mean power during 5-10 s (77% chance; 90% CI: -0.01 – 0.65 and 10-15 s (81% chance; 90% CI: 0.05 – 0.57 phases following nitrate supplementation
compared to control and placebo. The consumption of dietary nitrate, seemingly enhanced power output
between 5 to 15 s of maximal cycling, this occurred despite nitrate having no distinctive effect on overall
cycling performance.

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