Recognition of faces of known individuals in two lemur species (Eulemur fulvus and E. macaco)

Marechal, Laetitia, Genty, Emily and Roeder, Jean-Jacques (2010) Recognition of faces of known individuals in two lemur species (Eulemur fulvus and E. macaco). Animal Behaviour, 79 (5). pp. 1157-1163. ISSN 0003-3472

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Three brown lemurs, Eulemur fulvus, and two black lemurs, Eulemur macaco, were trained to select
consistently the photograph of the face of a known individual (KI: belonging to the same social group)
when it was presented simultaneously with a photograph of the face of an unfamiliar individual
(UI: belonging to another social group). After the learning phase, the subjects were presented with new
pairs of photographs (KI versus UI: photographs that were not used in the learning phase), the same pairs
presented in different associations, and finally pairs of photographs that were completely novel
(50 different pairs). All the subjects selected the KI significantly more often than the UI under all
conditions. Additional tests showed that the subjects preferentially selected photographs of a UI
belonging to their own species versus a UI belonging to the other species. No preference was observed
when the subjects were presented with two KI or with their own photograph associated with a UI. These
results reveal that the face contains information allowing lemurs to discriminate familiar individuals
from unfamiliar ones.

Keywords:discrimination, Eulemur fulvus, Eulemur macaco, face recognition, lemur
Subjects:L Social studies > L620 Physical and Biological Anthropology
C Biological Sciences > C880 Social Psychology
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