Zinc(II) complexes of putative obligate tetrahedrally co-ordinating pro-ligands

Connor, Joseph A., Charlton, Michael, Cupertino, Domenico C. , Lienke, Achim, McPartlin, Mary, Scowen, Ian J. and Tasker, Peter A. (1996) Zinc(II) complexes of putative obligate tetrahedrally co-ordinating pro-ligands. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Trans. (13). pp. 2835-2838. ISSN 1477-9226, 0300-9246

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An attempt to impose tetrahedral geometry on zinc() through use of bis(salicylideneamino)biphenyl pro-ligands has produced hydrolytically sensitive complexes. The single-crystal structures of ZnL(EtOH)HL = 6{,}6prime or minute]-dimethyl-2,2prime or minute-bis(salicylideneamino)biphenylmonoclinic{,} space group 2/{,} = 11.654(2){,} = 11.753(2){,} = 18.878(3)A{,} small beta= 98.97(2)degree{,} = 4 and its pro-ligand HL monoclinic{,} space group 2/{,} = 13.911(2){,} = 13.759(2){,} = 12.015(2)A{,} small beta= 94.836(10)degree{,} = 4 have been determined. The co-ordination geometry at zinc is slightly distorted trigonal bipyramidal.

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