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Abatecola, Gianpaolo and Caputo, Andrea and Cristofaro, Matteo (2018) Reviewing cognitive distortions in managerial decision making: towards an integrative co-evolutionary framework. Journal of Management Development . ISSN 0262-1711

Abdul Manaf, Halimah and Armstrong, Steven J. and Lawton, Alan and Harvey, William S. (2018) Managerial tacit knowledge, individual performance, and the moderating role of employee personality. International Journal of Public Administration . ISSN 0190-0692

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Abrahams, Ian and Constantinou, Marina and Fotou, Nikolaos and Potterton, Beverley (2018) The Chimera that is education for sustainability. In: Building bridges across disciplines. Shaker, Aachen, Germany, pp. 29-36. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

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Adel.N, N and Alkaraan, F (2018) Strategic investment acquisitions performance in UK firms: the impact of managerial overconfidence. Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting . ISSN 1985-2517

Agapito, Dora (2018) The contribution of external factors to the marketing management of appealing hospitality experiences: Testing a framework in a rural tourism context. In: 8th Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing and Management conference, June 25-29, 2018., Bangkok, Thailand.

Agapito, Dora (2018) A contribution to marketing sustainable and innovative sensory-themed tourist experiences in rural destinations. In: International Conference on Sustainable Tourism, 17-18 May 2018, Hong Kong.

Agapito, Dora and et, al. (2018) The contribution of external factors to the marketing management of appealing hospitality experiences. In: LIBS Research Showcase, June 13, 2018, University of Lincoln.

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Ahmed, Waqar and Khan, Iftikhar and Yousaf, Sakib and Subramanian, Sneha and Albed Alhnan, Mohamed and Elhissi, Abdelbary (2018) Proliposome Powders for the Generation of Liposomes: the Influence of Carbohydrate Carrier and Separation Conditions on Crystallinity and Entrapment of a Model Antiasthma Steroid. AAPS PharmSciTech . ISSN 1530-9932

Ahoba-Sam, Rhoda and Charles, David and Salomaa, Maria (2018) On overcoming the barriers to regional engagement Reflections from the University of Lincoln. In: Regional Innovation Policy conference, 26th-27th of October 2017, University of Santiago de Compostela.

Ahoba-Sam, Rhoda and Salomaa, Maria and Charles, David (2018) On Overcoming the Barriers to Regional Development: Reflections from the University of Lincoln. Working Paper. RUNIN working paper series.

Akram, Umair and Milkins, Bronwyn and Ypsilanti, Antonia and John, Reidy and Lazuras, Lambros and Stevenson, Jodie and Notebaert, Lies and Barclay, Nicola (2018) The therapeutic potential of attentional bias modification training for insomnia: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials . ISSN 0

Akrour, R. and Abdolmaleki, A. and Abdulsamad, H. and Peters, J. and Neumann, Gerhard (2018) Model-Free Trajectory-based Policy Optimization with Monotonic Improvement. Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), 19 (14). pp. 1-25. ISSN 1532-4435

Akter, Mansura and Rahman, Mahfuzur and Radicic, Dragana (2018) Regulatory barriers of internationalisation for the SMEs: an emerging market context. In: 45th Academy of International Business (UK & Ireland Chapter) Annual Conference, 12-14 April 2018, The University of Birmingham, Birmingham,UK.

Al Qadi, Shireen and Sodagar, Behzad and Elnokaly, Amira (2018) Estimating the heating energy consumption of the residential buildings in Hebron, Palestine. Journal of Cleaner Production, 196 . pp. 1292-1305. ISSN 0959-6526

Al-Khafaji, Alaa and Clegg, Simon and Pinder, Alice and Luu, Lisa and Hansford, Kayleigh and Seelig, Frederik and Dinnis, Ruth and Margos, Gabriele and Medlock, Jolyon and Feil, Edward and Darby, Alistair and McGarry, John and Gilbert, Lucy and Plantard, Olivier and Sassera, Davide and Makepeace, Benjamin (2018) Multi-locus sequence typing of Ixodes ricinus and its symbiont Candidatus Midichloria mitochondrii across Europe reveals evidence of local co-cladogenesis in Scotland. Tick and Tick Borne Diseases, 10 (1). pp. 52-62. ISSN 1877-959X

Alahmer, Hussein (2018) Automated Characterisation and Classification of Liver Lesions From CT Scans. PhD thesis, University of Lincoln.

Albayati, Ibrahim (2018) Environmental Impact of High Altitudes on the Operation of PEM Fuel Cell Based UAS. Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 10 (3). pp. 87-105. ISSN 1949-243X

Albayati, Ibrahim (2018) Experimental Testing and Validation of the Mathematical Model for a Self-Humidifying PEM Fuel Cell. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering . ISSN 2327-6045

Albuquerque, Natalia and Guo, Kun and Wilkinson, Anna and Resende, Briseida and Mills, Daniel S. (2018) Mouth-licking by dogs as a response to emotional stimuli. Behavioural Processes, 146 . pp. 42-45. ISSN 0376-6357

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Alexandris Polomarkakis, Konstantinos (2018) The UK out, Social Europe in? Rethinking EU social integration in the wake of Brexit. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 69 (3). ISSN 0029-3105

Ali, Amal (2018) The Challenges of Brexit: Highlighting Intersectional Invisibilities. In: Human Rights in a Changing Europe – Colliding Spheres of Justice?, 15/06/2018, Queen's University Belfast.

Ali, Amal (2018) Intersectionality before the courts: the face veil cases. In: New directions in anti-racist scholarship and activism. Zed Publishing. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Alkaraan, Fadi (2018) Public accountability, governance and the opportunity cost of ignoring reform strategies: socioeconomic impacts of political and institutional corruption- Evidence from a burning country. In: Accounting and Accountability in Emerging Economies (AAEE) Conference 2018, Thu 28 - Fri 29 Jun 18, Colchester Campus, Essex Business School.

Alkaraan, Fadi (2018) Public financial management reform: an ongoing journey towards good governance. Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, 16 (4). pp. 585-609. ISSN 1985-2517

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Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn (2018) ‘Weather work’: embodiment and weather learning in a national outdoor exercise programme. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 10 (1). pp. 63-74. ISSN 2159-676X

Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn and Bamber, Matthew and McCormack, John (2018) The great divide? Occupational limbo and permanent liminality amongst ‘teaching only’ staff in higher education. In: British Sociological Association Annual Conference, ‘Desire, Excess & Waste’, 10 - 12 April 2018, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn and Crust, Lee and Swann, Christian (2018) ‘Endurance work’: embodiment and the mind-body nexus in the physical culture of high-altitude mountaineering. Sociology, 52 (6). pp. 1324-1341. ISSN 0038-0385

Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn and Vaittinen, Anu and Jennings, George and Owton, Helen (2018) Exploring lived heat, ‘temperature work’ and embodiment: novel auto/ethnographic insights from physical cultures. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 47 (3). pp. 283-305. ISSN 0891-2416

University of Lincoln (2018) Computerized tomography systems and methods. .

Allsop, Bradley and Briggs, Jacqueline and Kisby, Ben (2018) Market Values and Youth Political Engagement in the UK: Towards an Agenda for Exploring the Psychological Impacts of Neo-Liberalism. Societies, 8 (4). pp. 1-20. ISSN 2075-4698

Alseragy, A and Elnokaly, Amira and Abul-Ela, M (2018) Heritage-led Urban Regeneration as a catalyst for Sustainable Urban Development. In: 6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, 12th - 15th June 2018, Granada, Spain.

Alsuraykh, N.H. and Maior, Horia and Wilson, M.L. and Tennent, P. and Sharples, S. (2018) How stress affects functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) measurements of mental workload. In: 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, April, 2018, Montreal QC Canada.

Aluffi, Giuliano and Ruffino, Paolo (2018) Come riprendersi il relax di una volta (English translation: how to claim back your leisure). [Impact]

Aly, Abdelrahman and Elnokaly, Amira and Mills, Glen (2018) A Critical Investigation of Methods Applied to Multi-Configuration Households on Energy Consumption Patterns within the Building Performance Gap in the UK. In: Building Simulation and Optimisation 2018, IBPSA-England, 11-12 September 2018, Emmanuel College, Cambridge.

Amsler, Sarah and Motta, Sara C. (2018) The marketised university and the politics of motherhood. Gender and Education . ISSN 0954-0253

Anitha, Sundari and Gill, Aisha (2018) Making politics visible: discourses on gender and race in the problematisation of sex-selective abortion. Feminist Review . ISSN 0141-7789

Anitha, Sundari and Lewis, Ruth (2018) Gender based violence in university communities: policy, prevention and educational interventions in Britain. Policy Press, Bristol. ISBN 9781447336594

Anitha, Sundari and Lewis, Ruth (2018) Introduction: Some reflections in these promising and challenging times. In: Gender based violence in university communities: policy, prevention and educational interventions in Britain. Policy Press, Bristol. ISBN 9781447336594

Anitha, Sundari and Pearson, Ruth (2018) Striking women: struggles and strategies of South Asian women workers from Grunwick to Gate Gourmet. Lawrence & Wishart, London. ISBN 9781912064854

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Anitha, Sundari and Yalamarty, Harshita and Roy, Anupama (2018) Changing nature and emerging patterns of domestic violence in global contexts: dowry abuse and the transnational abandonment of wives in India. Women's Studies International Forum, 69 . pp. 67-75. ISSN 0277-5395

Anvarian, Amir and Smith, MP and Overton, TW (2018) Use of flow cytometry and total viable count to determine the effects of orange juice composition on the physiology of Escherichia coli. Food Science and Nutrition . ISSN 2048-7177

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Ardley, Barry (2018) The Lincoln Magna Carta: interpreting a Memory of the World. Discussion Paper. Barry Ardley.

Ardley, Barry and Hedison, Miles and Taylor, Nick (2018) “The most important document for civilisation:” Magna Carta and the heritage servicescape. In: Academy of Marketing annual conference, 2nd -5th july, Stirling University.

Arenz, O. and Zhong, M. and Neumann, Gerhard (2018) Efficient Gradient-Free Variational Inference using Policy Search. In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Machine Learning.

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Armstrong, Stephanie and Langlois, Adele and Siriwardena, Niro (2018) Paramedic views and experiences of the ethical considerations in ambulance based clinical trials: an interview study. In: Research for Impact in 999 Emergency Care, 26th & 27th March 2018, Stirling.

Arrospide, F and Mao, L and Escauriaza, C (2018) Morphological evolution of the Maipo River in central Chile: Influence of instream gravel mining. Geomorphology, 306 . pp. 182-197. ISSN 0169-555X

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Asghar, Zahid and Siriwardena, Niro (2018) Performance of candidates with dyslexia in the Applied Knowledge Test for membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners. In: SAPC ASM 2017 - Warwick 46th annual scientific meeting, 12 - 14 July 2017, Warwick.

Asghar, Zahid and Siriwardena, Niro and Phung, Viet-Hai and Lord, Bill and Foster, Theresa and Pocock, Helen and Williams, Julia and Snooks, Helen (2018) Exploring factors increasing paramedics’ likelihood of administering analgesia in pre-hospital pain: cross sectional study (ExPLAIN). In: SAPC Regional Conference, 13 Mar 2018, University of Sheffield.

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Ashman, Sinclair (2018) The Black Beach at Myrdalshreppur. [Artefact]

Ashman, Sinclair (2018) Myrdalshreppur. [Artefact]

Ashman, Sinclair (2018) Pathways (collagraph print). [Artefact]

Ashman, Sinclair (2018) Rangarping Eystra I. [Artefact]

Ashman, Sinclair (2018) Territory. [Artefact]

Ashman, Sinclair (2018) Trace (monoprint). [Artefact]

Aston, Amy (2018) Do Clinical Psychologists Have a Role in Clients' Use of Psychotropic Medication?: A Mixed Methods Investigation Exploring Current Forms of Involvement. DClinPsy thesis, University of Lincoln.

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Avdic, Dalila (2018) Neutrophil count prediction in childhood cancer patients receiving 6-mercaptopurine chemotherapy treatment. PhD thesis, University of Lincoln.


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Bal, Matthijs (2018) Waardigheid in Human Resource Management? Een Exploratie van de Betekenis van Waardigheid in Werk. Tijdschrift voor HRM, 2018 (3). pp. 38-54. ISSN 1388-1302

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Huang, J.J. and Hughes, C. and Huynh, C.K. and Igumbor, E.U. and Ikeda, C.T. and Ilesanmi, O.S. and Iqbal, U. and Irvani, S.S.N. and Irvine, C.M.S. and Islam, S.M.S. and Islami, F. and Ivers, R.Q. and Izadi, N. and Jacobsen, K.H. and Jahangiry, L. and Jahanmehr, N. and Jain, S.K. and Jakovljevic, M. and Jalu, M.T. and Jamal, A.A. and James, S.L. and Jassal, S.K. and Javanbakht, M. and Jayatilleke, A.U. and Jeemon, P. and Jha, R.P. and Jha, V. and Ji, J.S. and Johnson, C.O. and Johnson, S.C. and Jonas, J.B. and Jonnagaddala, J. and Shushtari, Z.J. and Joshi, A. and Jozwiak, J.J. and Jungari, S.B. and Jürisson, M. and Madhanraj, K. and Kabir, Z. and Kadel, R. and Kahsay, A. and Kahssay, M. and Kalani, R. and Kapil, U. and Karami, M. and Matin, B.K. and Karanikolos, M. and Karimi, N. and Karimi, S.M. and Karimi-Sari, H. and Kasaeian, A. and Kassa, D.H. and Kassa, G.M. and Kassa, T.D. and Kassa, Z.Y. and Kassebaum, N.J. and Katikireddi, S.V. and Kaul, A. and Kawakami, N. and Kazemi, Z. and 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Muthupandian, S. and Nabhan, A.F. and Nachega, J.B. and Nagarajan, A.J. and Nagel, G. and Naghavi, M. and Naheed, A. and Nahvijou, A. and Naidoo, K. and Naik, G. and Naik, N. and Najafi, F. and Naldi, L. and Nam, H.S. and Nangia, V. and Nansseu, J.R. and Nascimento, B.R. and Nawaz, H. and Neamati, N. and Negoi, I. and Negoi, R.I. and Neupane, S. and Newton, C.R.J. and Ngalesoni, F.N. and Ngunjiri, J.W. and Nguyen, A. and Nguyen, G. and Nguyen, H. and Nguyen, H.L.T. and Nguyen, H.T. and Nguyen, M. and Nichols, E. and Nigatu, S.G. and Ningrum, D.N.A. and Nirayo, Y.L. and Nisar, M.I. and Nixon, M.R. and Nolutshungu, N. and Nomura, M. and Norheim, O.F. and Noroozi, M. and Norrving, B. and Noubiap, J.J. and Nouri, H.R. and Shiadeh, M.N. and Nowroozi, M.R. and Nyasulu, P.S. and Obermeyer, C.M. and Ofori-Asenso, R. and Ogah, O.S. and Ogbo, F.A. and Oh, I.-H. and Okoro, A. and Oladimeji, K.E. and Oladimeji, O. and Olagunju, A.T. and Olagunju, T.O. and Olivares, P.R. and Olsen, H.E. and Olusanya, B.O. and Olusanya, J.O. and Ong, K.L. and Ong, S.K. and Oommen, A.M. and Opio, J.N. and Oren, E. and Oros, A. and Ortega-Altamirano, D.D.V. and Ortiz, A. and Ortiz, J.R. and Ortiz-Panozo, E. and Ota, E. and Otstavnov, S.S. and Owolabi, M.O. and Mahesh, P.A. and Pakhale, S. and Pakhare, A.P. and Pan, W.-H. and Pana, A. and Panda, B.K. and Panda-Jonas, S. and Pandian, J.D. and Papantoniou, N. and Park, E.-K. and Parry, C.D.H. and Parsian, H. and Patel, S. and Pati, S. and Patle, A. and Patton, G.C. and Paturi, V.R. and Paudel, D. and Paulson, K.R. and Pearce, N. and Peprah, E.K. and Pereira, D.M. and Perico, N. and Pervaiz, A. and Pesudovs, K. and Petri, W.A. and Petzold, M. and Phillips, M.R. and Pigott, D.M. and Pillay, J.D. and Pirsaheb, M. and Pletcher, M. and Pond, C.D. and Postma, M.J. and Pourshams, A. and Poustchi, H. and Prabhakaran, D. and Prakash, S. and Prasad, N. and Purcell, C.A. and Pyakurel, M. and Qorbani, M. and Quansah, R. and Radfar, A. and Rafay, A. and 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