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Allinson, Nigel and Johnson, Martin J. (1993) Self-organising N-tuple feature maps. Neural Network World, 5 . pp. 511-530. ISSN 1210-0552

Baron, M. G. and Narayanaswamy, R. and Thorpe, S. C. (1993) Luminescent porphyrin thin films for NOX sensing. Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical, 11 (1-3). pp. 195-199. ISSN 0925-4005

Baron, M. G. and Narayanaswamy, R. and Thorpe, S. C. (1993) Optical thin films for gas sensing. Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical, 14 (1-3). pp. 543-544. ISSN 0925-4005

Bingham, Chris and White , B. A. (1993) Hierarchical variable structure control for aerospace systems. In: IASTED International Conference - Modelling, Identification and Control, 1993, Innsbruck, Austria.

Bridges, David and Kerry, Trevor (1993) Developing teachers professionally. Routledge, London. ISBN 0415092965

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Cragoe, Matthew (1993) The Golden Grove: interest in Carmarthenshire politics, 1804-1821. Welsh History Review, 16 (4). pp. 467-493. ISSN 0043-2431

Dagnelie, P. C. and Bell, J. D. and Williams, S. C. and Bates, T. E. and Abel, P. D. and Foster, C. S. (1993) Altered phosphorylation status, phospholipid metabolism and gluconeogenesis in the host liver of rats with prostate cancer: a 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. British Journal of Cancer, 67 (6). pp. 1303-1309. ISSN 0007-0920

Deeming, D. C. and Halstead, L. B. and Manabe, M. and Unwin, D. M. (1993) An ichthyosaur embryo from the Lower Lias (Jurassic: Hettingan) of Somerset, England, with comments on the reproductive biology of ichthyosaurs. Modern Geology . pp. 423-442. ISSN 0026-7775

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Gillman, Michael P. and Bullock, J. M. and Silvertown, J. and Clear Hill, B. (1993) A density-dependent model of Cirsium vulgare population dynamics using field-estimated parameter values. Oecologia, 96 (2). pp. 282-289. ISSN 0029-8549

Gordon, T. J. and Marsh, C. and Wu, Q. H. (1993) Stochastic optimal control of active vehicle suspensions using learning automata. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part I, Journal of systems and control engineering, 207 (3). pp. 143-152. ISSN 0959-6518

Hall, Stephen J. G. and RUANE, John (1993) Livestock breeds and their conservation: a global overview. Conservation Biology, 7 (4). pp. 815-825. ISSN 0888-8892

Harding, E. A. and Jaggar, J. H. and Squires, Paul E. and Dunne, M. J. (1993) Protein kinase C and the modulation of ATP-sensitive potassium channels in insulin-secreting cells. Biochemical Society Transactions, 21 (4). 388S. ISSN 0300-5127

Hogue, Todd (1993) Attitudes towards prisoners and sexual offenders. In: DCLP Occasional Papers: Sexual Offenders. British Psychological Society, Leicester, pp. 27-32. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Hunter, Andrew (1993) An artificial trading system. Working Paper. University of Sunderland. (Unpublished)

Jaggar, J. H. and Squires, Paul E. and Dunne, M. J. (1993) Effects of 5-hydroxydecanoate on ATP-regulated potassium ion channels in insulin secreting cells. Biochemical Society Transactions, 21 (4). 427S. ISSN 0300-5127

Kolez, Aleksander and Allinson, Nigel (1993) Realisation of a modified CMAC architecture using reconfigurable logic devices. In: 3rd Workshop on Neural Networks: Academic/Industrial/NASA/Defense, 10-12 February 1992, Alabama, AL, USA.

Mather, George and West, Sophie (1993) Evidence for second-order motion detectors. Vision Research, 33 (8). pp. 1109-1112. ISSN 0042-6989

Mather, George and West, Sophie (1993) Recognition of animal locomotion from dynamic point-light displays. Perception, 22 (7). pp. 759-766. ISSN 0301-0066

Osborn, A. M. and Bruce, K. D. and Strike, P. and Ritchie, D. A. (1993) Polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis shows divergence among mer determinants from gram-negative soil bacteria indistinguishable by DNA-DNA hybridization. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 59 (12). pp. 4024-4030. ISSN 0099-2240

Paranagamage, Primali (1993) The sleeping beauty of Mt. Lavinia [SLA review]. Sri Lanka Architect, 101 (6). p. 43. ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Paranagamage, Primali and Sri Nammuni, Vidura (1993) What is socially responsible design? Exhibition catalogue, Socially responsible design, Pratt Institute USA . ISSN UNSPECIFIED

Rumsey, R. D. E. and Squires, Paul and Read, N. W. (1993) In vitro effects of sennoside on contractile activity and fluid flow in the perfused large intestine of the rat. Pharmacology, 47 (SUP 1). pp. 32-39. ISSN 0031-7012

Squires, Paul E. and Dunne, M. J. (1993) Agonist-evoked, repetitive calcium transients in human-derived pancreatic somatostatin-secreting cells (QGP-1N). Biochemical Society Transactions, 21 (4). 403S. ISSN 0300-5127

Squires, Paul E. and Dunne, M. J. (1993) Elevation of intracellular calcium signals in single isolated somatostatin-secreting cells derived from a pancreatic endocrine tumour. Biochemical Society Transactions, 21 (4). 404S. ISSN 0300-5127

Stuart, Mary (1993) And how was it for you Mary? Self, meaning and identity for oral historians. Oral History, 27 (1). pp. 80-84. ISSN 0143-0955

Turner, M. and Austin, J. and Allinson, Nigel and Thompson, P. (1993) Chromosomelocation and feature extraction using neural networks. Image and Vision Computing, 11 (4). pp. 235-239. ISSN 0262-8856

Walsh, Danny (1993) Groupwork activities: the resource manual for everyone working with elderly people. Winslow Press, Bicester. ISBN 0863881203

Winston, Brian (1993) The CBS Evening News, April 7, 1949: creating an ineffable television form. In: Getting the message: News, truth and power. Communication and Society . Routledge, London, pp. 181-209. ISBN 0415079837

Winston, Brian (1993) HTDV in Hollywood: lights, camera, inaction. In: Demystifying media technology. Freedom Forum Readers . Mayfield, Mountain View, California. ISBN 1559341459

Winston, Brian (1993) I am not a document, I'm a person. DOX, Winter . ISSN 0929-7529

Winston, Brian (1993) New technology: no fear. In: The television book 1993. Edinburgh International Television Festival, London, pp. 60-61. ISBN 0952181002

Winston, Brian (1993) Observable failures. In: The Television Book 1994. 19th Edinburgh International Television Festival, Edinburgh. ISBN 0952181002

Winston, Brian (1993) What the BBC should know about PBS. Television: The Journal of the Royal Television Society . ISSN 0308-454X

Winston, Brian (1993) The documentary film as scientific inscription. In: Theorizing documentary. AFI Film Readers . Routledge/American Film Institute, New York, pp. 37-57. ISBN 0415903815, 0415903823

Yin, H. and Allinson, Nigel (1993) Stochastic analysis and comparison of Kohonen SOM with optimal filter. In: Third International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 1993, 25-27 May 1993, Brighton.

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