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Blackburn, Michael (2010) Big on the Hawkesbury. The Knives Forks And Spoons Press, Newton-le-Willows, UK. ISBN 9780956541826

Blackburn, Michael (2011) Pocket Venus. The Red Ceilings Press, New Mills, UK. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Blackburn, Michael (2011) Spyglass over the lagoon. The Knives Forks And Spoons Press, Newton-le-Willows, UK. ISBN 9781907812675

Blackburn, Michael (1999) The ascending boy. Flambard, Hexham. ISBN 9781873226315

Blackburn, Michael (1992) The prophecy of Christos. Jackson's Arm, Lincoln. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Bourne, Mary and Cockburn, Ken and Tullett, Barrie (2016) The Merkinch Circles. [Artefact]


Charnock, Ruth (2009) Miscarried. [Artefact]

Cockburn, Ken and Rautenberg, Arne and Tullett, Barrie and Tullett, Jantze (2012) Snapdragon. [Artefact]

Cockburn, Ken and Tullett, Barrie (2011) Overheard/Overlooked. [Artefact]

Cockburn, Ken and Tullett, Barrie (2012) Poetry [Letterpress poster for The Scottish Poetry Library]. In: By Leaves We Live, 27th October, 2012, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh.


Kockburn, Ken and Tullett, Barrie (2015) Overlooked / overheard. [Artefact]

Kockburn, Ken and Tullett, Barrie and Stocker, John and Finlay, Alec (2015) Revolution after revolution. [Artefact]


Osmand, Matt and Hallett, Alyson and Tullett, Barrie and Herxheimer, Sophie and Lee-Merrion, Harriett and Bildsoe, Alex and Kerr, Lucy and Bluemel, Phylly and Dunne, Mairead and Sherratt, Charlie and UNSPECIFIED and UNSPECIFIED (2018) MOUTH Forum. In: Mouth Illustration Forum, March 2018, Falmouth University.


Pantano, Daniele (2018) 133 Words, 133 Cigarettes (Gauloises Caporal, Non-Filter). Sargasso.

Pantano, Daniele (2009) 4:36 AM. University of Toronto Quaterly.

Pantano, Daniele (2013) Acryl auf Papier. Vlakmagazine2.

Pantano, Daniele (2010) Archipelago: Or Another Recession Overheard in the Park. University of Salzburg.

Pantano, Daniele (2009) Between Stations of the Metro. Jacket Magazine.

Pantano, Daniele (2010) Chaos Theory. Malmö University.

Pantano, Daniele (2015) Dogs in Untended Fields: Selected Poems by Daniele Pantano. Wolfbach Verlag, Zurich. ISBN 978-3-905910-67-4

Pantano, Daniele (2009) Eastern Village With Factory. In: Poetic Voices Without Borders. Gival Press, Arlington, p. 53. ISBN 978-1928589433

Pantano, Daniele (2011) Eastern Village with Factory. University of Kentucky.

Pantano, Daniele (2018) Fairy Tale (with Unsolved Murder). Sargasso.

Pantano, Daniele (2010) The Fatalists. University of Melbourne.

Pantano, Daniele (2013) Foley 4:10. The Wolf, Liverpool.

Pantano, Daniele (2018) From the Heimlich to the Unheimlich. UNSPECIFIED.

Pantano, Daniele (2011) Guinea Pigs. University of Kentucky.

Pantano, Daniele (2019) Homecoming (Langenthal). Bayou Magazine.

Pantano, Daniele (2018) In an Abandoned Warehouse. Sargasso.

Pantano, Daniele (2010) Last Visit & Supper Prior to the Invasion Only We Knew About. University of Strathclyde.

Pantano, Daniele (2011) Late December. VerseDaily.

Pantano, Daniele (2018) Low-Voiced Confessions. In: Wretched Strangers. Boiler House Press, University of East Anglia, Norwich, p. 209. ISBN 978-1-1911343-38-7

Pantano, Daniele (2010) Mailer & Hemingway. The Mailer Review, 4 . pp. 355-356. ISSN 1936-4679

Pantano, Daniele (2011) Mass Graves. Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, Newton-le-Willows. ISBN 978-1-907812-33-0

Pantano, Daniele (2012) Mass Graves: City of Now. Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, Newton-le-Willows. ISBN 978-1-907812-84-2

Pantano, Daniele (2008) Norman Mailer Poems. The Mailer Review . pp. 550-551. ISSN 1936-4679

Pantano, Daniele (2017) ORAKL. Black Lawrence Press, New York. ISBN 978-1-62557-900-3

Pantano, Daniele (2006) Patrimonial Recipe. The Baltimore Review.

Pantano, Daniele (2011) Patrimonial Recipe. In: Poetic Voices Without Borders 2. Gival Press, Arlington, p. 136. ISBN 978-1928589433

Pantano, Daniele (2018) Robert Walser's "Wie immer / As Always". In: A Companion to Robert Walser. Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Illinois. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Pantano, Daniele (2010) Slapstick (H.). University of Salzburg.

Pantano, Daniele (2005) Spadafora, Sicily. University of Miami.

Pantano, Daniele (2017) Three Rooms (Retro). Zeno Press.

Pantano, Daniele (2018) Transcription of Selected Marginalia Found in Speed Bird, 1909. Sargasso.

Pantano, Daniele (2010) Translation from the German of Seventy-Eight Notes for a Biography of an Unknown Swiss Poet.

Pantano, Daniele (2013) Vaudeville. In: Sculpted: Poetry of the North West. North West Poets, Aughton, Lancashire, pp. 137-139. ISBN 978-0-9575393-0-3

Pantano, Daniele (2018) Vaudeville. Sargasso.

Pantano, Daniele (2018) Waldeinsamkeit (13). [Artefact]

Pantano, Daniele (2013) mutter. Vlakmagazine2.

Pantano, Daniele (2013) none die all fucking (snake).". Vlakmagazine2.

Pantano, Daniele (2013) verfaulter. Vlakmagazine2.

Pantano, Daniele and Tavakoli, Sahar (2014) The Oldest Hands in the World. Dastan Publishing, Tehran. ISBN 978-600-7072-02-8


Reid, Angus and Tullett, Barrie (2012) The book of days [first edition]. [Artefact]

Reid, Angus and Tullett, Barrie (2012) The book of days [second edition]. [Artefact]

Rowland, Antony (2008) Poetry as testimony: Primo Levi's collected poems. Textual Practice, 22 (3). pp. 487-505. ISSN 0950-236X


Tullett, Barrie (2017) Bubbles black as ink. Eye Magazine Blog . ISSN 0960-779X

Tullett, Barrie (2014) A requiem for an art school. [Artefact]

Tullett, Barrie (2014) A song for an art school. [Artefact]

Tullett, Barrie (2015) A song for the arts. [Artefact]

Tullett, Barrie and Wood, Philippa and Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso and Werkman, Hendrik Nicolaas and Cage, John and Ting, Walasse and Bui, Antonius and McDonough, Dylan and Hagner, Dirk and Crawford, Allen and Bunsas, Bianca and Inclusus, Herman and Antônio, Pedro and Anhorn, Gabriel and Lehrer, Warren and Picabia, Francis and Lionni, Leo and Massin, Robert and Kalman, Maira and Leach, Molly and Sharpe, Stuart and Hannah, Jonny and Hingston, Tom and Blegvad, Peter and Swainson, Andrew and King, Patrick and Scher, Paula and Soleri, Paulo and Drucker, Johanna and Eckersley, Richard and Hendrix, John and Seiffert, Isabel and Fosberg, Lora and Rosenwald, Laurie and Passafiume, John and Reeve, Nick and Cohen, Natali and Vought, Annie and Summerford, Jack and Munday, Oliver and Sewell, Carolyn and Sayer, Alida and Spanier, Ariane and Rea, Brian and Patrick, Daniel and Goodman, Timothy and Eckersley, Rogers and Zlatkov, Kiril and Winston, Sam and Sena, Damián and Mazali Pilar, Hermes and Bergez, González and Depero, Fortunato and Kent, Corita and Bantjes, Marian and Costa, Cyla and Morcos, Wael and Heath, Ebon and Butler, Angie and Diesel, Chank and Ulku, Anne and Bagdonas, Brian Scott and Clarke, Jamie and Permenter, Jason and Munari, Bruno and Cumptich, Roberto de Vicq de and MacDonald, Ross and Glaser, Milton and Glaser, Shirley (2017) Type tells tales. Thames & Hudson, London, pp. 34-37. ISBN 9780500420577

Tullett, Barrie and Zipes, Jack and Cockburn, Ken and Gauld, Tom and Mills, Russell and Pemberton, Howard and Hutcheson, James and Melin, Hanna and Ladlow, Sara and Torjanac, Tomislav and Grandfield, Geoff and Maclellan, Tamar and Jackson, Paul and Schofield, David and Donaldson, Timothy and McGowan, Alan and Mason, Robert and Davies, Simon and Dalziel, Jim and Ogg, Eileen and Homann, Melanie and Zeegen, Lawrence and Mason, Alan and Coulson, Hannah and Diss, Darren and Brown, John and Kugler, Olivier and Leishman, Donna and Peacock, Diane and Williamson, Alex and Singer, Sharon and Posti, Pietari and Sheldon, Felicity and Calder, Jill and Kirkham, Michael and Jones, Alys and Holwill, Donald and May, Betony and Ditner, Jillian and Oliver, Jamie and Toulouse, Sophie and Neill, Gary and Khan, Drew and Leuzinger, Katharina and Holwill, Naomi and Tullett, Jantze and Evans, Melvyn and Lettere, Carmelo and Gibbs, Joanna and Mitchell, Charles and Plater, Mat and Arkle, Peter and Peacock, Irvine and Moser, Barry and Gibbs, Jonathan and Collins, Brigid and Moon, Jonathan and Brennan, Gordon and Gephart, Matthias and Manning, Natalie and Ogilvie, Sara and Faithfull, David and Redford, Fiona (2016) Utopian tales. [Artefact]

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