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Al-Khafajiy, Mohammed, Baker, Thar, Al-Libawy, Hilal, Waraich, Atif, Chalmers, Carl and Alfandi, Omar (2019) Fog Computing Framework for Internet of Things Applications. In: International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering (DESE), 2-5 Sept. 2018, Cambridge, UK.

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Hudson, John (2011) All watched over by machines of loving grace: part 1, "Love and power". Digital Imaging and Photography .

Hudson, John (2011) All watched over by machines of loving grace: part 2, "The use and abuse of vegetational concepts". Digital Imaging and Photography .

Hudson, John (2011) All watched over by machines of loving grace: part 3 "The monkey in the machine and the machine in the monkey". Digital Imaging and Photography .

Hudson, John (2010) Culture and communication. Digital Imaging and Photography .

Hudson, John (2010) Cyberculture to e-culture (sounds so late eighties early 90s)? Erm... towards e-topia? Part 2. Digital Imaging and Photography .

Hudson, John (2010) Cyberwar and peace. Digital Imaging and Photography .

Hudson, John (2011) Utopias, the cathedral of the new Worlds and the microchip. Digital Imaging and Photography .

Hudson, John (2010) The ‘architecture’ of the web: digital utopias and dystopias. Digital Imaging and Photography Blog .


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Zhivkov, Tsvetan and Sklar, Elizabeth (2020) Modelling variable communication signal strength for experiments with multi-robot teams. In: 3rd UK-RAS Conference.

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