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Aaron-Morrison, A.P. and Ackerman, S.A. and Adams, N.G. and Adler, R.F. and Albanil, A. and Alfaro, E.J. and Allan, R. and Alves, L.M. and Amador, J.A. and Andreassen, L.M. and Arendt, A. and Arevalo, J. and Arndt, D.S. and Arzhanova, N.M. and Aschan, M.M. and Azorin-Molina, C. and Banzon, V. and Bardin, M.U. and Barichivich, J. and Baringer, M.O. and Barreira, S. and Baxter, S. and Bazo, J. and Becker, A. and Bedka, K.M. and Behrenfeld, M.J. and Bell, G.D. and Belmont, M. and Benedetti, A. and Bernhard, G. and Berrisford, P. and Berry, D.I. and Bettolli, M.L. and Bhatt, U.S. and Bidegain, M. and Bill, B.D. and Billheimer, S. and Bissolli, P. and Blake, E.S. and Blunden, J. and Bosilovich, M.G. and Boucher, O. and Boudet, D. and Box, J.E. and Boyer, T. and Braathen, G.O. and Bromwich, D.H. and Brown, R. and Bulygina, O.N. and Burgess, D. and Calderon, B. and Camargo, S.J. and Campbell, J.D. and Cappelen, J. and Carrasco, G. and Carter, B.R. and Chambers, D.P. and Chandler, E. and Christiansen, H.H. and Christy, J.R. and Chung, D. and Chung, E.-S. and Cinque, K. and Clem, K.R. and Coelho, C.A. and Cogley, J.G. and Coldewey-Egbers, M. and Colwell, S. and Cooper, O.R. and Copland, L. and Cosca, C.E. and Cross, J.N. and Crotwell, M.J. and Crouch, J. and Davis, S.M. and De Eyto, E. and De Jeu, R.A.M. and De Laat, J. and Degasperi, C.L. and Degenstein, D. and Demircan, M. and Derksen, C. and Destin, D. and Di Girolamo, L. and Di Giuseppe, F. and Diamond, H.J. and Dlugokencky, E.J. and Dohan, K. and Dokulil, M.T. and Dolgov, A.V. and Dolman, A.J. and Domingues, C.M. and Donat, M.G. and Dong, S. and Dorigo, W.A. and Dortch, Q. and Doucette, G. and Drozdov, D.S. and Ducklow, H. and Dunn, R.J.H. and Duran-Quesada, A.M. and Dutton, G.S. and Ebrahim, A. and Elkharrim, M. and Elkins, J.W. and Espinoza, J.C. and Etienne-Leblanc, S. and Evans, III and Famiglietti, J.S. and Farrell, S. and Fateh, S. and Fausto, R.S. and Fedaeff, N. and Feely, R.A. and Feng, Z. and Fenimore, C. and Fettweis, X. and Fioletov, V.E. and Flemming, J. and Fogarty, C.T. and Fogt, R.L. and Folland, C. and Fonseca, C. and Fossheim, M. and Foster, M.J. and Fountain, A. and Francis, S.D. and Franz, B.A. and Frey, R.A. and Frith, S.M. and Froidevaux, L. and Ganter, C. and Garzoli, S. and Gerland, S. and Gobron, N. and Goldenberg, S.B. and Gomez, R.S. and Goni, G. and Goto, A. and Grooss, J.-U. and Gruber, A. and Guard, C.C. and Gugliemin, M. and Gupta, S.K. and Gutierrez, J.M. and Hagos, S. and Hahn, S. and Haimberger, L. and Hakkarainen, J. and Hall, B.D. and Halpert, M.S. and Hamlington, B.D. and Hanna, E. and Hansen, K. and Hanssen-Bauer, I. and Harris, I. and Heidinger, A.K. and Heikkilä, A. and Heil, A. and Heim, Jr. and Hendricks, S. and Hernandez, M. and Hidalgo, H.G. and Hilburn, K. and Ho, S.-P.B. and Holmes, R.M. and Hu, Z.-Z. and Huang, B. and Huelsing, H.K. and Huffman, G.J. and Hughes, C. and Hurst, D.F. and Ialongo, I. and Ijampy, J.A. and Ingvaldsen, R.B. and Inness, A. and Isaksen, K. and Ishii, M. and Jevrejeva, S. and Jimenez, C. and Jin, X. and Johannesen, E. and John, V. and Johnsen, B. and Johnson, B. and Johnson, G.C. and Jones, P.D. and Joseph, A.C. and Jumaux, G. and Kabidi, K. and Kaiser, J.W. and Kato, S. and Kazemi, A. and Keller, L.M. and Kendon, M. and Kennedy, J. and Kerr, K. and Kholodov, A.L. and Khoshkam, M. and Killick, R. and Kim, H. and Kim, S.-J. and Kimberlain, T.B. and Klotzbach, P.J. and Knaff, J.A. and Kobayashi, S. and Kohler, J. and Korhonen, J. and Korshunova, N.N. and Kovacs, K.M. and Kramarova, N. and Kratz, D.P. and Kruger, A. and Kruk, M.C. and Kudela, R. and Kumar, A. and Lakatos, M. and Lakkala, K. and Lander, M.A. and Landsea, C.W. and Lankhorst, M. and Lantz, K. and Lazzara, M.A. and Lemons, P. and Leuliette, E. and L'Heureux, M. and Lieser, J.L. and Lin, I.-I. and Liu, H. and Liu, Y. and Locarnini, R. and Loeb, N.G. and Lo Monaco, C. and Long, C.S. and Lopez Alvarez, L.A. and Lorrey, A.M. and Loyola, D. and Lumpkin, R. and Luo, J.-J. and Luojus, K. and Lydersen, C. and Lyman, J.M. and Maberly, S.C. and Maddux, B.C. and Malheiros Ramos, A. and Malkova, G.V. and Manney, G. and Marcellin, V. and Marchenko, S.S. and Marengo, J.A. and Marra, J.J. and Marszelewski, W. and Martens, B. and Marti­nez-Guingla, R. and Massom, R.A. and Mata, M.M. and Mathis, J.T. and May, L. and Mayer, M. and Mazloff, M. and McBride, C. and McCabe, M.F. and McCarthy, M. and McClelland, J.W. and McGree, S. and McVicar, T.R. and Mears, C.A. and Meier, W. and Meinen, C.S. and Mekonnen, A. and Menendez, M. and Mengistu Tsidu, G. and Menzel, W.P. and Merchant, C.J. and Meredith, M.P. and Merrifield, M.A. and Metzl, N. and Minnis, P. and Miralles, D.G. and Mistelbauer, T. and Mitchum, G.T. and Monselesan, D. and Monteiro, P. and Montzka, S.A. and Morice, C. and Mote, T. and Mudryk, L. and Mühle, J. and Mullan, A.B. and Nash, E.R. and Naveira-Garabato, A.C. and Nerem, R.S. and Newman, P.A. and Nieto, J.J. and Noetzli, J. and O'Neel, S. and Osborn, T.J. and Overland, J. and Oyunjargal, L. and Parinussa, R.M. and Park, E.-H. and Parker, D. and Parrington, M. and Parsons, A.R. and Pasch, R.J. and Pascual-Ramirez, R. and Paterson, A.M. and Paulik, C. and Pearce, P.R. and Pelto, M.S. and Peng, L. and Perkins-Kirkpatrick, S.E. and Perovich, D. and Petropavlovskikh, I. and Pezza, A.B. and Phillips, D. and Pinty, B. and Pitts, M.C. and Pons, M.R. and Porter, A.O. and Primicerio, R. and Proshutinsky, A. and Quegan, S. and Quintana, J. and Rahimzadeh, F. and Rajeevan, M. and Randriamarolaza, L. and Razuvaev, V.N. and Reagan, J. and Reid, P. and Reimer, C. and Remy, S. and Renwick, J.A. and Revadekar, J.V. and Richter-Menge, J. and Riffler, M. and Rimmer, A. and Rintoul, S. and Robinson, D.A. and Rodell, M. and Rodriguez Soli­s, J.L. and Romanovsky, V.E. and Ronchail, J. and Rosenlof, K.H. and Roth, C. and Rusak, J.A. and Sabine, C.L. and Sallee, J.-B. and Sanchez-Lugo, A. and Santee, M.L. and Sawaengphokhai, P. and Sayouri, A. and Scambos, T.A. and Schemm, J. and Schladow, S.G. and Schmid, C. and Schmid, M. and Schmidtko, S. and Schreck, C. J. and Selkirk, H.B. and Send, U. and Sensoy, S. and Setzer, A. and Sharp, M. and Shaw, A. and Shi, L. and Shiklomanov, A.I. and Shiklomanov, N.I. and Siegel, D.A. and Signorini, S.R. and Sima, F. and Simmons, A.J. and Smeets, C.J.P.P. and Smith, S.L. and Spence, J.M. and Srivastava, A.K. and Stackhouse, P.W. and Stammerjohn, S. and Steinbrecht, W. and Stella, J.L. and Stengel, M. and Stennett-Brown, R. and Stephenson, T.S. and Strahan, S. and Streletskiy, D.A. and Sun-Mack, S. and Swart, S. and Sweet, W. and Talley, L.D. and Tamar, G. and Tank, S.E. and Taylor, M.A. and Tedesco, M. and Teubner, K. and Thoman, R.L. and Thompson, P. and Thomson, L. and Timmermans, M.-L. and Tirnanes, J.A. and Tobin, S. and Trachte, K. and Trainer, V.L. and Tretiakov, M. and Trewin, B.C. and Trotman, A.R. and Tschudi, M. and Van As, D. and Van De Wal, R.S.W. and van der A., R.J. and Van Der Schalie, R. and Van Der Schrier, G. and Van Der Werf, G.R. and Van Meerbeeck, C.J. and Velicogna, I. and Verburg, P. and Vigneswaran, B. and Vincent, L.A. and Volkov, D. and Vose, R.S. and Wagner, W. and WÃ¥hlin, A. and Wahr, J. and Walsh, J. and Wang, C. and Wang, J. and Wang, L. and Wang, M. and Wang, S.-H. and Wanninkhof, R. and Watanabe, S. and Weber, M. and Weller, R.A. and Weyhenmeyer, G.A. and Whitewood, R. and Wijffels, S.E. and Wilber, A.C. and Wild, J.D. and Willett, K.M. and Williams, M.J.M. and Willie, S. and Wolken, G. and Wong, T. and Wood, E.F. and Woolway, R.I. and Wouters, B. and Xue, Y. and Yamada, R. and Yim, S.-Y. and Yin, X. and Young, S.H. and Yu, L. and Zahid, H. and Zambrano, E. and Zhang, P. and Zhao, G. and Zhou, L. and Ziemke, J.R. and Love-Brotak, S.E. and Gilbert, K. and Maycock, T. and Osborne, S. and Sprain, M. and Veasey, S.W. and Ambrose, B.J. and Griffin, J. and Misch, D.J. and Riddle, D.B. and Young, T. 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