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Ali, Hany S. M. and York, Peter and Blagden, Nicholas and Soltanpour, Shahla and Acree Jr., William E. and Jouyban, Abolghasem (2010) Solubility of budesonide, hydrocortisone, and prednisolone in ethanol + water mixtures at 298.2 K. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 55 (1). pp. 578-582. ISSN 0021-9568

Ali, Hany S. M. and York, Peter and Ali, Ahmed M. A. and Blagden, Nicholas (2011) Hydrocortisone nanosuspensions for ophthalmic delivery: a comparative study between microfluidic nanoprecipitation and wet milling. Journal of Controlled Release, 149 (2). pp. 175-181. ISSN 0168-3659

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Gorelik, Sergey and Hobley, Jonathan and Lear, Martin J. and Song, Hongyan and Yong, Stanley Yew Siong and Cheng, Jianhua (2009) Quantification of transient absorption in photo-reactive monolayers using reflectometry in the vicinity of Brewster angle. International Journal of Nanoscience, 08 (01/02). pp. 213-218. ISSN 0219-581X

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