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Book Section

Keegan, Richard and Spray, Christopher and Harwood, Chris and Lavallee, David (2011) From ‘motivational climate’ to ‘motivational atmosphere’: a review of research examining the social and environmental influences on athlete motivation in sport. In: Sport Psychology. NovaScience Publications, Hauppenage, New York: US, pp. 1-55. ISBN 9781617289323

Paper or Report

Brooker, Charlie and Sirdifield, Coral (2007) New futures health trainers: an impact assessment. Project Report. University of Lincoln.

Middleton, Geoff (2013) Academic commentary on the University staff's involvement in the Global Corporate Challenge - 2013. Project Report. Human Resources, University of Lincoln, Lincoln.

Middleton, Geoff and Rigby, Hannah (2010) Putting you in control of your health. Project Report. Specialist Health Promotion Service: North East Lincolnshire.

Middleton, Geoff and Keegan, Richard and Rigby, Hannah (2010) Evaluation of the Food for Fitness team in North East Lincolnshire. Project Report. University of Lincoln - Independent Report.

Middleton, Geoff and Rigby, Hannah and Evans, Donna (2009) Evaluation of the obesity prevention scheme in North East Lincolnshire. Project Report. University of Lincoln.

Conference or Workshop Item

Crust, Lee and Henderson, Hannah and Middleton, Geoff (2012) Effects of urban green and countryside walks on self-esteem and affect in mid- to older-aged adults. In: BPS Annual Conference, 18-20 April 2012, Grand Connaught Rooms London.

Crust, Lee and Keegan , Richard and Piggott, David and Swann, Christian (2011) A long walk to psychological freedom: a phenomenological study of long distance walking. In: BPS North East of England Conference, October 21st 2011, York.

Evans, Adam and Fitzsimons, Claire and Rowe, David and Grealy, Madeleine and Granat, Malcolm and Grant, Margaret and McConnachie, Alex and Shaw, Bekki and Macdonald, Hazel and Skelton, Dawn and Blamey, Avril and Mutrie, Nanette (2009) West End Walkers 65+: using programme theory to enhance outcome assessment in a randomised controlled trial. In: University of Strathclyde Research Day 2009, May 2009, Glasgow.

Jamison-Powell, Susan and Linehan, Conor and Daley, Laura and Garbett, Andrew and Lawson, Shaun (2012) "I can't get no sleep": discussing #insomnia on Twitter. In: CHI 2012, May 5–10, 2012, Austin, Texas, USA.

Laparidou, Despina and Middlemass, Jo and Karran, Terence and Hudson, John and Mansfield, Paul and Windle, Karen and Siriwardena, Niro (2015) Psychoeducational interventions for informal caregivers of people with dementia: a systematic review. In: Trent Regional SAPC Conference, 17 March 2015, University of Nottingham.

Lavin, Jacquie and Barber, Jenny and Middleton, Geoff and Henderson, Hannah and Keegan , Richard (2013) Platform for Health and Wellbeing pilot study: provision of weight management support via the workplace. In: the 20th European Congress on Obesity, 12.05.13 - 15.05.13, Liverpool, UK.

Maxwell, Maureen (2008) The repercussions of early relational trauma. In: Association for the Teaching of Psychology Conference, 2008, Lincoln. (Unpublished)

Book or Monograph

Evans, Adam and Fitzsimons, Claire and Mutrie, Nanette (2009) West End Walkers 65 Plus [information booklet]. Strathclyde University, Strathclyde University. ISBN 101900743884

Hurley, John and Linsley, Paul (2011) Emotional intelligence in health and social care: a guide for improving human relationships. Radcliffe Publishing Ltd., London. ISBN 9781846195402

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