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Andrews, Simon R., Taylor, Edward J., Pell, Gavin, Vincent, Florence, Ducros, Valerie M.-A., Davies, Gideon J., Lakey, Jeremy H. and Gilbert, Harry J. (2004) The use of forced protein evolution to investigate and improve stability of family 10 xylanases: the production of Ca2+-independent stable xylanases. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279 (52). pp. 54369-54379. ISSN 0021-9258

Brown, Denise V. and Eady, Paul E. (2001) Functional incompatability between the fertilization systems of two allopatric populations of Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: bruchidae). Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution, 55 (11). pp. 2257-2262. ISSN 22572262

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Fisher, M., Sedelnikova, S.E., Martindale, Wayne, Thomas, N.C., Simon, J.W., Slabas, A.R. and Rafferty, J.B. (2000) Crystallization of the NADP-dependent β-keto acylcarrier protein reductase from Brassica napus. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography, 56 (1). pp. 86-88. ISSN 09074449

Goddard, Alan, Ladds, Graham and Davey, John (2005) Development of a semi-quantitative plate-based α-galactosidase gene reporter for Schizosaccharomyces pombe and its use to isolate a constitutively active Mam2. Yeast, 22 (1). pp. 31-41. ISSN 0749-503X

Lancaster, Lorna, Markey, Kevin and Ho, Mei (2011) An assessment of the thermal stability of Clostridium difficile toxoid formulations. Human Vaccines, 7 (2). pp. 202-210. ISSN 1554-8600

Millson, Stefan H., Prodromou, Chrisostomos and Piper, Peter W. (2010) A simple yeast-based system for analyzing inhibitor resistance in the human cancer drug targets Hsp90α/β. Biochemical Pharmacology, 79 . pp. 1581-1588. ISSN 0006-2952

Pezzi, Marco, Zamberlan, Francesco, Chicca, Milvia and Leis, Marilena (2018) Evaluation of larvicidal activity of esters of 4-mercapto-2-butenoic acid against Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae). Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences . ISSN 1319-562X

Price, G, Chadjichristos, CE, Kavvadas, P, Tang, SCW, Yiu, WH, Green, CR, Potter, JA, Siamantouras, E, Squires, P and Hills, C (2020) Blocking Connexin-43 mediated hemichannel activity protects against early tubular injury in experimental chronic kidney disease. Cell communication and signalling . ISSN 1478-811X

Sevink, G. J. A. and Zvelindovsky, Andrei (2007) Mesoscopic dynamics of complex vesicle formation: kinetic versus thermodynamic factors. Molecular Simulation, 33 (4-5). pp. 405-415. ISSN 0892-7022

Shivange, Amol V., Roccatano, Danilo and Schwaneberg, Ulrich (2016) Iterative key-residues interrogation of a phytase with thermostability increasing substitutions identified in directed evolution. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 100 (1). pp. 227-242. ISSN 0175-7598

Stadler, Lukas Kurt Josef, Hoffmann, Toni, Tomlinson, Darren Charles, Song, Qifeng, Lee, Tracy, Busby, Michael, Nyathi, Yvonne, Gendra, Elisenda, Tiede, Christian, Flanagan, Keith, Cockell, Simon J., Wipat, Anil, Harwood, Colin, Wagner, Simon D., Knowles, Margaret A., Davis, Jason J., Keegan, Neil and Ko Ferrigno, Paul (2011) Structure−function studies of an engineered scaffold protein derived from Stefin A. II: Development and applications of the SQT variant. Protein Engineering, Design and Selection, 24 (9). pp. 751-763. ISSN 1741-0126

Book Section

Barbi, Maria and Paillusson, Fabien (2013) Protein–DNA electrostatics. In: Dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids. Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology, 92 . Elsevier, pp. 253-297. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Cutsuridis, Vassilis (2008) Voluntary single joint movement organization (in greek). In: Bioinformatics. IBEAA. ISBN 978-960-930960-8

Conference or Workshop contribution

Cutsuridis, Vassilis, Efstathiou, George and Kokkinidis, Michael (2015) Protein Function Prediction by an ARTMAP Neural Network. In: NIPS 2015.

Ferrari, Enrico, Darios, Frederic, Soloviev, Mikhail and Davletov, Bazbek (2010) NanoLock polypeptide for the permanent immobilization of recombinant proteins on SNAP25 functionalized supports. In: 3rd International NanoBio Conference, August 24-27 2010, Zurich, Switzerland.


Medical Research Council (2011) WO/2011/018665 Complexing system. .

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