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Bogdanowicz, Wies�aw and Pilot, Malgorzata and Gajewska, Marta and Suchecka, Ewa and Golachowski, Miko�aj (2013) Genetic diversity in a moulting colony of southern elephant seals in comparison with breeding colonies. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 478 . pp. 287-300. ISSN 0171-8630

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Book Section

Radeny, M. and Scarpa, R. and Ruto, E. and Kristjanson, P. and Wakhungu, J. (2006) Determinants of cattle prices in southern Kenya: implications for breed conservation and pastoral marketing strategies. In: Pastoral livestock marketing in eastern Africa: research and policy changes. ITDG Publishing, Rugby, pp. 82-107. ISBN 9781853396311

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Conference or Workshop contribution

Ruto, Eric and Garrod, Guy (2006) Valuing animal genetic resources: a case study of cattle in Kenya using choice experiments. In: Third World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, 3-7 July 2006, Kyoto, Japan.

Book or Monograph

Hall, Stephen (2013) GC0146: development of co-ordinated in situ and ex situ UK farm animal genetic resources conservation strategy and implementation guidance. Defra and Livestock Diversity Ltd., London and Lincoln. ISBN UNSPECIFIED

Langlois, Adele (2013) Negotiating bioethics: the governance of UNESCO's bioethics programme. Genetics and Society . Routledge. ISBN 9780415533461

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