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Bikbaev, A. and Neyman, S. and Ngomba, Richard and Conn, J. and Nicoletti, F. and Manahan-Vaughan, D. (2008) MGluR5 mediates the interaction between late-LTP, network activity, and learning. PLoS ONE, 3 (5). ISSN 1932-6203

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Van Rijn, C. M. and Gaetani, S. and Santolini, I. and Badura, A. and Gabova, A. and Fu, J. and Watanabe, M. and Cuomo, V. and Van Luijtelaar, G. and Nicoletti, F. and Ngomba, R. T. (2010) WAGRij rats show a reduced expression of CB1 receptors in thalamic nuclei and respond to the CB1 receptor agonist, R(+)WIN55,212-2, with a reduced incidence of spike-wave discharges. Epilepsia, 51 (8). pp. 1511-1521. ISSN 0013-9580

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