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ALHAJ SAKUR, Amir, Chalati, Tamim and Fael, Hanan (2015) NEW FLUORESCENCE QUENCHING BASED METHOD FOR THE DETERMINATION OF TRANDOLAPRIL IN BULK AND CAPSULES. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 7 (3). pp. 223-227. ISSN 0975-1491

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Akanuwe, Joseph, Siriwardena, Niro, Black, Sharon and Owen, Sara (2017) Informing use of QCancer in the primary care consultation - perspectives of service users and practitioners. In: Cancer Research Early Diagnosis Research Conference, 23th-24th February 2017, London.

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Al-Haj Sakur, Amir, Chalati, Tamim and Fael, Hanan (2015) Selective Spectrofluorimetric Method for the Determination of Perindopril Erbumine in Bulk and Tablets through Derivatization with O-Phthalaldehyde in Presence of 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid. International Journal of Academic Scientific Research, 3 (2). pp. 26-37. ISSN 2272-6446

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Almutary, Abdulmajeed G., Alnuqaydan, Abdullah M., Almatroodi, Saleh A., Bakshi, Hamid A., Chellappan, Dinesh Kumar and Tambuwala, Murtaza M. (2023) Development of 3D-Bioprinted Colitis-Mimicking Model to Assess Epithelial Barrier Function Using Albumin Nano-Encapsulated Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. Biomimetics (Basel, Switzerland), 8 (1). ISSN 2313-7673

Asghar, Zahid, Dickson, Jon and Siriwardena, Niro (2016) Exploratory cross-sectional study of factors associated with transport to hospital in patients with suspected convulsions presenting to ambulance services. In: College of Social Science Research Showcase, 4 July 2016, University of Lincoln.

Asghar, Zahid and Siriwardena, Niro (2018) Performance of candidates with dyslexia in the Applied Knowledge Test for membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners. In: SAPC ASM 2017 - Warwick 46th annual scientific meeting, 12 - 14 July 2017, Warwick.

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Daniela, Galfo, Myriam, Galvano, Fabio, Gao, Jingli, Garcia-de-la-Hera, Manoli, García-Solano, Marta, Gareta, Dickman, Garnett, Sarah P, Gaspoz, Jean-Michel, Gasull, Magda, Gaya, Adroaldo Cesar Araujo, Gaya, Anelise Reis, Gazzinelli, Andrea, Gehring, Ulrike, Geiger, Harald, Geleijnse, Johanna M, Ghanbari, Ali, Ghasemi, Erfan, Gheorghe-Fronea, Oana-Florentina, Giampaoli, Simona, Gianfagna, Francesco, Gill, Tiffany K, Giovannelli, Jonathan, Gironella, Glen, Giwercman, Aleksander, Gkiouras, Konstantinos, Godos, Justyna, Gogen, Sibel, Goldberg, Marcel, Goldsmith, Rebecca A, Goltzman, David, Gómez, Santiago F, Gomula, Aleksandra, da Silva, Bruna Goncalves Cordeiro, Gonçalves, Helen, Gonzalez-Chica, David A, Gonzalez-Gross, Marcela, González-Leon, Margot, González-Rivas, Juan P, González-Villalpando, Clicerio, González-Villalpando, María-Elena, Gonzalez, Angel R, Gottrand, Frederic, Graça, Antonio Pedro, Graff-Iversen, Sidsel, Grafnetter, Dušan, Grajda, Aneta, Grammatikopoulou, Maria G, Gregor, Ronald D, Grodzicki, Tomasz, Grøholt, Else Karin, Grøntved, Anders, Grosso, Giuseppe, Gruden, Gabriella, Gu, Dongfeng, Gualdi-Russo, Emanuela, Guallar-Castillón, Pilar, Gualtieri, Andrea, Gudmundsson, Elias F, Gudnason, Vilmundur, Guerrero, Ramiro, Guessous, Idris, Guimaraes, Andre L, Gulliford, Martin C, Gunnlaugsdottir, Johanna, Gunter, Marc J, Guo, Xiu-Hua, Guo, Yin, Gupta, Prakash C, Gupta, Rajeev, Gureje, Oye, Gurzkowska, Beata, Gutiérrez-González, Enrique, Gutierrez, Laura, Gutzwiller, Felix, Ha, Seongjun, Hadaegh, Farzad, Hadjigeorgiou, Charalambos A, Haghshenas, Rosa, Hakimi, Hamid, Halkjær, Jytte, Hambleton, Ian R, Hamzeh, Behrooz, Hange, Dominique, Hanif, Abu AM, Hantunen, Sari, Hao, Jie, Kumar, Rachakulla Hari, Hashemi-Shahri, Seyed Mohammad, Hassapidou, Maria, Hata, Jun, Haugsgjerd, Teresa, He, Jiang, He, Yuan, He, Yuna, Heidinger-Felso, Regina, Heinen, Mirjam, Hejgaard, Tatjana, Hendriks, Marleen Elisabeth, dos Santos Henrique, Rafael, Henriques, Ana, Cadena, Leticia Hernandez, Herrala, Sauli, Herrera, Victor M, Herter-Aeberli, Isabelle, Heshmat, Ramin, Hill, Allan G, Ho, Sai Yin, Ho, Suzanne C, Hobbs, Michael, Holdsworth, Michelle, Homayounfar, Reza, Homs, Clara, Hopman, Wilma M, Horimoto, Andrea RVR, Hormiga, Claudia M, Horta, Bernardo L, Houti, Leila, Howitt, Christina, Htay, Thein Thein, Htet, Aung Soe, Htike, Maung Maung Than, Hu, Yonghua, Huerta, José María, Huhtaniemi, Ilpo Tapani, Huiart, Laetitia, Petrescu, Constanta Huidumac, Huisman, Martijn, Husseini, Abdullatif, Huu, Chinh Nguyen, Huybrechts, Inge, Hwalla, Nahla, Hyska, Jolanda, Iacoviello, Licia, Ibarluzea, Jesús M, Ibrahim, Mohsen M, Wong, Norazizah Ibrahim, Ikram, M Arfan, Iotova, Violeta, Irazola, Vilma E, Ishida, Takafumi, Islam, Muhammad, Islam, Sheikh Mohammed Shariful, Iwasaki, Masanori, Jacobs, Jeremy M, Jaddou, Hashem Y, Jafar, Tazeen, James, Kenneth, Jamil, Kazi M, Jamrozik, Konrad, Janszky, Imre, Janus, Edward, Jarani, Juel, Jarvelin, Marjo-Riitta, Jasienska, Grazyna, Jelakovic, Ana, Jelakovic, Bojan, Jennings, Garry, Jha, Anjani Kumar, Jiang, Chao Qiang, Jimenez, Ramon O, Jöckel, Karl-Heinz, Joffres, Michel, Johansson, Mattias, Jokelainen, Jari J, Jonas, Jost B, Jonnagaddala, Jitendra, Jørgensen, Torben, Joshi, Pradeep, Joukar, Farahnaz, Jovic, Dragana P, Jóźwiak, Jacek J, Juolevi, Anne, Jurak, Gregor, Simina, Iulia Jurca, Juresa, Vesna, Kaaks, Rudolf, Kaducu, Felix O, Kafatos, Anthony, Kajantie, Eero O, Kalmatayeva, Zhanna, Kalter-Leibovici, Ofra, Kameli, Yves, Kampmann, Freja B, Kanala, Kodanda R, Kannan, Srinivasan, Kapantais, Efthymios, Karakosta, Argyro, Kårhus, Line L, Karki, Khem B, Katibeh, Marzieh, Katz, Joanne, Katzmarzyk, Peter T, Kauhanen, Jussi, Kaur, Prabhdeep, Kavousi, Maryam, Kazakbaeva, Gyulli M, Keil, Ulrich, Boker, Lital Keinan, Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, Sirkka, Kelishadi, Roya, Kelleher, Cecily, Kemper, Han CG, Kengne, Andre P, Keramati, Maryam, Kerimkulova, Alina, Kersting, Mathilde, Key, Timothy, Khader, Yousef Saleh, Khalili, Davood, Khaw, Kay-Tee, Kheiri, Bahareh, Kheradmand, Motahareh, Khosravi, Alireza, Khouw, Ilse MSL, Kiechl-Kohlendorfer, Ursula, Kiechl, Stefan, Killewo, Japhet, Kim, Dong Wook, Kim, Hyeon Chang, Kim, Jeongseon, Kindblom, Jenny M, Klakk, Heidi, Klimek, Magdalena, Klimont, Jeannette, Klumbiene, Jurate, Knoflach, Michael, Koirala, Bhawesh, Kolle, Elin, Kolsteren, Patrick, König, Jürgen, Korpelainen, Raija, Korrovits, Paul, Korzycka, Magdalena, Kos, Jelena, Koskinen, Seppo, Kouda, Katsuyasu, Kovacs, Viktoria A, Kowlessur, Sudhir, Koziel, Slawomir, Kratenova, Jana, Kratzer, Wolfgang, Kriemler, Susi, Kristensen, Peter Lund, Krokstad, Steiner, Kromhout, Daan, Kruger, Herculina S, Kubinova, Ruzena, Kuciene, Renata, Kujala, Urho M, Kujundzic, Enisa, Kulaga, Zbigniew, Kumar, R Krishna, Kunešová, Marie, Kurjata, Pawel, Kusuma, Yadlapalli S, Kuulasmaa, Kari, Kyobutungi, Catherine, La, Quang Ngoc, Laamiri, Fatima Zahra, Laatikainen, Tiina, Lachat, Carl, Laid, Youcef, Lam, Tai Hing, Lambrinou, Christina-Paulina, Landais, Edwige, Lanska, Vera, Lappas, Georg, Larijani, Bagher, Latt, Tint Swe, Lauria, Laura, Lazo-Porras, Maria, Le Coroller, Gwenaëlle, Le Nguyen Bao, Khanh, Le Port, Agnès, Le, Tuyen D, Lee, Jeannette, Lee, Jeonghee, Lee, Paul H, Lehmann, Nils, Lehtimäki, Terho, Lemogoum, Daniel, Levitt, Naomi S, Li, Yanping, Liivak, Merike, Lilly, Christa L, Lim, Wei-Yen, Lima-Costa, M Fernanda, Lin, Hsien-Ho, Lin, Xu, Lin, Yi-Ting, Lind, Lars, Linneberg, Allan, Lissner, Lauren, Litwin, Mieczyslaw, Liu, Lijuan, Lo, Wei-Cheng, Loit, Helle-Mai, Long, Khuong Quynh, Lopes, Luis, Lopes, Oscar, Lopez-Garcia, Esther, Lopez, Tania, Lotufo, Paulo A, Lozano, José Eugenio, Lukrafka, Janice L, Luksiene, Dalia, Lundqvist, Annamari, Lundqvist, Robert, Lunet, Nuno, Lunogelo, Charles, Lustigová, Michala, Łuszczki, Edyta, Ma, Guansheng, Ma, Jun, Ma, Xu, Machado-Coelho, George LL, Machado-Rodrigues, Aristides M, Macieira, Luisa M, Madar, Ahmed A, Maggi, Stefania, Magliano, Dianna J, Magnacca, Sara, Magriplis, Emmanuella, Mahasampath, Gowri, Maire, Bernard, Majer, Marjeta, Makdisse, Marcia, Mäki, Päivi, Malekzadeh, Fatemeh, Malekzadeh, Reza, Malhotra, Rahul, Rao, Kodavanti Mallikharjuna, Malyutina, Sofia K, Maniego, Lynell V, Manios, Yannis, Mann, Jim I, Mansour-Ghanaei, Fariborz, Manzato, Enzo, Margozzini, Paula, Markaki, Anastasia, Markey, Oonagh, Ioannidou, Eliza Markidou, Marques-Vidal, Pedro, Marques, Larissa Pruner, Marrugat, Jaume, Martin-Prevel, Yves, Martin, Rosemarie, Martorell, Reynaldo, Martos, Eva, Maruszczak, Katharina, Marventano, Stefano, Mascarenhas, Luis P, Masoodi, Shariq R, Mathiesen, Ellisiv B, Mathur, Prashant, Matijasevich, Alicia, Matsha, Tandi E, Mavrogianni, Christina, Mazur, Artur, Mbanya, Jean Claude N, McFarlane, Shelly R, McGarvey, Stephen T, McKee, Martin, McLachlan, Stela, McLean, Rachael M, McLean, Scott B, McNulty, Breige A, Benchekor, Sounnia Mediene, Medzioniene, Jurate, Mehdipour, Parinaz, Mehlig, Kirsten, Mehrparvar, Amir Houshang, Meirhaeghe, Aline, Meisfjord, Jørgen, Meisinger, Christa, Menezes, Ana Maria B, Menon, Geetha R, Mensink, Gert BM, Menzano, Maria Teresa, Mereke, Alibek, Meshram, Indrapal I, Metspalu, Andres, Meyer, Haakon E, Mi, Jie, Michaelsen, Kim F, Michels, Nathalie, Mikkel, Kairit, Milkowska, Karolina, Miller, Jody C, Minderico, Cláudia S, Mini, GK, Miquel, Juan Francisco, Mirjalili, Mohammad Reza, Mirkopoulou, Daphne, Mirrakhimov, Erkin, Mišigoj-Durakovic, Marjeta, Mistretta, Antonio, Mocanu, Veronica, Modesti, Pietro A, Moghaddam, Sahar Saeedi, Mohajer, Bahram, Mohamed, Mostafa K, Mohamed, Shukri F, Mohammad, Kazem, Mohammadi, Zahra, Mohammadifard, Noushin, Mohammadpourhodki, Reza, Mohan, Viswanathan, Mohanna, Salim, Yusoff, Muhammad Fadhli Mohd, Mohebbi, Iraj, Mohebi, Farnam, Moitry, Marie, Molbo, Drude, Møllehave, Line T, Møller, Niels C, Molnár, Dénes, Momenan, Amirabbas, Mondo, Charles K, Monroy-Valle, Michele, Monterrubio-Flores, Eric, Monyeki, Kotsedi Daniel K, Moon, Jin Soo, Moosazadeh, Mahmood, Moreira, Leila B, Morejon, Alain, Moreno, Luis A, Morgan, Karen, Morin, Suzanne N, Mortensen, Erik Lykke, Moschonis, George, Mossakowska, Malgorzata, Mostafa, Aya, Mota-Pinto, Anabela, Mota, Jorge, Motlagh, Mohammad Esmaeel, Motta, Jorge, Moura-dos-Santos, Marcos André, Mridha, Malay K, Msyamboza, Kelias P, Mu, Thet Thet, Muc, Magdalena, Mugoša, Boban, Muiesan, Maria L, Mukhtorova, Parvina, Müller-Nurasyid, Martina, Murphy, Neil, Mursu, Jaakko, Murtagh, Elaine M, Musa, Kamarul Imran, Milanovic, Sanja Music, Musil, Vera, Mustafa, Norlaila, Nabipour, Iraj, Naderimagham, Shohreh, Nagel, Gabriele, Naidu, Balkish M, Najafi, Farid, Nakamura, Harunobu, Námešná, Jana, Ei K Nang, Ei, Nangia, Vinay B, Nankap, Martin, Narake, Sameer, Nardone, Paola, Nauck, Matthias, Neal, William A, Nejatizadeh, Azim, Nekkantti, Chandini, Nelis, Keiu, Nelis, Liis, Nenko, Ilona, Neovius, Martin, Nervi, Flavio, Nguyen, Chung T, Nguyen, Nguyen D, Nguyen, Quang Ngoc, Nieto-Martínez, Ramfis E, Nikitin, Yury P, Ning, Guang, Ninomiya, Toshiharu, Nishtar, Sania, Noale, Marianna, Noboa, Oscar A, Nogueira, Helena, Norat, Teresa, Nordendahl, Maria, Nordestgaard, Børge G, Noto, Davide, Nowak-Szczepanska, Natalia, Al Nsour, Mohannad, Nuhoglu, Irfan, Nurk, Eha, O'Neill, Terence W, O'Reilly, Dermot, Obreja, Galina, Ochimana, Caleb, Ochoa-Avilés, Angélica M, Oda, Eiji, Oh, Kyungwon, Ohara, Kumiko, Ohlsson, Claes, Ohtsuka, Ryutaro, Olafsson, Örn, Olinto, Maria Teresa A, Oliveira, Isabel O, Omar, Mohd Azahadi, Onat, Altan, Ong, Sok King, Ono, Lariane M, Ordunez, Pedro, Ornelas, Rui, Ortiz, Ana P, Ortiz, Pedro J, Osler, Merete, Osmond, Clive, Ostojic, Sergej M, Ostovar, Afshin, Otero, Johanna A, Overvad, Kim, Owusu-Dabo, Ellis, Paccaud, Fred Michel, Padez, Cristina, Pagkalos, Ioannis, Pahomova, Elena, de Paiva, Karina Mary, Pajak, Andrzej, Palli, Domenico, Palloni, Alberto, Palmieri, Luigi, Pan, Wen-Harn, Panda-Jonas, Songhomitra, Pandey, Arvind, Panza, Francesco, Papandreou, Dimitrios, Park, Soon-Woo, Park, Suyeon, Parnell, Winsome R, Parsaeian, Mahboubeh, Pascanu, Ionela M, Pasquet, Patrick, Patel, Nikhil D, Pecin, Ivan, Pednekar, Mangesh S, Peer, Nasheeta, Pei, Gao, Peixoto, Sergio Viana, Peltonen, Markku, Pereira, Alexandre C, Peres, Marco A, Pérez-Farinós, Napoleón, Pérez, Cynthia M, Peterkova, Valentina, Peters, Annette, Petersmann, Astrid, Petkeviciene, Janina, Petrauskiene, Ausra, Pettenuzzo, Emanuela, Peykari, Niloofar, Pham, Son Thai, Pichardo, Rafael N, Pierannunzio, Daniela, Pigeot, Iris, Pikhart, Hynek, Pilav, Aida, Pilotto, Lorenza, Pistelli, Francesco, Pitakaka, Freda, Piwonska, Aleksandra, Pizarro, Andreia N, Plans-Rubió, Pedro, Poh, Bee Koon, Pohlabeln, Hermann, Pop, Raluca M, Popovic, Stevo R, Porta, Miquel, Posch, Georg, Poudyal, Anil, Poulimeneas, Dimitrios, Pouraram, Hamed, Pourfarzi, Farhad, Pourshams, Akram, Poustchi, Hossein, Pradeepa, Rajendra, Price, Alison J, Price, Jacqueline F, Providencia, Rui, Puder, Jardena J, Pudule, Iveta, Puhakka, Soile E, Puiu, Maria, Punab, Margus, Qasrawi, Radwan F, Qorbani, Mostafa, Bao, Tran Quoc, Radic, Ivana, Radisauskas, Ricardas, Rahimikazerooni, Salar, Rahman, Mahfuzar, Rahman, Mahmudur, Raitakari, Olli, Raj, Manu, Rakhimova, Ellina, Rakhmatulloev, Sherali, Rakovac, Ivo, Rao, Sudha Ramachandra, Ramachandran, Ambady, Ramke, Jacqueline, Ramos, Elisabete, Ramos, Rafel, Rampal, Lekhraj, Rampal, Sanjay, Rarra, Vayia, Rascon-Pacheco, Ramon A, Rasmussen, Mette, Rech, Cassiano Ricardo, Redon, Josep, Reganit, Paul Ferdinand M, Regecová, Valéria, Revilla, Luis, Rezaianzadeh, Abbas, Ribas-Barba, Lourdes, Ribeiro, Robespierre, Riboli, Elio, Richter, Adrian, Rigo, Fernando, Rinaldo, Natascia, de Wit, Tobias F Rinke, Rito, Ana, Ritti-Dias, Raphael M, Rivera, Juan A, Robitaille, Cynthia, Roccaldo, Romana, Rodrigues, Daniela, Rodríguez-Artalejo, Fernando, del Cristo Rodriguez-Perez, María, Rodríguez-Villamizar, Laura A, Roggenbuck, Ulla, Rojas-Martinez, Rosalba, Rojroongwasinkul, Nipa, Romaguera, Dora, Romeo, Elisabetta L, Rosario, Rafaela V, Rosengren, Annika, Rouse, Ian, Roy, Joel GR, Rubinstein, Adolfo, Rühli, Frank J, Ruidavets, Jean-Bernard, Ruiz-Betancourt, Blanca Sandra, Ruiz-Castell, Maria, Moreno, Emma Ruiz, Rusakova, Iuliia A, Jonsson, Kenisha Russell, Russo, Paola, Rust, Petra, Rutkowski, Marcin, Sabanayagam, Charumathi, Sacchini, Elena, Sachdev, Harshpal S, Sadjadi, Alireza, Safarpour, Ali Reza, Safiri, Saeid, Saki, Nader, Salanave, Benoit, Martinez, Eduardo Salazar, Salmerón, Diego, Salomaa, Veikko, Salonen, Jukka T, Salvetti, Massimo, Samoutian, Margarita, Sánchez-Abanto, Jose, Sandjaja, , Sans, Susana, Marina, Loreto Santa, Santos, Diana A, Santos, Ina S, Santos, Lèlita C, Santos, Maria Paula, Santos, Osvaldo, Santos, Rute, Sanz, Sara Santos, Saramies, Jouko L, Sardinha, Luis B, Sarrafzadegan, Nizal, Sathish, Thirunavukkarasu, Saum, Kai-Uwe, Savva, Savvas, Savy, Mathilde, Sawada, Norie, Sbaraini, Mariana, Scazufca, Marcia, Schaan, Beatriz D, Rosario, Angelika Schaffrath, Schargrodsky, Herman, Schienkiewitz, Anja, Schipf, Sabine, Schmidt, Carsten O, Schmidt, Ida Maria, Schnohr, Peter, Schöttker, Ben, Schramm, Sara, Schramm, Stine, Schröder, Helmut, Schultsz, Constance, Schutte, Aletta E, Sein, Aye Aye, Selamat, Rusidah, Sember, Vedrana, Sen, Abhijit, Senbanjo, Idowu O, Sepanlou, Sadaf G, Sequera, Victor, Serra-Majem, Luis, Servais, Jennifer, Ševcíková, Ludmila, Shalnova, Svetlana A, Shamah-Levy, Teresa, Shamshirgaran, Morteza, Shanthirani, Coimbatore Subramaniam, Sharafkhah, Maryam, Sharma, Sanjib K, Shaw, Jonathan E, Shayanrad, Amaneh, Shayesteh, Ali Akbar, Shengelia, Lela, Shi, Zumin, Shibuya, Kenji, Shimizu-Furusawa, Hana, Shin, Dong Wook, Shirani, Majid, Shiri, Rahman, Shrestha, Namuna, Si-Ramlee, Khairil, Siani, Alfonso, Siantar, Rosalynn, Sibai, Abla M, Silva, Antonio M, Silva, Diego Augusto Santos, Simon, Mary, Simons, Judith, Simons, Leon A, Sjöberg, Agneta, Sjöström, Michael, Skodje, Gry, Slowikowska-Hilczer, Jolanta, Slusarczyk, Przemyslaw, Smeeth, Liam, So, Hung-Kwan, Soares, Fernanda Cunha, Sobek, Grzegorz, Sobngwi, Eugène, Sodemann, Morten, Söderberg, Stefan, Soekatri, Moesijanti YE, Soemantri, Agustinus, Sofat, Reecha, Solfrizzi, Vincenzo, Somi, Mohammad Hossein, Sonestedt, Emily, Song, Yi, Sørensen, Thorkild IA, Sørgjerd, Elin P, Jérome, Charles Sossa, Soto-Rojas, Victoria E, Soumaré, Aïcha, Sovic, Slavica, Sparboe-Nilsen, Bente, Sparrenberger, Karen, Spinelli, Angela, Spiroski, Igor, Staessen, Jan A, Stamm, Hanspeter, Stathopoulou, Maria G, Staub, Kaspar, Stavreski, Bill, Steene-Johannessen, Jostein, Stehle, Peter, Stein, Aryeh D, Stergiou, George S, Stessman, Jochanan, Stevanovic, Ranko, Stieber, Jutta, Stöckl, Doris, Stocks, Tanja, Stokwiszewski, Jakub, Stoyanova, Ekaterina, Stratton, Gareth, Stronks, Karien, Strufaldi, Maria Wany, Sturua, Lela, Suárez-Medina, Ramón, Suka, Machi, Sun, Chien-An, Sundström, Johan, Sung, Yn-Tz, Sunyer, Jordi, Suriyawongpaisal, Paibul, Swinburn, Boyd A, Sy, Rody G, Syddall, Holly E, Sylva, René Charles, Szklo, Moyses, Szponar, Lucjan, Tai, E Shyong, Tammesoo, Mari-Liis, Tamosiunas, Abdonas, Tan, Eng Joo, Tang, Xun, Tanrygulyyeva, Maya, Tanser, Frank, Tao, Yong, Tarawneh, Mohammed Rasoul, Tarp, Jakob, Tarqui-Mamani, Carolina B, Braunerová, Radka Taxová, Taylor, Anne, Taylor, Julie, Tchibindat, Félicité, Tebar, William R, Tell, Grethe S, Tello, Tania, Tham, Yih Chung, Thankappan, KR, Theobald, Holger, Theodoridis, Xenophon, Thijs, Lutgarde, Thomas, Nihal, Thuesen, Betina H, Tichá, Lubica, Timmermans, Erik J, Tjonneland, Anne, Tolonen, Hanna K, Tolstrup, Janne S, Topbas, Murat, Topór-Madry, Roman, Torheim, Liv Elin, Tormo, María José, Tornaritis, Michael J, Torrent, Maties, Torres-Collado, Laura, Toselli, Stefania, Touloumi, Giota, Traissac, Pierre, Tran, Thi Tuyet-Hanh, Trichopoulos, Dimitrios, Trichopoulou, Antonia, Trinh, Oanh TH, Trivedi, Atul, Tshepo, Lechaba, Tsigga, Maria, Tsugane, Shoichiro, Tuliakova, Azaliia M, Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K, 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