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Ahmad, Nur A. and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Empowering distributed solar PV energy for Malaysian rural housing: towards energy security equitability of rural communities. International Journal of Renewable Energy Development, 2 (1). ISSN 2252-4940

Ahmad, Nur Azfahani and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Power from the people: the empowerment of distributed generation of solar electricity for rural communities in Malaysia. In: The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment, 6th-9th June 2013, Osaka, Japan.


Bannert, Sophia and Elnokaly, Amira (2013) Inclusive design for a barrier free city: case study of the City of Lincoln, UK. Include Asia 2013 . ISSN .

Budin, H. and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Addiction by design: the spread of air-conditioning in New Zealand buildings. In: Engaging values for a sustainable future. Victoria University, Wellington, NZ. ISBN 9780475124074

Byrd, Hugh (2013) From kampong to city and back again. Magazine of the International Academic Forum (1). pp. 24-25. ISSN 2187-8935

Byrd, Hugh (2013) Internationalising architectural education. [Project]

Byrd, Hugh (2013) Solar suburbs. Conservation . ISSN 0886-1323

Byrd, Hugh, Ho, Anna, Sharp, Basil and Kumar-Nair, Nirmal (2013) Measuring the solar potential of a city and its implications for energy policy. Journal of Energy Policy, 61 . pp. 944-952. ISSN 0301-4215

Byrd, Hugh and Matthewman, Steve (2013) Renewable energy in New Zealand: the reluctance for resilience. In: Renewable energy governance: complexities and challenges. Lecture Notes in Energy (57). Springer, pp. 137-153. ISBN 9781447155942, 9781447155959


Catalani, Anna (2013) Festivals, museums and the democratization of culture. In: Reclassing Leisure, 10 July 2013, University of Salford.

Catalani, Anna (2013) The self and the shoes: fashionable curiosities and identity. In: Dressed Bodies Symposium, 17 July 2013, University of Sheffield.

Catalani, Anna (2013) Integrating Western and non-Western cultural expressions to further cultural and creative tourism: a case study. World Leisure Journal, 55 (3). pp. 252-263. ISSN 0441-9057

Catalani, Anna and Ackroyd, Tobias (2013) Inheriting slavery: making sense of a difficult heritage. Journal of Heritage Tourism, 8 (4). p. 337. ISSN 1743-873X

Cusens, Demelza and Byrd, Hugh (2013) An exploration of design thinking across educational domains. In: Design Learning for Tomorrow: Design Education from Kindergarten to PhD, 14-17th May, Oslo, Norway.

Cusens, Demelza and Byrd, Hugh (2013) An exploration of foundational design thinking across educational domains. Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education, 12 (2). pp. 229-245. ISSN 1474-273X


Dutton, Steve, Curtin, Brian and Bracey, Andrew (2013) Possession (1). [Event, Show or Exhibition]


Edwards, Paul and Burns, Carole (2013) Imagistic 2. In: Spacialising Illustration, 2013, University of Wales, Swansea.

Elnokaly, Amira and Elseragy, Ahmed (2013) Sustainable heritage development: learning from urban conservation of heritage projects in non western contexts. European Journal of Sustainable Development, 2 (1). pp. 31-56. ISSN 2239-5938


Hay, Chris (2013) Process not product: Arc, Hull's architecture centre. Civil Engineering and Architecture, 1 (2). pp. 42-50. ISSN 1934-7359

Hendrix, John (2013) Architecture and dream construction. In: Space & Psyche. Center (17). Center for American Architecture & Design. ISBN 9780934951173

Hendrix, John (2013) Psychoanalysis and identity in architecture. In: The territories of identity: architecture in the age of evolving globalization. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon. ISBN 9780415622882

Hendrix, John (2013) The architecture of Lincoln Cathedral and the institution of justice. In: Architecture and justice: judicial meanings in the public realm. Ashgate studies in architecture . Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey, pp. 257-266. ISBN 9781409431732, 9781409471257 (Ebook)

Hendrix, John Shannon (2013) The contradiction between form and function in architecture. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon. ISBN 9780415639132, 9780415639149, 9780203070932

Ho, Anna and Byrd, Hugh (2013) The power of suburbia. Build, 135 . pp. 74-75. ISSN 0110-4381

Hufford, Amanda and Gittens, Douglas (2013) The intention of the visually based academic studio: communication or simulation. The International Journal of the Image, 2 (4). pp. 111-120. ISSN 2154-8560

Hussain, Nur and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Sustainability through subsistence: the case for de-urbanization in Malaysia. In: The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment, 6th-9th June 2013, Osaka, Japan.

Hussain, Nur Huzeima Mohd and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Malaysia, urbanization and de-industrialization: will there be a reversal migration from city to kampong? In: Advancing innovative knowledge towards a resilient future. Victoria University, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand. ISBN 9780475124111


Kolakowski, Marcin (2013) Energy, politics and deceptions: E=mc2? In: Environmental Problems of Designing Energy-Efficient Buildings and Spaces, 25 Apr 2013, University of Applied Science in Nysa Poland.

Kolakowski, Marcin (2013) Passive straw bale house workshop, organised by ESBG [participation, research] Łódź, Poland; 28-31 Oct 2013. [Event, Show or Exhibition]

Kolakowski, Marcin (2013) Travel sketches. [Image]

Kolakowski, Marcin and Irvin, James (2013) Hack the curriculum: hug the city. In: Student as Producer Conference, 26 - 27 April 2013, Univeristy of Lincoln.

Kolakowski, Marcin M (2013) Memory Cottages: loadbearing straw bale house workshop run by Barbara Jones – director of Straw Works [participation, research] Suffolk; 28-31 Jun 2014. [Event, Show or Exhibition]

Kolakowski, Marcin M. (2013) Mud and stud restoration workshop organised jointly with East Midlands Earth Structure Society [organisation, participation, research] Tumby, Lincolnshire; 19 Oct 2013. [Event, Show or Exhibition]

Kolakowski, Marcin Mateusz (2013) Socrates and enthusiasm for straw: on ecology and a dubious ethos of technological determinism. Autoportret, 42 (3). pp. 27-32. ISSN 1730-3613

Kolakowski, Marcin Mateusz and Jagielak, Maciej (2013) Why do we need simplicity? Architektura & Biznes, 246 (1). pp. 28-29. ISSN 1230-1817


Mandal, Anindita and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Limits to urban growth: the case of Mumbai. In: Twentieth International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF), 17-20 July 2013, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Mandhar, Manish and Mandhar, Meenakshi (2013) BIMing the architectural curricula: integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) in architectural education. International Journal of Architecture, 1 (1). pp. 1-20.

Matthewman, Steve and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Blackouts: a sociology of electrical power failure. Social Space (Przestrzeń Społeczna) . pp. 31-55. ISSN 2084-1558

Matthews, Geoff (2013) Exhibition as mass communication: critical studies of multi-modal communicative environments. Working Paper. Geoff Matthews.

Medio, Simone (2013) Digital video interviews, Battery Park City, New York, NY. [Video]

Medio, Simone (2013) Photovoltaic design integration at Battery Park City, New York. Buildings, 3 (2). pp. 341-356. ISSN 2075-5309


Napier, John D. (2013) Manchester Civil Justice Centre: procuring and managing an institutional building with a mixed mode ventilation system—a case for post-occupancy evaluation. Buildings, 3 (2). pp. 300-323. ISSN 2075-5309


Onyeizu, Eziaku and Byrd, Hugh (2013) Do green buildings IEQ improve productivity? In: Cutting Edge in Architectural Science:, 13-16 November 2013, Hong Kong.

Oyedele, Lukumon, Regan, Martin, Meding, Jason von, Ahmed, Ashraf, Ebohon, Obas John and Elnokaly, Amira (2013) Reducing waste to landfill in the UK: identifying impediments and critical solutions. World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, 10 (2). pp. 131-142. ISSN 2042-5945


Paranagamage, Primali (2013) Changing boundaries and meanings of middle class houses in Sri Lanka. Journal of the International Society for the Study of Vernacular Settlements, 2 (4). pp. 1-21. ISSN 2320-2661

Paranagamage, Primali (2013) Learning to design for social sustainability through the synthesis of two approaches. Working Paper. unpublished.

Paranagamage, Primali, Herron, Rebecca, Vilalta-perdomo, Eliseo Luis and Jackson, Jennifer (2013) Housing prototypes for the wellbeing of elderly in Lincolnshire. Working Paper. unpublished.

Proto, Francesco (2013) “Che Vuoi?”: architecture as a mirror to western narcissism. In: Trangression - The 10th international conference of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA), 21-23 November 2013, Department of Planning and Architecture, University of the West of England - Bristol.

Proto, Francesco (2013) The architecture of the real: a new manifesto for the discipline. [to be confirmed] .

Proto, Francesco (2013) Fatal objects: Lacan in Baudrillard vol 2 (3rd simulation stage: postmodernity). International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, 10 (2). n/a. ISSN 1705-6411

Proto, Francesco (2013) The Invention of History: Baudrillard in Lacan vol 1 (1st simulation stage: the classic age). International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, 10 (1). n/a. ISSN 1705-6411


Sarhan, Saad and Fox, Andrew (2013) Barriers to implementing lean construction in the UK construction industry. The Built & Human Environment Review . ISSN .

Sarhan, Saad and Fox, Andrew (2013) Performance measurement in the UK construction industry and its role in supporting the application of lean construction concepts. Australasian Journal of Construction Economics and Building, 13 (1). pp. 23-35. ISSN 2204-9029

Simon, Jonathan, Temple, Nicholas and Tobe, Renee (2013) Architecture and justice: judicial meanings in the public realm. Ashgate studies in architecture . Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey. ISBN 9781409431732, 9781409471257 (Ebook)

Sodagar, Behzad (2013) Sustainability potentials of housing refurbishment. Buildings, 3 (1). pp. 278-299. ISSN 2075-5309

Sun, Feifei, Sodagar, Behzad and Bell, John (2013) Building heating consumptions under present and future climate scenarios. In: PLEA2013-29th Conference, Sustainable Architecture for a Renewable Future, 10-12 September 2013, Munich, Germany.

Szynalska, Karolina (2013) Radical! e-Architect .

Szynalska, Karolina (2013) Hypar pioneer. C20 The magazine of the Twentieth Century Society . pp. 38-41.

Szynalska, Karolina (2013) The Markham Moor papilio: a picturesque commentary. Open Arts Journal (2). ISSN 2050-3679


Watt, Kathleen (2013) Social behaviour and urban spaces: a study of performative identity in Skegness, U.K. The International Journal of Architectonic, Spatial, and Environmental Design, 7 (1). pp. 49-68. ISSN 2325-1662

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Changing trade: the Modernist vernacular as idiom in South Africa. In: Vernacular Heritage and Earthern Architecture: Contributions for Sustainable Development. CRC Press, pp. 332-226. ISBN 978-1-138-00083-4

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Designing from scratch: what to do in a new paradigm -approaches made by EB White in the early years of electrification in Pietermaritzburg. In: KwaZulu-Natal Institute for Architecture New Paradigms Conference, 10 October 2013, Durban.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Heritage survey of the Alfred County Narrow Gauge Railway running from Port Shepstone to Harding, Ugu Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal. Technical Report. Amafa aKwaZulu-Natali, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Historical report on the Gcumisa Land Claim on farms in the New Hanover, Wartburg and Dalton District. Technical Report. Cox & Co. (Pty.) Ltd, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Historical report on the Remainder of Portion 4 and Portion 5 of the farm Lovo Dale No. 1271, Richmond District in respect of the land claim submitted by HLT Mkhize. Technical Report. Sappi Forests (Pty.) Ltd, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Investigation into the area occupied by the main house of the Hlubi people of the Estcourt area, KwaZulu-Natal. Technical Report. Cox & Co. (Pty.) Ltd., Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah and Brusse, Robert (2013) Preliminary heritage survey – uMzimkhulu District: initial identification of heritage resources and mitigatory measures [prepared for Amafa aKwaZulu-Natali]. Technical Report. Amafa aKwaZulu-Natali, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Architectural impact assessment for properties affected by the proposed Tongaat Hulett uShukela Highway Project, Tongaat, eThekwini Metropolitan Council. Technical Report. Tongaat Hulett Property Developments (Pty.) Ltd, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Heritage impact assessment for CMH Datcentre situated on Erf 11135, 119-123 Monty Naicker Road, Durban. Technical Report. Delta/ Motseng Property Fund, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Heritage impact assessment for the former Port Edward Police Camp, on Lot 22 Umtamvuma, Port Edward. Technical Report. Strategic Environmental Framework / Gibb., Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Heritage impact assessment of the Nessie Knight Hospital near Qumbu, Eastern Cape. Technical Report. Terreco Environmental / Gibb, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Heritage impact assessment of the old railway shed situated in the site of the taxi rank, Ixopo, Sisonke District Municipality. Technical Report. uBuhlebezwe Local Municipality, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Heritage impact assessment of the resources at the old beachfront facility, Umgababa, KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. Technical Report. L&R Architects / eThekwini Metropolitan Council, Pietermaritzburg.

Whelan, Deborah (2013) Heritage impact assessment: remains of homestead on Krantz Fontein 258, Kokstad. Technical Report. Icando - June Lombard and Associates Pty. Ltd., Pietermaritzburg.

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