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Bate, Sarah and Haslam, Catherine and Tree, Jeremy J. and Hodgson, Timothy L. (2008) Evidence of an eye movement-based memory effect in congenital prosopagnosia. Cortex, 44 (7). pp. 806-819. ISSN 0010-9452

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Book Section

Gozna, Lynsey (2008) Interviewing and deception techniques. In: Forensic psychology and criminology: an Australasian perspective. McGraw-Hill, Australia, pp. 151-164. ISBN 0070134928

Gozna, Lynsey and Prendergast, J. (2008) Increasing innovation in applied research: bridging the investigative-clinical divide. In: Issues in Forensic Psychology: investigative psychology. Issues in Forensic Psychology, 8 . British Psychological Society, Leicester, pp. 12-22. ISBN 9781854334749

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Conference or Workshop contribution

Adams, Karen and Redmill, B and Goddard, Paul (2008) One eye or two? Determining gaze direction in the horizontal and vertical plane. In: 31st European Conference on Visual Perception, 24th - 28th August 2010, Utrecht.

Bogaert, Peter and van der Zee, Emile and Maddens, Ruben and Van de Weghe, Nico and De Maeyer, Philippe (2008) Cognitive and linguistic adequacy of the qualitative trajectory calculus. In: Moving Objects: From Natural to Formal Language, 23 September 2008, Park City, Utah, USA.

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Wilson, Steve and Goddard, Paul (2008) Change blindness: the longer the better. In: 31st European Conference on Visual Perception, 24-28th August 2008, Utrecht.

Book or Monograph

Mather, George (2008) Foundations of sensation and perception [2nd Ed.]. Psychology Press. ISBN 9781841696997

Tovee, M. J. (2008) An introduction to the visual system [2nd ed.]. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521709644, 9780511801556


McGrath, Noel Anthony (2008) The use of the CapQOL (capacity to report subjective quality of life inventory) with a chronic schizophrenia sample that reside on care facilities. DClinPsy thesis, University of Lincoln.

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