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Bacon, James R., Williamson, Gary, Garner, R. Colin, Lappin, Graham, Langouet, Sophie and Bao, Yongping (2003) Sulforaphane and quercetin modulate PhIP-DNA adduct formation in human HepG2 cells and hepatocytes. Carcinogenesis, 24 (12). pp. 1903-1911. ISSN 0143-3334

Beuck, C, Singh, I., Bhattacharya, A, Heckler, W, Parmar, VS, Seitz, O and Weinhold, E (2003) Polycyclic aromatic DNA-Base surrogates: high-affinity binding to an adenine-specific base-flipping DNA methyltransferase. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 42 (33). pp. 3958-3960. ISSN 1433-7851

Blagden, Nicholas, Davey, R., Song, M., Quayle, M., Clark, S., Taylor, D. and Nield, A. (2003) A novel batch cooling crystallizer for in situ monitoring of solution crystallization using energy dispersive X-ray diffraction. Crystal Growth and Design, 3 (2). pp. 197-201. ISSN 1528-7483

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Blagden, Nicholas and Heywood, B. R. (2003) Crystal assembly: the application of high affinity ligands and habit modification. Crystal Growth and Design, 3 (2). pp. 167-173. ISSN 1528-7483


Cinque, C., Zuena, A .R., Casolini, P., Ngomba, Richard T., Melchiorri, D., Maccari, S., Nicoletti, F., Di Giorgi Gerevini, V. and Catalani, A. (2003) Reduced activity of hippocampal group-I metabotropic glutamate receptors in learning-prone rats. Neuroscience, 122 (1). pp. 277-284. ISSN 0306-4522


Gallagher, Hugh G., Vrcelj, Ranko M. and Sherwood, John N. (2003) The crystal growth and perfection of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene. Journal of Crystal Growth, 250 (3-4). pp. 486-498. ISSN 0022-0248

Granata, Filippo, Potenza, Rossella Luisa, Fiori, Anna, Strom, Roberto, Caronti, Brunella, Molinari, Paola, Donsante, Sonia, Citro, Gennaro, Iacovelli, Luisa, De Blasi, Antonio, Ngomba, Richard T., Palladini, Guido and Passarelli, Francesca (2003) Expression of OP4 (ORL1, NOP1) receptors in vascular endothelium. European Journal of Pharmacology, 482 (1-3). pp. 17-23. ISSN 0014-2999


Hanson, James R and Hunter, A Christy (2003) The Microbiological Hydroxylation of 3α, 17β-and 3β, 17α-Dihydroxy-5α-Androstanes by Cephalosporium Aphidicola. Journal of Chemical Research, 2003 (4). pp. 216-217. ISSN 1747-5198

Hunter, A Christy and Carragher, Natasha E (2003) Flexibility of the endogenous progesterone lactonisation pathway in Aspergillus tamarii KITA: transformation of a series of cortical steroid analogues. The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 87 (4-5). pp. 301-308. ISSN 0960-0760

Hunter, A Christy and Moghimi, S Moein (2003) Synthetic polymers in 21st century therapeutics: the way forward. Drug Discovery Today, 8 (4). pp. 154-156. ISSN 1359-6446


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Kumar, Ajay, Husain, Mofazzal, Prasad, Ashok K., Singh, Iswar, Vats, Archana, Sharma, Nawal K., Sharma, Sunil K., Gupta, Rajinder K., Olsen, Carl E., Bracke, Marc E., Gross, Richard A. and Parmar, Virinder S. (2003) Synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds: routes to pyrazolyl 1,2,3-triazoles and their biological activity evaluation. Indian Journal of Chemistry : Section B, Oganic Chemistry including Medicinal Chemistry, 42 (8). pp. 1950-1957. ISSN 0376-4699


Laird, W. J. D., Gledhill, A. J. and Lappin, Graham (2003) Metabolism of methyl-(E)-2-2-6-(2-cyanophenoxy)pyrimidin-4- yloxyphenyl-3-methoxyacrylate (azoxystrobin) in rat. Xenobiotica, 33 (6). pp. 677-690. ISSN 0049-8254

Lappin, Graham (2003) Biology meets nuclear physics. Biologist, 50 (4). pp. 183-187. ISSN 0006-3347

Lappin, Graham and Garner, R. Colin (2003) Big physics, small doses: the use of AMS and PET in human microdosing of development drugs. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 2 (3). pp. 233-240. ISSN 1474-1776

Lappin, Graham and Garner, R. Colin (2003) Ultra-sensitive detection of radiolabelled drugs and their metabolites using accelerator mass spectrometry [chapter 11]. Handbook of Analytical Separations, 4 . pp. 331-349. ISSN 1567-7192


Manahan-Vaughan, D., Ngomba, Richard T., Storto, M., Kulla, A., Catania, M. V., Chiechio, S., Rampello, L., Passarelli, F., Capece, A., Reymann, K. G. and Nicoletti, F. (2003) An increased expression of the mGlu5 receptor protein following LTP induction at the perforant path-dentate gyrus synapse in freely moving rats. Neuropharmacology, 44 (1). pp. 17-25. ISSN 0028-3908

Moghimi, S Moein, Pavey, Karld D and Hunter, A Christy (2003) Real-time evidence of surface modification at polystyrene lattices by poloxamine 908 in the presence of serum: in vivo conversion of macrophage-prone nanoparticles to stealth entities by poloxamine 908. FEBS Letters, 547 (1-3). pp. 177-182. ISSN 0014-5793


Parmar, Virinder S., Sharma, Nawal K., Husain, Mofazzal, Watterson, Arthur C., Kumar, Jayant, Samuelson, Lynne A., Cholli, Ashok L., Prasad, Ashok K., Kumar, Ajay, Malhotra, Sanjay, Kumar, Naresh, Jha, Amitabh, Singh, Amarjit, Singh, Ishwar, Himanshu, , Vats, Archana, Shakil, Najam A., Trikha, Smriti, Mukherjee, Shubasish, Sharma, Sunil K., Singh, Sanjay K., Kumar, Ajay, Jha, Hriday N., Olsen, Carl E., Stove, Chrisophe P., Bracke, Marc E. and Mareel, Marc M. (2003) Synthesis, characterization and in vitro anti-invasive activity screening of polyphenolic and heterocyclic compounds. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 11 (6). pp. 913-929. ISSN 0968-0896

Pavey, Karl D, Hunter, A Christy and Paul, Frank (2003) Real-time evaluation of macromolecular surface modified quartz crystal resonant sensors under cryogenic stress for biological applications. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 18 (11). pp. 1349-1354. ISSN 0956-5663


Raj, Hanumantharao G., Singh, Ishwar, Kohli, Ekta, Kumari, Ranju, Gupta, Garima, Tyagi, Yogesh K., Kumar, Ajit, Prasad, Ashok K., Kaushik, Narendra K., Olsen, Carl E., Watterson, Arthur C. and Parmar, Virinder S. (2003) Mechanism of biochemical action of substituted 4-methylbenzopyran-2-ones. Part 10: Identification of inhibitors for the liver microsomal acetoxycoumarin: protein transacetylase. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 11 (6). pp. 1015-1019. ISSN 0968-0896


Singh, Ishwar, Prasad, Ashok K., Sharma, Ajendra K., Saxena, Rajendra K., Olsen, Carl E., Cholli, Ashok L., Samuelson, Lynne A., Kumar, Jayant, Watterson, Arthur C. and Parmar, Virinder S. (2003) Synthetic and novel biocatalytic resolution studies on (+/-)-5/6/7-acetoxy-4-aryl-3,4-dihydrocoumarins. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 11 (4). pp. 529-538. ISSN 0968-0896

Storto, Marianna, Ngomba, Richard T., Battaglia, Giuseppe, Freitas, Isabel, Griffini, Patrizia, Richelmi, Plinio, Nicoletti, Ferdinando and Vairetti, Mariapia (2003) Selective blockade of mGlu5 metabotropic glutamate receptors is protective against acetaminophen hepatotoxicity in mice. Journal of Hepatology, 38 (2). pp. 179-187. ISSN 0168-8278


Vrcelj, Ranko M., Clark, Nathan I.B., Kennedy, Alan R., Sheen, David B., Shepherd, Evelyn E.A. and Sherwood, John N. (2003) Two new paracetamol/dioxane solvates - a system exhibiting a reversible solid-state phase transformation. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 92 (10). pp. 2069-2073. ISSN 0022-3549

Vrcelj, Ranko M., Sherwood, John N., Kennedy, Alan R., Gallagher, Hugh G. and Gelbrich, Thomas (2003) Polymorphism in 2-4-6 trinitrotoluene. Crystal Growth & Design, 3 (6). pp. 1027-1032. ISSN 1528-7483

van Ravenzwaay, B., Hardwick, T. D., Needham, D., Pethen, S. and Lappin, G. J. (2003) Comparative metabolism of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) in rat and dog. Xenobiotica: the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems, 33 (8). pp. 805-21. ISSN 0049-8254

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