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Abatecola, Gianpaolo and Caputo, Andrea and Mari, Michela and Poggesi, Sara (2012) Relations among corporate governance, codes of conduct, and the profitability of public utilities: an empirical study of companies on the Italian Stock Exchange. International Journal of Management, 29 (2). pp. 611-626. ISSN 0813-0183

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Considine, Phil and Hingley, Martin (2012) The impact of the co-operative ethos on the creation of shared value: a case study of Lincolnshire Co-operative Society. In: Mainstreaming Co-operation: an alternative for the 21st century, 3-5 July 2012, Manchester & Rochdale.

Cortés-Jiménez, Isabel and Pratt, Steve and Bregoli, Ilenia and Cooper, Chris (2012) The European timeshare consumer in the twenty-first century. International Journal of Tourism Research, 14 (2). pp. 153-164. ISSN 1099-2340

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Hingley, Martin and Price, Liz and Swainson, Mark and Bosworth, Gary (2012) Opportunities for greater Lincolnshire's supply chains: summary report. Project Report. Lincolnshire County Council, Lincoln. (Unpublished)

Hingley, Martin and Price, Liz and Swainson, Mark and Bosworth, Gary and Sturman, Vanessa (2012) Opportunities for greater Lincolnshire's supply chains: full report. Project Report. Lincolnshire County Council, Lincoln. (Unpublished)

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Izak, Michal (2012) Experiencing awkwardness: the functional liminality of artefacts and spaces. In: XXX Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, (SCOS), 11-14 July 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

Izak, Michal (2012) The unmanaged, the foolish and the spiritual: the space for luck and serendipity in organization. In: European Group for Organizational Studies, (EGOS), Helsinki, Finland .

Izak, Michal (2012) Mity i archetypy (Myths and archetypes). In: Qualitative methods: academic handbook. [Metody jako?ciowe. Podr?cznik akademicki]. Wydawnictwa profesjonalne i akademickie. ISBN UNSPECIFIED (Submitted)

Izak, Michal (2012) Spiritual episteme: sensemaking in the framework of organizational spirituality. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 25 (1). pp. 24-47. ISSN 0953-4814


Jackson, Jennifer (2012) Qualitative evaluation of Fit Kids and Exercise Referral staying healthy projects. Project Report. University of Lincoln.

Jackson, Jennifer (2012) Researching 'wicked' issues: messy world of community OR. In: Operational Research Conference , September 2012, Edinburgh University.


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